25 SaaS Content Marketing Examples To Get Inspired From

Content marketing drives huge growth to the biggest SaaS companies. While working on your SaaS content marketing strategy, you would probably want to get inspired by other genius marketers who have successfully developed a content marketing strategy.

In this post, I will outline what 25 SaaS companies do best with their content and how you can replicate their success.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a toolset for SEO and backlink analysis. They are known for creating marketing opportunities for their clients and helping them increase visibility.

They are good at helping other businesses, but they also do an exemplary job with their own marketing —which is based on producing content.

Ahrefs’ holistic content strategy is bringing their blog more than 500,000 monthly visitors, an e-mail list with more than 100,000 subscribers, and more than 200,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel.

ahrefs-ss1.png (640×300)

And it only has three key points:

  • Creating content about topics relevant to their company and also searched on platforms like Google and Youtube by their target audience
  • Educating and nurturing leads on Twitter and their newsletter
  • Increasing customer retention and building brand loyalty through their help-center, academy, and overall the tool itself.

Going Beyond Blogs

Ahrefs has an excellent blog on their website which contains posts that create a lot of traffic. But they don’t just stop there —although they have one of the most lead-driving blogs in their industry.

They also put a lot of energy into utilizing their YouTube channel.

ahrefs-ss2.png (640×163)

Content in video format has become very popular because of various reasons such as being able to show character and personality more easily, be more descriptive, and be more engaging.

Most people search on YouTube the same way they would on Google. They look at blog posts, but they also check out videos.

The channel is continuously growing and Ahrefs is using it to their advantage.

They create videos that explain key topics and are about only 10 minutes. They dive right into the content and include as many advice suggesting action as possible.

Their goal is to cover a topic of the audience’s interest and show that their tools and services are the solution to their problem.

Key Takeaways

Blogs are a powerful channel that will generate a lot of organic reach. But they shouldn’t be your only way of acquiring customers.

Try other channels like YouTube that can also be as effective and bring as many leads. New mediums and channels may open the door to a completely new group of potential buyers.

2. GrowSurf

4dce0ce6-f9e3-426c-959f-9c4b709504e8.png (640×111)

GrowSurf is a customer acquisition automation tool for B2C and B2B tech companies. They founded in 2015 and successfully accomplished growth with powerful strategies.

They have spent a lot of time and effort building their business foundation and figuring out their marketing strategies.

growsurf-ss1.png (640×353)

They say that they have had a slow and steady progress until they properly designed their product vision and decided on goals. They based their target audience on their product vision, and their content strategy on their target audience.

Public Data

GrowSurf shares all of their data publicly to build their company in public as what they call an “Open Startup.”

They are actively sharing core metrics that represent the health of their SaaS business like MRR, ARR, active customers, new customers, etc. They show their goals, how well customers are getting results, and how they handle traffic.

growsurf-ss2.png (639×450)

This strategy they follow, prove to their leads that they have nothing to hide. It helps create a nourish customer journeys and increase intimacy. Because GrowSurf is so transparent with their data, they become a trustworthy brand in the eyes of potential customers.

Key Takeaways

Being able to form healthy customer relationships is the key to sales success. GrowSurf does this very well by sharing their data publicly and creating transparency.

Customers get to know what goes on inside the business and have solid proof to belive who they are working with.

3. Lemlist

5f9721e6123316cc0c26b1c4-lemlist.png (640×250)

Lemlist is a cold email and sales automation tool for B2B SaaS companies. They offer clients assistance with email templates and help them improve customer relationships.

They have shown a rapid growth from zero to $1M annual recurring revenue over the course of just two years. All thanks to their brilliant content strategy.

lemlist-ss1.png (640×372)

They have an excellent blog where they actively post content relevant to their audience. They also create explanatory YouTube videos and are active on various social media platforms —not to mention they are experts in cold email marketing.

Utilizing LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not perceived as an effective marketing channel by most people, but according to Lemlist, it has been one of their marketing channels with the highest ROI.

