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Looking for Baremetrics Alternatives? Here Are the 7 Best Options for You

Running a SaaS comes with challenges, such as revenue loss due to manual error and difficulty in increasing customer retention.

Subscription management businesses offer many solutions that eliminate these challenges and make operations smoother.

They provide automated subscription and recurring billing processes, help predict your revenue, and improve customer retention.

One of these tools is Baremetrics, which allows companies to streamline their analytics and understand what causes customers to churn.

While Baremetrics has plenty of features and capabilities that make it a great analytics tool, there are a few reasons why you might need to look for Baremetrics alternatives. For instance, some people have mentioned problems with changing what’s being tracked, inadequate customer support, and even incorrect data.

If you’re also on the lookout for Baremetrics alternatives, here’s a list of 7 alternatives that might work better for your SaaS.


HockeyStack is an analytics and attribution platform used by over 7000 companies.

What makes HockeyStack unique is its ability to unify interdepartmental data from marketing, sales, revenue, and product, giving you the chance to make customized dashboards with practically any metric you need.

This means that with HockeyStack, you can get the complete picture of what’s driving revenue, the top referrers for churned customers, and even create a full sales funnel to understand the exact points where users tend to drop off.

Let’s take a look at how that works.

Here’s a report to measure the exact revenue you get from blog posts:

Revenue + Marketing Dashboard

A churn by blog post user signed up report:

A trial to expansion funnel:

Product + RevOps Dashboard

Any revenue report you want will all metrics from Stripe/Paddle:

On top of custom dashboards, HockeyStack has other features too, such as

  • Surveys allowing companies to understand where their users come from
  • Step-by-step user journey to see each interaction at every touchpoint
  • Funnels & goals to uncover how microconversions contribute to the bigger picture
  • Revenue attribution to identify top performing channels and pieces of content

and more.

Using the data uncovered by HockeyStack, you can identify where the most friction to conversion lies, allowing you to optimize your entire user journey and maximize retention.

HockeyStack Pricing

HockeyStack has two main plans. Boost, which is 399 USD monthly and Dominate which offers custom services for your product. Paid plans have a 14-day trial with a 30-day refund guarantee.

You can check out the pricing page here.

HockeyStack pricing

HockeyStack Integrations

HockeyStack can be integrated with plenty of the top CRMs, email marketing tools, and sales tools such as:

  • Paddle
  • Stripe
  • Hubspot
  • Crisp Chat
  • Mailchimp
  • Pipedrive
  • Intercom
  • Chameleon
  • Close (coming soon)
  • Salesforce (coming soon)
  • Zapier (coming soon)

You can find the complete list of integrations here.

HockeyStack Summary

Understanding the exact points and reasons for churn are some of the biggest challenges for SaaS companies. Here’s how HockeyStack can simplify the entire process for you:

  1. You can integrate with Stripe, Paddle, Hubspot and other SaaS platforms to build every single dashboard that you can think of, using all sales, marketing, revenue, and product metrics.
  2. You can create funnels, goals, and surveys, which are rare to get with other tools on this list.
  3. You don’t need any developers, tracking is cookieless, and the script is small, so it doesn’t increase your site loading time.
  4. HockeyStack will enable you to get valuable feedback via surveys.


Profitwell is a SaaS analytics tool that provides subscription and financial metrics such as LTV, Current MRR, and customer churn rate to help you reduce churn and optimize pricing. The purpose of Profitwell is to help you to make data-driven decisions.

The service is cloud-based and provides free and accurate reporting and analytics for subscription-based companies. Profitwell helps SaaS companies understand their business better and increase recurring revenue. Profitwell was founded in 2012 by Patrick Campbell and is one of the most widely-known SaaS reporting tools.

Some important integrations of Profitwell are Chargify, Databox, Slack, Stripe, and Zuora.

Profitwell offers the following features:

  • Data Segmentation: Provides a multitude of segments such as gender, age, location, and usage to determine which customers influence your subscription rate and how.
  • Acquisition Tracking: Helps understand customer conversion and make attribution reports.
  • Revenue Recognition: This tool enables you to track the MRR of new and existing customers, as well as trends of upgrades, downgrades and churn.
  • Retention Tracking: You can improve retention by tracking MRR churn and delinquent churn, and get cohort reports, which help understand how revenue and customers stay in the long term.
  • Engagement and Event Tracking: You can measure and track the users of your product and shifts of usage across different segments. You can also identify who is most likely going to convert or churn beforehand.

Profitwell Use Cases

1. Price Intelligently

Price Intelligently is a price optimization and consulting platform by Profitwell. It helps you make data-driven decisions regarding pricing strategy and improves retention & monetization. This change in your pricing strategy will enable you to uncover growth opportunities by picking the right pricing range.

2. Wistia

The software is used by Wistia, a video hosting platform for B2B companies. Wistia had difficulty changing their pricing strategy which needed modifications and partnered with Price Intelligently. PI’s research and insights helped them identify that customers were more willing to pay if they had more videos on their website. As a result, Wistia created a free plan with a limited number of videos, which increased their sales twofold.

