Building the Perfect Digital Marketing Team in 2021

The internet is becoming a more and more critical part of our lives every day. Today, it is almost obligatory to use this worldwide network, which is actively used by billions of people, to develop and continue your business.

At this point, it is essential to have a digital marketing strategy that will promote your brand correctly. If you want to acquire new customers, you need to plan your brand’s online presence for the long term.

People love to feel valued, so reaching potential customers is not something you can do with building a simple website. You must maintain continuous communication and ensure an interactive experience.

Being successful at digital marketing is a long-running and growing process. Therefore, your business should pay special attention to it. You may consider working with a digital marketing agency or establishing a department within your organization in this context.

If you choose to create your team from these two options, which we compare with their advantages at the end of the article, some points are helpful to keep in mind. What does a digital marketing team structure look like? Is it enough if I only hire a marketing person? Will an online marketing expert be beneficial in the long run? What do people in marketing do?

In this article, we tried to answer questions like these that may occur in your mind. But please keep in mind that every business has its unique dynamics. For some, hiring star salespeople isn’t the best way to grow, while for some others, working with a top digital marketing agency is relatively easier than going in-house.

Who is a full-stack marketer?

A full-stack marketer is an experienced person with a strong background in the marketing industry. Having demonstrated knowledge about the sector, a full-stack marketer should grasp marketing as a whole. They might specialize in a specific area yet should perceive and work with any task or project they are responsible for, regardless of the topic. Having said that, it is crucial to keep in mind that “full stack” does not particularly mean that the person must know everything.

A full-stack marketer, on the contrary, defines a person with adequate experience relevant to the company’s/team’s operations but who is neither a master nor an expert on any of them. In essence, it is someone who can get used to whatever the situation requires without learning the basics of different disciplines or processes. With full-stack marketers, the team or department will consist of flexible members that can move between and help projects without causing trouble. They literally represent the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none.”The Full Stack Marketer

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Why hiring a full-stack marketer won’t work

You might be starting a new business or want to grow your company. Either way, it sounds magical to have a knows-it-all person to support you, right? Someone who can adapt to any environment, solve all problems, and maybe step in on some issues you feel insufficient. Who would not want to take advantage of such an opportunity? But like all good things, being tied to the idea of full-stack marketers can bring negative consequences.

You should keep in mind that it will be challenging to find someone who legitimately has such a high grasp of everything. Even if you hire such a person, it is essential not to be dependent on full-stack markers since they might not meet your expectations.

First of all, keep in mind that an individual can only be so productive on any given day. They might be the most skilled person ever, yet they are human beings and have some focus boundaries. They might practice multitasking to meet deadlines, but it is proved that multitasking is no good for efficiency.

Another thing to consider is that although being able to function in various areas, a full-stack marketer might not be equally skilled in every one of them.

The idea of a full-stack marketer is good in terms of small firms and startups. In such an environment, they can use their entrepreneurial spirit and skills to help the company grow. However, as companies grow, it is best for this kind of well-equipped individual to move into a leadership position to develop teams that consist of specialists with specialized skill sets.

The people on your digital marketing team

  • Optimization

The main aim of almost everything you do is to earn money and having someone dedicated to such a purpose guarantees that everything you do helps you be one step closer toward that goal. The optimization team does not only focus on generating financial benefits. They aim to maximize the earnings of your departments and overall assets. The optimization team comes together to advance email marketing strategies better and develop the plan to help you measure success over time.

  • Acquisition

The acquisition team is directly in charge of the initial acquisition of customers, the lead generation strategy, and the acquisition strategy.

Apart from managing the organic and paid traffic campaigns, acquisition team members are the first people that should come to your mind if you need support with monitoring analytics or recording key performance indicators. (KPIs).

If you want your marketing strategies to be helpful, all the departments within your company must know which channels work and which channels are junk as fast as they can. Always having someone that tracks metrics and your KPIs will keep you from wasting a ton of money. Lead generation strategy is also crucial.

While your teams must enhance the relationships with current customers, you still need to create a constant flow of potential candidates. As can be understood, analytics need their specific focus. That is when your acquisition team should spring into action.

  • Content

The content team consists of employees responsible for creating and managing all of your content. These people will be in charge of ensuring visibility to your company and its works by displaying your output on blogs, podcasts, videos, infographics, social content, content curation, white papers, etc. Such output includes content that is both customer-focused and internal and at all levels of sales.

The content team would probably need to use research to designate the most appropriate strategy for content development. Some examples of such a strategy would be the types of content, the most suitable topics, when to display a specific content, and where to promote it.