They give attention to their LinkedIn account as much as they do with any other social media. Lemlit’s number one goal with LinkedIn posts is to inspire action.

lemlist-ss2.png (640×333)

They believe that a LinkedIn post should be about a topic you have mastered, something that motivates you, or an experience you have had. In other words, they should be moving around a story.

Some tips they use for their own LinkedIn content strategy and encourage everyone else to try are:

  • Writing a catchy intro
  • Using short phrases and avoiding long paragraphs
  • Tagging relevant people and places
  • Using hashtags in order to increase reach
  • Including photos or videos to make posts more engaging

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn can be a very powerful marketing channel for your business. You definitely shouldn’t ignore it and give it try. Who knows, it might end up creating a high marketing reach and conversion rate.

4. Outreach

a8587b80-ef40-42f9-bc60-90ed6d34321d-1533317789481.png (639×120)

Outreach is a sales engagement platform with the goal of helping their clients drive more pipeline and close more deals.

Their website can easily be used as an information and guidance base by anyone interested in sales and outreach —professional or amateur.

outreach-ss1.png (639×389)

If you just hover over their “Resources” button you will have access to everything they have to offer —including a library with collective resources, a blog, various webinars, a community forum called “The Peak“, a podcast “Sales Engagement“, and many additional content on Sales Hacker.

Outreach University

Along with all they already offer, they also have their very own university for anyone wanting further master their sales and outreach skills.

They offer live training sessions and webinars as a part of specific programs that come with learning tracks.

outreach-ss2.png (640×400)

By completing your courses you can become a Prospecting Specialist, Closing Specialist, and/or an Admin Specialist. The badges and certification you earn will prove your eligibility in sales, closing deals, and also the use of Outreach.

This university is perfect for sales teams wanting to improve their skills and get the best experience out of Outreach.

Key Takeaways

Once you become an authority in your industry, a University you have to offer people is going to very valuable. Because people trust your work, they are going to want to learn it from you. And this can help you drive a lot of traffic and qualified leads.

5. Close

download.png (432×117)

Close is a CRM software that works with sales teams to generate more revenue from leads and improve overall sales.

Their marketing team consists of only two people and they have managed to grow immensely over the course of four years. And the most interesting part is that their marketing depends only on content marketing.

close-ss1.png (640×244)

Quality is Key

Steli Efti, member of Close’s marketing team, reveals their secret to an extremely successful content strategy.

He says that in the last four years they have been working non-stop to generate as many pieces of content as possible. The fact that they have so much content out there increases their visibility, but Efti also believes in offering content with high value.

close-ss2.png (640×386)

Their initial reason for going with an only-content-marketing strategy was because they had realized that most of the content on the internet did not offer value.

Key Takeaways

Both quality and quantity can be very definitive in your content efficiency. Quantity will provide you a larger marketing reach and quality will make your content actually worth spending time on.

6. Streak

streak-com-logo-vector.png (640×356)

Streak is a customer relationship management software that offers guidance on email marketing, CRM, productivity, and sales.

They have been in the industry for over a decade and they have been able to develop a powerful content strategy that resulted in high-growth and increase in conversions.

They draw out their customer personas very carefully and put a lot of focus on creating content that will be satisfying the audience.

streak-ss1.png (640×400)

Categorizing Content

Streak has a very strong online blog with hundreds of valuable articles. What they’ve done really well with all of those content was to thoughtfully categorize them.

streak-ss.png (640×400)

They have created a special “Knowledge Base” section on their website with all the articles covering key topics like pipelines, or email sharing, or contacts and organizations are categorized.

This makes it so much easier for visitors to find articles they’ve been looking for without Streak having to cut off the amount of articles they publish.

Key Takeaways

Sometimes large blogs can get messy and complicated. Creating categories and assigning articles to related topic might help you tidy up and offer a better user experience.

7. UserGuiding

download-1.png (503×100)

UserGuiding is a software that helps with user onboarding by offering engaging manuals, templates, guides, and more.

They have been able to form a marketing strategy that granted them rapid growth over just four years. And a big part of this strategy depends on content.

userguiding-ss1.png (640×400)

They do a great job at carefully analyzing their audience and creating content that applies to them. They work hard to always keep their content fresh and updated. And they perfect their strategy with thoughtfully done SEO.