3. Continuum

Continuum is an IT management platform that solves challenges MSPs face.

Jeanne Hopkins, Senior Vice President & CMO at Continuum, states that “the average SaaS company, in the course of their business, spends a grand total of 6 hours on a pricing strategy.”

To improve its pricing strategy, Continuum partnered with Price Intelligently. Continuum used PI’s panels to reach and understand their prospective market, and its algorithms and models to gain insights on price. This lead to a change in pricing strategy which fueled their profitability.

Profitwell Pricing

Profitwell provides all financial and revenue operations metrics free of charge.

For more customized features, you can get more information about the Enterprise plan.


Chargebee is a cloud-based subscription management and payment software system for SaaS companies.

The software provides revenue analytics and automates billing procedures. It helps you handle recurring billing, invoicing, and trial management. Furthermore, it enables you to customize prices, conduct campaigns, and suspend subscriptions.

Chargebee integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Zoho CRM, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Slack, and more.

Chargebee was founded by Krish Subramanian in 2010.

By using Chargebee, you can have access to the following features:

  • Subscription Management (Subscription lifecycle management, Flexible product catalog, Trial management)
  • Revenue Optimization (At-risk customers, Offer optimization, Customer churn, Revenue forecasting)
  • Billing and Payments (Multiple payment terms, Personalized billing, Custom pricing)
  • Billing (Automation, Consolidation, Adjustments)
  • Integration (Payments, Accounting, CRM & Sales)

Chargebee Use Cases

1. Gateways and payment methods

Chargebee supports numerous payment methods and 25+ payment gateways.

Slidebean is a presentation design agency that started using Chargebee after Stripe billing was inadequate in terms of payment options.  By using Chargebee, Slidebean could process both one-time and recurring payments and multiple payment gateways. Moreover, Slidebean automated its checkout workflow. These changes and integration with Paypal allowed Slidebean to increase its revenue by an additional $180,000 and break free of its payment limitations.

2. Billing

Codacy is a code review platform that began using Chargebee to prevent hours of manually writing code for making fixes. Chargebee provided a set of features that made it easy to solve problems with billing. This saved hours of technical work developing an in-house solution.

Chargebee Pricing

Pricing for Chargebee can be chosen to be monthly/annually. The plans are revenue-based.

Early startups that make less than USD 100k per month can start using Chargebee for free.  Once you hit 100k, you automatically get converted to a paid subscription.

For higher revenue, there are the Rise and Scale plans. There is also an Enterprise plan with custom pricing for large businesses.

Eradicate Churn at Its Source

Track which channels, referrers, and blog posts are the most likely to cause churn and optimize your customer journey to maximize retention.

Try HockeyStack Today!


Chargify is a recurring billing and revenue management platform that offers a variety of tools for B2B SaaS companies. These include subscription management, recurring billing, offer management, revenue retention, and more. The functionality of Chargify makes it one of the most interesting engagement tools in its field.

The program’s dashboard provides easy access to signups, revenue, cancellations, and customer insights.

Chargify was established in 2009 by Siamak Taghaddos. It is based in San Antonio, Texas.

The key features of Chargify are:

  • Revenue Optimization (Customer Churn)
  • Revenue Recognition (Usage Tracking, Revenue Accrual)
  • Billing and Payments (Payment Terms, Personalized Billing, Custom Pricing)
  • Billing (Automation, Consolidation, Adjustments)
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Dunning Management

Chargify Use Cases

1. Chargify Business Intelligence

Chargify Business Intelligence provides real-time data, customizable metrics, and personalized dashboards that you can share with others. Lawpath is an online legal service that uses this analytics suite.

Lawpath had to manually prepare metrics and Excel sheets and couldn’t catch up with the heavy subscriptions. After becoming a user of Chargify Business Intelligence, they were able to merge incoming data streams into a unified system. As a result, they could rapidly run queries and save lots of time and effort.

2. Metrics

Chargify tracks dozens of metrics such as MRR, ARR, Quota, Acquisition, Payments, and Churn. Using this data, Careerplug, which is an applicant tracking software for HR, has been able to strengthen its reporting capabilities. They have created additional reports for conversions, churn, and more. This has significantly decreased the time spent scrubbing data each week. This will allow you to get more valuable feedback by analyzing your data.

Chargify Pricing

There are 4 plans available.

The Standard plan is 1,499/month, and the lowest starts at $599/month, which is very high compared to its competitors. You can also customize your plan based on the specifications of your business. Chargify has a free trial for 30 days.

You can view a table that compares the features of each here.


Recurly is a recurring billing platform that helps mid-market and enterprise businesses improve customer satisfaction and maximize revenue.

Recurly enables you to manage credit cards and other payments across various payment channels. It automates recurring billing operations, handles tax rates, and lets you collect credit card information by phone.