You will probably have just one person responsible for each of these areas at the start. However, your purpose should be to enlarge the teams as your business grows, so the work becomes more of good quality. We created a list of specific job descriptions within each team to help guide you through the journey of building the perfect digital marketing team.

Right People Quote


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Optimization Team

Analytics Manager

Analytics managers create and apply marketing strategies, optimize current marketing strategies, and analyze data to see how many people are being reached.

They determine potential customers to generate marketing leads by calling such potential customers and designing social media campaigns.

Analytics managers also ensure that marketing campaigns represent clear visibility to the company. As they are the people in charge of data and marketing as a whole, analytics managers also make suggestions to other marketing teams, advise them on fixing possible issues with existing campaigns, etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

Conversion optimization specialists are responsible for optimizing the company’s lead generation and conversion strategy. As digital and SaaS marketing trends emerge daily, a conversion rate optimization specialist is one of the crucial aspects within marketing teams.

They manage key conversion points in the marketing funnel, landing pages, and website calls-to-action (CTAs). They increase conversion rates and drive marketing-qualified leads for the sales team by optimizing marketing’s conversion paths.

As a natural responsibility of their job description, conversion rate optimization specialists might sometimes collaborate with other teams, such as blogging or social media, to optimize each conversion path within the company.

To save you and your team time and money, you can check out HockeyStack, which is a no-code analytics tool that helps you get the most actionable insights with the least clicks using a cookieless tracking system.

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A/B Testing Specialist

In order to find the perfect A/B testing specialist for your team, it is important to know what A/B testing is and why it matters.

A/B testing compares two different versions of a website or application against each other to determine which one performs better in terms of user experience. A/B testing allows making substantial changes to their user experiences while collecting data on the results.

This will enable teams or companies to develop predictions and understand why some aspects of their experiences impact user behavior. A/B testing specialists are people with an overall experience in analytics, as they will need to use specific tools to interpret data.

Data Analyst

Although the primary responsibilities of a data analyst may vary accordingly with your company’s purpose, a data analyst is generally the person who designs data systems and databases, including fixing coding errors and other data-related issues.

They perform initial analysis to assess the quality of the data and sometimes further research to determine what that data means. In most cases, a data analyst mines data from various sources and reorganizes them in a format that humans or machines can effortlessly read.

Besides the job’s required qualifications, a data analyst should grasp the industry as a whole, as they use statistical tools to interpret data by paying particular attention to trends and patterns that could be valuable for analytics efforts.

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Acquisition Team

Paid Ads Specialist

In terms of digital marketing, aid ads specialists are essentially responsible for growing the clients’ businesses. As is evident from its name, they are in charge of paid social campaigns and advertisements.

They create and manage proprietary accounts on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. One of the most important tasks of paid ads specialists is determining how potential customers search for the client’s offered services. This way, they can create an advertising strategy that will benefit the client both in the short and long term.

Acquisitions Director

An acquisitions director is responsible for assuring any acquisition made is beneficial for the company. They ensure this by determining how the transaction will affect the company and the possible financial impact. Apart from creating and managing acquisitions strategies, acquisitions directors seek out appropriate acquisition strategies too.

They track the approach of other companies and decide whether they would be suitable for their own company. Acquisitions directors might negotiate the terms of a deal to suit the needs of both parties in the acquisition process.

Lead Generation Manager

Lead generation managers work closely with clients who benefit from leads in different aspects of marketing, such as telephone sales or direct marketing and work with them to generate leads that will help them maximize the returns of their efforts. They are in charge of driving a team of lead generation employees to deliver the best results to clients by supplying leads and achieving maximum sales goals.

Community Manager

A community manager is kind of the bridge between a brand and the community it aims to create. (A concrete example to such a community would be a loyal group of customers who regularly use the company’s services.) Community managers should be the brand’s ambassadors, as they engage with potential customers and enhance relationships with current ones.

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Content Team

SEO Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist analyzes and applies changes to websites to optimize search engines.

In other words, they maximize the traffic to a specific website by improving page rank within search engines. They may also test and apply various search engine marketing techniques, website layouts, and advertising for search engine optimization.

SEO specialists know the importance of internal links and are essential employees in finding the best locations and the best approach to maximize a website’s traffic as a whole.

Editorial Director

An editorial director is in charge of all types of editorial content, either in print or online. They manage the direction of publications. In most cases, any piece of publication should be approved by the editorial director before being publicly displayed. Editorial directors have their unique vision, which mainly shapes the output of the content team. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a transparent recruitment process to satisfy both sides’ needs and expectations.

Funnel Types

It’s important for the editorial director to assign writers to each step of the lead funnel.

Content Manager

Content managers are responsible for managing the content team as a whole. They work closely with the editorial director and are usually the bridge between the editorial director and the content team members.