Building A Strong Foundation

UserGuiding has an exceptional content strategy, but what really put them forward was their carefully planned foundational-pillar content. They started off strong, so they didn’t have to worry later.

At the very beginning of their journey, they inspected their audience and specified their problems, questions, and needs.

userguiding-ss2.png (640×238)

This way UserGuiding was able to create their initial pieces of content that formed a strong base for their strategy. And it was a piece of cake to move on from there.

Key Takeaways

Content strategies depend a good deal on audience analysis, careful SEO, and up to date content. But one thing that can really get you going is a strong foundation.

8. Intercom

intercom-vector-logo.png (640×356)

Intercom, an online communication support tool, has one of the most powerful content strategies in its industry.

They have a great way with words. The copywriting in Intercom’s content is just irresistible. They know exactly which words to use in which type content to which segment of their audience.

intercom-ss1.png (640×283)

However, this doesn’t mean they only produce textual content. When it comes to sharing content, Intercom has quite an assortment of channels. They have books, an online blog, a YouTube channel, and even a podcast.

Creating Conversation on Your Business

Intercom has worked hard on creating a podcast where they get to talk about business strategies and scaling businesses.

They have all sorts of episodes from interviews with industry leaders to covering key topics like digital transformation.

intercom-ss2.png (640×286)

It is a way for them to give unique insights to the audience while also creating customer bonds. Unlike written content, podcasts feel more casual and intimate. They require half the effort a video does and are much are more easier for the audience to consume.

Key Takeaways

A podcast can be a very engaging channel for you to put your ideas out and create visibility for your products/services. It can quickly create an audience of qualified leads —that will have a bond with your business.

Podcasts can also allow you to keep the budget low, and still be able to deliver your entire message as efficiently.

9. Drift

55-553490-drift-logo-drift-logo-png-transparent-png.png (640×301)

Drift allows businesses to communicate with the right customers in real-time. It’s a conversational AI that helps scale your team to drive more revenue.

They have built a sturdy content strategy over the years. They believe in “quality over quantity” and show that in their work.

Whether if they’re writing a blog post or creating a YouTube video, they are always focused on delivering the best content out there.

They also believe in creating communities. For Drift their audience base doesn’t just mean conversions, it also means future growth.

drift-ss1.png (640×325)

Chatbots that Build Relationships

Their content strategy relies a good deal on communication as well.

They have created a chatbot in their blog that pops up in the bottom right corner every time a potential customer is reading a blog post. As leads spend more time on the website and move down the marketing funnel, chats get more specific and attractive.

drift-ss2.png (640×353)

The chats usually offer more content specifically picked for the lead’s interest in hopes of movement toward conversion.

The response to these chats (whether as words or as actions), informs Drift about which direction their future content strategy should head.

Key Takeaways

Including a chatbot with your blog posts or website content can give you the opportunity to “push” leads closer to buying.

It might also help you create a bond with the visitors, collect their emails, and develop customer relationships.

10. Asana

asana-logo.png (640×160)

Asana is a web and mobile app that acts as an assistant that helps businesses organize, track, and manage teams, ideas, and projects.

Asana, themselves, are always on top of their content game too. They keep an organized and dynamic content calendar to always stay on track.

asana-ss1.png (640×249)

They adjust their content according to marketing funnel stages and know exactly how to design their content to attract the target audience.

Keep It Engaging

They do an incredible job by offering a wide range of interactive content and events (both online and face-to-face) alongside their comprehensive blog.

asana-ss.png (640×316)

They offer events that target generic audiences and also very specific ones like college students or Southeast Asian startups. The events include webinars, virtual workshops, presentations, and more.

Key Takeaways

Blog articles with valuable information and insight is great, but let’s be honest, it can get a little boring. To avoid this, make sure to offer some interactive content options as well.

Virtual events, workshops, courses, and face-to-face meetings are all great options.

11. ConvertKit

convertkit-logo-vector.png (640×356)

ConvertKit is an lead generation and email marketing automation software aimed at professional content creators.

