How A Mid-Sized SaaS Used HockeyStack To Increase Upgrades By 13%

Company 50-100 employees
Industry B2B SaaS
Location United States


As a mid-sized SaaS company, we had data across many tools. Our product engagement data was in a product analytics tool, marketing data was on Google Analytics, sales data was on Hubspot, and revenue data was on Stripe and Profitwell. This is similar for the majority of SaaS companies if not all.

This situation makes our data fragmented and no tool allowed us to “really” connect these sources to better understand what was the reason behind our growth, churn rate, and retention.

90% of our marketing decisions were based on guesswork as we couldn’t connect marketing with revenue to know which marketing channels brought the highest LTV. We couldn’t connect marketing data with product analytics to understand which channels brought the most engaged customers to our SaaS as collecting marketing data with product analytics tools is really painful.


Our main goal was building dashboards that allowed us to understand what drives our revenue and which marketing channels should we focus on.

We needed a way to connect MRR & LTV with marketing and feature engagement.

Alternatives Tried

We tried Segment, Databox, and Google Data Studio. None of them did the trick for us.


With HockeyStack, we were able to unify our marketing, product, sales, and revenue data with no code literally in minutes. One-click integrations with Stripe and Hubspot were super cool.

I built 3 dashboards:

  • LTV & MRR by marketing channel
  • Blog post signups and feature engagement
  • Demo close rates & deal sizes per marketing channel

Moreover, I created a churn survey and pricing survey, funnels, and segments to better analyze our users.

Revenue + Marketing Dashboard


✔️  6% increase in first-month retention

✔️  13% increase in upgrades

✔️ A much better understanding of growth levels across company