While editing and proofreading possible publications, content managers also write content and come up with new ideas, like the other team members. They make sure that the content produced corresponds to the aspects the company wants to represent.

Social Media Manager

Though referred to as a social media coordinator, especially within big companies, the person responsible for managing an organization’s online presence by creating strategies and producing engaging content is called social media manager in agencies.

As the name indicates, social media managers are in charge of social media accounts of a particular firm, and they assure that the company is reflected of good quality to current and potential customers. They usually develop campaigns and media projects to create an interactive experience between the customers and the company.

Blog Writer

Regardless of the company’s main focus, the primary duties of blog writers are mostly the same: they must come up with post ideas, conduct research for each post, write in an appealing language, and make sure their content is up to date at the moment they publish it. The fine line between personal bloggers and corporate blog writers is the chain of command.

While individual bloggers can post any type of content they wish to, corporate blog writers should usually get approved by higher-level staff members, such as a content manager or editorial director, before publishing anything.

Media Editor (Video + Audio)

Media editors manage visual material such as camera footage, sound effects, and special effects to produce a video product. They are key people in terms of creating visual media that attracts customers in the shortest way possible. While some companies directly hire media editors, some prefer to work with freelancers. Either way, they will bring a massive difference to your team’s output.

Creative Manager

A creative manager is literally in charge of the creativity aspect, especially at advertising and marketing companies. They come up with creative company advertisements, manage brand campaigns, and shape the brand’s standards.

Also referred to as a design director, the creative manager works closely with the graphic designers and people responsible for marketing to provide engaging content that meets the customers’ expectations. Besides being highly innovative, creative managers should also have excellent communication skills.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are visual communicators, and they create visuals that can inspire, inform, or captivate consumers through physical and virtual art forms that include images, words, or graphics.

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Other Departments for Your Digital Marketing Team

Front End Developer

Web development consists of two different yet intertwined areas: front-end and back-end development. Back-end developers are responsible for the hidden work that run behind the scenes; usually, the part regular internet users do not get to see.

Front-end development, contrarily, deals with the parts of a website or application an average user visits and interacts with. Front-end developers work to make websites visually appealing and functional. Working closely with analysts, they enhance the website and provide a better user experience.

Finance Manager

Finance managers are primarily responsible for budget planning. They support the executive team by giving and financial advice that will help them make the best decisions for the company’s future. By collecting and reviewing financial information, they create financial reports and develop long-term strategies to minimize potential financial risks and maximize profit.

Brand Strategist

Since their primary duty is to anticipate future trends and the success of a particular service, brand strategists are usually advanced at forward-thinking. Brand strategists give positioning recommendations, research and analyze the market and define the brand’s tone. A brand strategist will find ways to further improve the branding of a product or service and develop a marketing plan through analysis of current trends.

Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for the planning, management, and completion of a project. Project managers are in charge of the entire project and handle every aspect involved, such as the project scope, managing the project team, the resources related to the project, etc. They plan the projects accordingly with the company goals, create a budget, manage the project and deliver the project before the deadline.

How to hire the best digital marketing experts

If you have decided who your business particularly needs, it is time to find and hire those people. If only you could hire people who are the best in their field with a simple job advert… However, building the best team is a demanding process. But with the help of simple tactics, you can easily overcome this challenge!

While searching for future employees, being aware of where to find potential candidates is crucial. One of the world’s largest professional networking sites, LinkedIn, is of great importance at this point. You can find people who work in similar industries and match the job description you are looking for with a single search on LinkedIn.

Also, LinkedIn’s groups function will be helpful. LinkedIn groups are virtual places where people of similar interests meet, mostly under professional headlines. You can easily reach people who are likely to be interested in your business through groups. Not only LinkedIn, but apps that allow people to create communities under specific topics such as Reddit and Discord, or social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where it is easy to communicate will also definitely help you.

Digital Marketing Results

Even if you get ahead of many of your competitors by posting a job advert and using other methods, it does not hurt to break the traditions a little more. Now, think about who knows your company best. Of course, your current employees!

Maybe they will recommend a former colleague or a close friend to you, considering the job’s description, as they can take a more objective perspective. There are currently companies that already use this strategy and even reward their employees who help them by making referrals.

You should evaluate your friends for the position too. Even though hiring an acquaintance can be taken with prejudice, it will be relatively easy to work with a person whose personality and background you know well. Needless to say, but necessary to remember, you should be sure that this person is qualified for the role!

You might miss out on many good potentials while looking for someone who meets specific criteria. Does the job description require a bachelor’s degree? Is it a necessity for the employee to have more than ten years of experience in this field? It is natural to have certain expectations from your future employee. However, as we have exemplified, you may not have given people a chance to improve your company, perhaps because of some unnecessary criteria.