They help people create effective content strategies, but they’ve also got an amazing one themselves.

convertkit-ss1.png (640×347)

They analyze their target audience and determine topics to cover based on their interests. Later they work to create different types of content that will be appealing for the audience. And finally they either repurpose the content for other mediums or go on with promoting.

Building Personal Connection

The one thing ConvertKit values the most is building a personal connection with customer stories.

They feature personal stories from their customers about struggles and success that helps them create a bond with the audience. And at very end, they mention how ConvertKit was able to solve that client’s problem.

They have even created a series called “Creator Stories” dedicated only to their customers’ journeys.

converkit-ss.png (640×400)

Key Takeaways

Personal stories and experiences of others before help people feel warmer towards your brand. The key is to first introduce the story, and mention your business’ contribution later on.

12. Shopify

Shopify-New.jpg (629×192)

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows anyone to set up their own online store and sell products.

Their aim is to create original content and show personality with their content strategy. They make sure that the content they put aut there is unique and authentically theirs.

shopify-ss1.png (640×299)

Shopify’s purpose with their content is to always keep it clear, concise, and formed in order to satisfy the audience’s interests.

Providing Resources

Shopify offers lessons and guides by renowned business leaders and experts to their clients. They make sure to provide the resources that will allow customers to improve themselves while using Shopify services.

They are dedicated to upload fresh content, updates, or progress checks each month without a skip. This way they not only get to increase traffic on their content, but also move leads down the marketing funnel.

shopify-ss.png (640×437)

Key Takeaways

Shifting a portion of your focus on creating educational and informational content for you visitors may end up benefiting you more than you can imagine.

The more qualified leads will be tempted to consume content that can help them with your products and industry. The more learning resources you have the more qualified leads you acquire.

And the plus side is, you can create these types of content regardless of the medium. Video? Podcast? Social media? You name it.

13. Canva

Canva-Hero-no-Dot.jpg (640×334)

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows anyone from beginners to experts to create logos, flyers, presentations, social media content, and other visual produces.

When creating content they use a mix of different mediums including videos, instructions, infographics, guest post, personal stories and more.

canva-ss1.png (640×400)

They focus on their audience’s wants and needs, and offer content that will be engaging as well as beneficial.

Offering Tutorials

One thing that many businesses neglect, but Canva executes flawlessly is product tutorials. Especially since their product is very interactive and their success depends a lot on user experience, tutorials make up a big part of their content strategy.

They keep their tutorials very simple, to the point, and visually appealing. This way they allow their customers to make the most out of a Canva experience.

canva-ss2.png (640×400)

What’s great about tutorials is that they can be in a video, or slideshow, or flashcard, or any format you want. You can create entertaining content along with providing support.

Key Takeaways

It’s always a good idea to ensure that people who signed up for your solution know how to get the best experience out of it.

All types of tutorials can be a great way to achieve that. You will be delivering informative content to your customers while also making sure that you offer the best user experience.

14. Mailchimp

04c-HEMKqxtm-P83-ENG0nw-LH6-20-1590080842-fit-lim-size-1050x591-600x338.jpg (600×338)

Mailchimp, a marketing automation and email marketing software, has one of the most powerful and holistic content strategies that brings high rates of conversion.

Mailchimp finds gaps in the industry that haven’t been addressed by competitors before and creates unique content to fill the gaps.

This way, their content is always organic and authentic to their brand personality.

Power of Films and Narrative

Mailchimp uses the art of film and storytelling to reach the depths of their audience’s minds and plant ideas.

They touch on people’s biggest problems and pain points through short films and documentaries —allowing themselves a path to the audience’s subconscious.

mailchimp-ss.png (640×400)

Mailchimp has a wide narrative of success stories, entrepreneurship examples, and career paths. They create a connection with the audience by showing them the journey of building and growing a business.

Key Takeaways

Customer pain points are the easiest way to create a connection. People have problems and they search for solutions.

Using storytelling and film to explore your audience’s issues and how you could be a solution can be a very effective method to help you reach them.