Recurly’s integrations include Avalara, Xero, Salesforce, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay. The number of Baremetrics integrations is around the same level of Recurly.

The platform was founded by Dan Burkhart, Isaac Hall, and Tim Van Loan in 2009.

Recurly’s key features:

  • Subscription Plan Management
  • Recurring Payments
  • Recurring Billing
  • Intelligent Retention

Recurly Use Cases

1. Subscription Management

Userlike is a live chat software provider that uses Recurly for improving its subscription processes. Recurly has helped Userlike reduce cancellations by introducing a new feature of pausing subscriptions. As a result, 20% of those who would cancel have started using this feature.

2. Hybrid Commerce

Cora is a subscription e-commerce program that provides subscription services for women’s care products. Cora offers one-time products that are not suitable for a subscription basis.

ReCurly makes it possible to add both one-time products and subscription-based products in the same cart, which prevents drop off that would otherwise be caused by having to check out twice.

Recurly Pricing

Recurly offers three payment plans. The Core plan has essential features such as hosted payment pages and credit card payments support. It starts at $149/month and you can try it for free.

For higher plans, you should request a demo version.


ReCharge is an eCommerce app that handles merchants’ subscription and billing needs. It helps increase customer lifetime value and decreases churn. It integrates with Shopify stores and other payment systems such as Paypal and Stripe. This integration power makes ReCharge one of the top saas analytics tools.

ReCharge was launched in 2014 by Oisin O’Connor and Mike Flynn. It is based in Santa Monica, CA.

Features of ReCharge include:

  • Subscription billing
  • Merchant tools
  • Shopper tools
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Payments
  • Support

ReCharge Use Cases

1. API

ReCharge API enables users to customize the operation of subscriptions such as by building their own integrations and automating price updates.

Hubble, which is a contact lens and eyeglasses company, uses ReCharge’s API to create a free trial when purchasing contact lenses. This includes only shipping and handling fees, and the trial gets converted into a full-priced box after 2 weeks. This is more convincing for customers to make a purchase rather than going headfirst into a long-term subscription.

2. ReCharge Theme Engine

The Theme Engine is a tool for customizing the interface of your customer portal. The portal includes controls such as viewing or changing subscription and billing information. This feature is only available for ReCharge Pro users or ReCharge partners.

Dr. Axe is a natural health products business that integrated the Theme Engine and LoyaltyLion into their customer portal. This enabled them to have full control of the portal and enhance customers’ post-purchase experience.

ReCharge Pricing

ReCharge has two plans: Standard and Pro. The Standard plan has no monthly fees and you get charged once you start selling subscriptions. The Pro is $300/month.


Zuora is a cloud-based SaaS that provides subscription services for many high-growth companies. It has solutions that automate operations such as recurring billing, revenue recognition, and subscription metrics.

Zuora is most suitable for enterprise companies. Thus, the complexity of the software takes some users a while to get acquainted with.

Zuora was founded in 2007 by K.V. Rao, Cheng Zou, and Tien Tzuo.

Zuora’s key features include:

  • Billing
  • Dunning
  • Reporting
  • Bill Generation
  • Bill Processing
  • Integration
  • Order Management
  • Revenue Management

Zuora Use Cases

1. Subscription Management

Zuora provides automated subscription management solutions that help minimize churn and increase revenue.

AIMS360 is a leading ERP software for fashion businesses that use Zuora. The company wanted to transition from a sales model to a subscription model, but its accounting system was ineffective.

With Zuora’s metrics, they had a better picture of the company’s performance and gained more control over pricing and packaging.  They also improved their relationship with customers.

2. Zuora Collect

Zuora Collect collects and analyzes data using automated algorithms on customer collections.

rankingCoach used Zuora Collect to resolve their issues of revenue leakage caused by missed payments. rankingCoach is an online marketing software that helps small and medium-sized businesses with their digital marketing. By using Zuora Collect, rankingCoach was able to get answers regarding payment failures and set up retry schedules that saved plenty of time.

Zuora Pricing

In order to get information about pricing models, you should get in touch with a sales representative.

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It is without a doubt that recurring billing software provides convenience when dealing with common but significant billing and payments issues that SaaS companies face.

Choosing the software with the right features and metrics can save you time and help in optimizing your pricing strategy, increasing customer retention, and ultimately driving business growth.


What is Baremetrics?

Baremetrics is a metrics and retention software for SaaS and subscription companies that use Stripe. It provides useful analytics and metrics such as LTV and churn rate to help manage subscriptions.

Is Baremetrics free?

Baremetrics is not free. It has 4 plans and the lowest one starts at $179/month.

Which metrics does Baremetrics track?

Baremetrics tracks a variety of sales metrics such as MRR, ARR, Net Revenue, Quick Ratio, LTV, and Revenue Churn.

What are some Baremetrics integrations?

Some Baremetrics integrations are Airtable, Paypal, Google Sheets and Xero.

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