We recommend that you clearly state your expectations and then eliminate the non-mandatory standards as much as possible. An enthusiastic university student who wants to gain experience can add a whole new perspective to your company.

Maybe the cashier at the restaurant where you buy sandwiches every day has brand new ideas for your agency. The graphic designer who will best reflect your company’s vision may live in a different city or even a country. Do they have to come to work physically every day?

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How to prepare your new hires with your onboarding

When we meet someone new, the first impression they leave on us affects our relationship with them in the long run. Now imagine someone who has just started a new job. It will be easy for them to make certain judgments about where they will devote an important part of their lives. As an employer, it is vital to convey the culture of your company to the newcomers. And that will not happen by giving them an office tour on the morning of the first day. You have to have an actual plan.

Start with creating an agenda for the new employee’s first week. It is important to provide a comfortable environment to them, so let all employees know that they are newcomers. To make them feel valued, you can send out helpful information before their first day. Providing them with a small welcome gift will help that purpose come true too.

Employees Likely to Stay

During the first week of their job, allow new hires to observe the company. Getting a better sense of what the company does will help them adapt to the environment faster. During the orientation process, they may disrupt some of their work, do not forget that they are still in their first week, and tolerate them. It will also be welcoming to organize a small event where all managers attend and briefly introduce their departments.

In the longer term, focus on educating newcomers. Once they get used to the corporate environment, they will be more eager to specialize in their work. Examples of training types could be a mentoring program or regular seminars.

Each company has a different internal order, so you have to decide how these trainings will be done according to the chemistry of the environment. At the end of about the third month, scheduling a private meeting with the new employee and making a process evaluation will be a covert message that they are no longer a ‘newcomer’ but a permanent employee. Since mutual trust has developed, you can go over your reciprocal expectations more quickly in this evaluation meeting.

Once you have found the perfect employee for your job, it is also important not to lose them. 69% of the employees are likely to stay in a company for more than three years if they are satisfied with the onboarding process. Therefore, your efforts will have a positive return.

Should you hire an agency or build your digital marketing team?

This whole process we have elaborated on might seem daunting. However, if you want to keep up with the digital age, there should be people working for your company’s digital presence, especially in terms of marketing. There are two options: You can either hire a digital marketing agency or hire people in-house. Which one of these you will choose depends on different factors such as your company’s dynamics or budget. We have evaluated both of them for you from the positive aspects.

Benefits of Working With a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital agencies are companies that help other businesses perform a specific function, in our case, marketing. They typically specialize in particular areas, depending on their team’s qualifications. Here are the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency:

Because they most likely specialize in one specific area or have worked with similar clients to their potential customers, digital marketing agencies are likely to have more expertise in your industry.

When you hire an agency, you do not hire one person. Instead, you hire a whole team. For example, you may find out that their team might help you develop a brand strategy while you hired them to optimize your SEO. This way, your company’s work will be evaluated from more different perspectives, which helps promote your work to thousands of other customers.

If you cooperate with an agency, you do not have to go through the long-term processes we mentioned above and change the structure of your company. In some cases, this can be beneficial for the corporate culture.

The main difference between a company employee and an agency employee is their approach to their assigned tasks. The company employee strictly applies what is expected of them because they know the chain of command. However, an agency employee can achieve a much better result than expected by adding personal aspects to the expectations. The agency employee being more independent might actually cause better outcomes for the company.

Benefits of Going In House

If you hire the right employees while going in-house, they will be more invested in their assigned tasks. Highly invested employees can be one of the most powerful things a business has. Such employees are likely to go beyond to help the company be successful. They might even work extra hours or solve challenging issues.

This may not always be the case, but people there will likely have different clients when you work with an agency. However, since all the work of the company employees will be the tasks you assign them, all their focus will be on one thing: your business.

As stated earlier in this article, a company is best known by its employees. They already master essential information, especially for some specific roles, such as what the company wants to reflect, expectations of customers, capabilities of the teams, etc. It is challenging to guarantee such company and brand familiarity if the person is not within the company.

Last but not least, an agency employee will rarely be as accessible as your company’s own. Communicating with your employee will almost always be easier and more convenient because you always have an idea about each other. If your expectations are not fully understood, you can talk to your company employee repeatedly, but it will not be that easy when it comes to an agency.

As we mentioned, which of these two options you prefer is up to you. Remembering that every business and company has a different dynamic, you can decide on the best option to meet your expectations.

The processes we have elaborated on might seem very long-running and daunting. However, you will have taken an important step towards your digital marketing journey when you make the right decision.