15. Contentsquare

contentsquare-logo-vector.png (640×356)

Contentsquare is a digital experience software that helps businesses read into hidden customer behaviors, get insights, and take further action accordingly.

They provide their visitors a variety of valuable content on their colorful and engaging website. They do have an effective blog, but they also offer hubs, ebooks, reports, and host events.

contentsquare-ss1.png (640×349)

Industry Specific Hubs

There is no type of content that will bring back more revenue than content that is specific to your industry and niche.

And it isn’t just about writing a few articles on your business topic, but rather creating content that proves you are an industry leader.

In order to do that, Contentsquare has created “The Digital Experience Benchmark Hub” that collectively presents their research and data on monthly digital experience.

contentsquare-ss2.png (640×400)

This hub is a place where Contentsquare can piece together all of their niche-specific content (articles, research, reports, data, interviews, etc.) and show their authority while targeting more sales-qualified audiences.

Key Takeaways

The more intense and industry(or product)-specific the content gets, the more qualified leads it attracts. So, creating different types of content that is specific about your business and solution draws the attention of visitors that are closer to making the decision to buy from you.

16. WalkMe

walkme-logo.png (640×214)

WalkMe is a cloud-based digital adoption platform that helps businesses track, drive, and act with the goal of enhancing their digital presence.

They have worked hard on a website that could provide many different types of content. They have a very strong blog with hundreds of articles. They host webinars and events that visitors can sign up for on the website.

walkme-ss1.png (640×353)

WalkMe also takes a lot of pride in their clients’ accomplishments. They have a section on their website solely dedicated to customer accomplishments and success stories.

Video Hub

The impact of visual content —and especially video content, has increased immensely. WalkMe does a brilliant job with creating versatile video content, but they don’t stop there.

They have created a “Video Hub” that features informative, entertaining, and fun videos all about topics that interest their industry and audience base.

walkme-ss1.png (640×353)

These include videos about their brand and products, “how to” guides, webinars, events, and customer testimonials.

This way, they don’t just create the videos, but they successfully distribute them as well. It’s easy to find the video content and they are usually much more hooking then textual content.

Key Takeaways

Articles and reports are not everyone’s cup of tea and videos can be a great solution for that. Unfortunately creating videos on its own is not enough. You should also make sure people have access to those videos.

A Video Hub like WalkMe’s might help you do that. You will have a place to collect all of your video content and your visitors will be aware that you have those available to them.

17. Calendly

W3y-Fi-Cjbm-Pia2u3qk9k-Kci.jpg (640×360)

Calendly is an automated scheduling softwares that helps teams sync up and arrange their schedules within themselves to create an easier workflow.

They have been able to transform from a small startup to a $3B company with hard work and perseverance —and a strong content strategy sure did play a role in that.

calendly-ss1.png (640×316)

Calendly is following a coherent blog strategy by dividing it up into sections like “What’s New” and “Productivity” while also managing their social media presence.

Behind the Curtains

One of the most unique features of their strategy was including a “Creating Calendly” section in their blog. This section is dedicated to stories from the making of contently.

calendly-ss2.png (640×347)

They write about their team members, their goals, achievement, the engineering of the software, and give the visitors a chance to peek behind the curtains.

Key Takeaways

Allowing a little room for transparency might make it easier for the audience to bond with your business. Try showing them how you built your business, how you are improving it, and give them a chance to meet with your team members.

Their sympathy might turn out to be a bigger win than you imagine.

18. Semrush

Screen-Shot-2021-09-23-at-1-56-46-PM.png (640×191)

Semrush is a competitive intelligence software that provides SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research guidance to businesses.

Many of the world’s leading brands such as IBM, Forbes, Apple, and Amazon trust Semrush to assist them dominate their niches.

semrush-ss1.png (640×425)

The content strategy that brought them this far relies on four main points:

  • Finding topics that apply to your target audience
  • Using SEO to its fullest extent
  • Improving content based on real-time KPIs and metrics
  • Constantly tracking brand mentions and content reach


Semrush equips their visitors with many resources, but one of the best content they put out there is their ebooks.

semrush-ss2.png (640×400)

They provide guides, checklists, templates, and reports in a downloadable format to help visitors improve their skills.

