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Attribution software is evidence that not all of us are idiots

There are some simple truths about products and the demands they serve:

  • We know we have a problem
  • We want to address it efficiently but can’t “just do it”

Aside from the usual 5 tips on how to get topic ‘n’ right suggests, new problems are not always perfectly covered by your current employees.

Your processes break because you grow.

Outsourcing the handling of these, like analytics and attribution, is a great service until you are big enough to build your integrations.

Historically the solution to new problems surfacing was articles on How to hire your first <insert job title to solve your problem>

This poses significant problems which completely miss the point of entrepreneur reality:

  • Maybe you don’t have the budget to hire someone fully
  • Freelancers are oftentimes problematic and not interested in your product
  • There are so many other fires I have to attend any quick and easy containment to cover most is important

That’s why SaaS and PLG/PLS are such a revolution. Provided we can verbalize our problem we will get recommendations from our peers. The brand becomes a table stake. And we can try solutions without risk (subscriptions). Now (PLG).

Gaining visibility into where your accounts are coming from and what they do (Account based analytics) is giving you a new set of opportunities:

  • I recognize new problems
  • How can I address them efficiently to keep growing without introducing too much risk?

It’s a never-ending cycle, but you can’t do it without visibility. Your product and business sense will not carry you forever.

Stop guessing. Start measuring.

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