These ebooks have become very popular because of their valuable content and pleasing design —some gaining over 15K downloads.

Key Takeaways

Many customers (and potential customers) are very fond of resources that could help them with their problems. Your business offering those to them shows how your products can be their solution and help you attract more qualified leads.

19. Mailshake

images.png (527×95)

Mailshake easily connects to the tools businesses already use and help them enhance their work by creating cold emails and landing pages for use cases, and getting organic traffic with them.

They are educating their users and non-users on topics, such as cold emailing, follow-up, and sales to position mailshake as a solution to their problem.

mailshake-ss1.png (639×268)

They offer content on cold emailing, content marketing, sales and SEO. They have masterclasses provided on specific topics and live training on onboarding, deliverability, and campaign reviews

Cold Email Academy

Mailshake is a master of cold emailing and email marketing. So, there couldn’t have been a better decision for them than to offer training on those topics.

mailshake-ss2.png (639×196)

What they did was to create the “Cold Email Academy” —a video series with all the information needed to create cold emails with high conversion rates.

The videos cover titles like list management, deliverability, writing and optimizing emails, and advanced cold email tips.

Key Takeaways

Directing your content focus on a specific area proves your credibility and shows that you are a leader in that area. The Cold Email Academy Mailshake offers is a perfect example for this.

They help visitors improve their skills and also get to show that they are an industry thought-leader that can be a great solution to the audience’s problems.

20. Notion

notion-labs-inc-logo-vector.png (640×356)

Notion is a highly customizable tool that can become notepad, checklist, calendar, planner, workplace, basically anything you need for a business.

They launched the app in 2018 and quickly became an industry leader. The high quality content they offer their audience had one of the biggest impact in their growth.

notion-ss1.png (640×372)

They give attention to each type of content they create and never put out a sloppy piece of work just to put it out there.

Their content —whether it’s an article, interview, guide, or webinar— is always inspiring and thoughtfully created.

Visuals Make It More Interesting

At this point it’s become a fact that long texts are boring and need breaking up. Notion does this very naturally and professionally.

notion-ss2.png (640×597)

They have many articles, guides, and tutorials that rely on visuals. The textual content perfectly harmonizes with the images and short videos integrated.

This method enhances Notion’s content quality, makes it more entertaining, and simplifies the content consumption for their audience.

Key Takeaways

Integrating visual content —like images, gifs, and videos— into textual content, allows it to become a much more easier read and a more enjoyable resource.

How the visuals go along with and divide up texts is crucial for the content to preserve its original value and meaning.

21. Squarespace

squarespace-logo-horizontal-black.jpg (640×151)

Squarespace helps individuals and businesses create all types of websites and reach their goals.

They have a beautifully designed website full of informative and engaging content themselves. They’ve created a blog where they share anything from customer stories to guest posts and guides.

Squarespace offers a variety of webinars along with their blog that visitors can sign-up for and enjoy from the comfort of their own house.

squarespace-ss1.png (640×400)

They also have an online forum where administrators and customers get a chance to discuss industry topics and interact with one another.

Using Influencer Endorsements

Squarespace recognizes the influence of certain figures on society and utilizes this while creating a content strategy.

They have section on their website where they share stories of other entrepreneurs using Squarespace services to achieve their goals.

squarespace-ss2.png (640×400)

They do a great job at this because rather than saying “Look even Winona works with us. We’re great!” and rubbing it into people’s faces; they focus the content on the influencers’ stories.

This way, the audience gets to see other customer journeys and will be open to an influence because the customer in question might be someone they trust the word of.

Key Takeaways

There are leaders and influence powers in each and every industry. And it would be really silly to overlook their effect on people’s buying decisions.

You should recognize that they have an impact and be able to use that to your advantage. Make deals, offer sponsorships, and get the support of your industry icons.

22. G2 Crowd

440-4407020-g2-crowd-logo-transparent.jpg (640×151)

G2 Crowd is a peer-to-peer review site built to help businesses choose the right software and services. Their reviews are on CRM, ERP, HR, CAD, PDM and Marketing software.

They have created a “Learn Hub” where they have accumulated all the resources they have to offer. The audience is presented all types content on key topics such as design, marketing, sales, and tech.

g2-ss1.png (640×400)

Research Hub

Another hub G2 Crowd offers is their “Research Hub” full of insightful research and reports.

g2-ss2.png (640×400)

The audience has the opportunity to get to know each analyst and understand their perspective. G2 Crowd also provides their research methodology to visitor who might wonder.

Each research they conduct is carefully analyzed and presented as reports and insights.

Key Takeaways

Research and reports are probably the most scientific content you can offer with solid data. They create a good impression to potential customers showing that you are skilled enough to conduct research and analyze results.

23. Pipedrive

pipedrive-logo-bfeb09cbe9e8702a4415e95072f14f26.jpg (640×237)

Pipedrive is a sales CRM and pipeline management tool designed to help small teams manage complicated sales processes and increase growth.

Pipedrive’s highly equipped content collection is one their top revenue driving aspects. They provide articles special for the audience’s interest, industry-specific training, and live webinars.

They make sure to deliver high-quality information to their visitors that supports their position in the industry.

pipedrive-ss1.png (640×195)

The Pipedrive Blog is cleverly segmented into sections like sales tactics, team management, and product updates. They highlight “must read” articles for each topic in order to ease access for visitors.

Offering Courses on Product-Related Topics

Although their entire website is a treasure filled with high-value content, their “Pipedrive Academy” has to be the most creative section.

It consists of many training videos and online courses that are created with the purpose of improving skills and offering in-depth guidance.

pipedrive-ss2.png (640×368)

Their courses help you enhance your CRM and sales while also guiding you through Pipedrive. What customer wouldn’t want that?

Key Takeaways

An “academy” or “knowledge base” would be an amazing answer to your customers’ need of product and industry guidance.

Offer your audience the resources that will allow them to live the best customer experience and prove that your business is a more-than-eligible choice of solution.

24. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo-logo.jpg (640×320)

BuzzSumo has a content strategy which is pretty much the package deal. They’ve included everything you can possibly think of.

They have a blog where they share the latest stories on certain content-related topics like influencer marketing, video marketing and PR.

They offer webinars with live expert advice and testimonials to show what other customers feel. They also provide case studies of customers who have achieved success with BuzzSumo.

buzzsumo-ss1.png (640×400)

Research Report

BuzzSumo conducts research which they later write a report on and publish as a blog post.

buzzsumo-ss2.png (640×303)

These research are usually about topics specifically related with what they do as a business and allow the audience to have a more solid look at the topic.

A huge advantage of research reports is that you don’t use it only once. You can provide whole report, write a blog post on it, and use it as reference in future articles and resources.

Key Takeaways

Conducting a research not only gets a lot of attention itself, but also becomes a resource for your later content making them more credible.

25. Unbounce

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Unbounce is a landing page builder software that helps businesses create designs that match their personality and aesthetic.

With a dynamic blog and constantly producing engaging content, they have become a thought leader in their niche.

They know just exactly how to repurpose and spice up their content too keep it interesting for the audience.

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Crash Course on Skillshare

Unbounce has created a video crash course on the fundamentals of a high-converting landing page on an online education website called Skillshare.

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They get to share their content and also appear at a new platform —increasing their visibility and marketing reach.

Key Takeaways

Repurposing content and sharing on other platforms can increase traffic to your website and introduce your business to a whole new audience.

You can try giving video tutorials like Unbounce, or just guest-posting, or getting featured interviews. Putting yourself out there will get you exposed and discovered.


Why is content marketing important for SaaS?

Content marketing is integral for SaaS marketing plans because content marketing allows you to create a powerful brand and establish your authority.

How can I create content for my SaaS?

1. Define your Ideal Customer Profile
2. Analyze your competition
3. Define topics you will write about
4. Create an editorial timeline
5. Choose distribution channels and create a distribution strategy
6. Position your product as the solution
7. Measure performance
8. Optimize the process and content