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GTM Alignment Is The New Marketing-Sales Alignment

I don’t think it’s actually marketing and sales alignment anymore. It’s marketing plus sales, plus customer success, plus product, plus finance alignment. It’s go-to-market alignment. If you really want to crack the retention number, if you really want to focus on growth and efficiency, the only way you can do that holistically is by having those five teams work together. 

So marketing and sales alignment is the old way of thinking about it. And it’s a good and essential partnership, but really the new way is, is having a partnership between all those groups, and its alignment happens because of the partnership that’s created. So it’s ultimately just about getting a shared understanding of why we’re doing what we’re doing. is our belief system aligned? And then if you start with that type of stuff, like the values that we want to hold ourselves to, how we want to think about the growth of the business. When you start to, then make tactical decisions around, well, should this pricing change? And if we make this change, You know, what does that mean? Does that align with the other stuff that we have agreed to? Versus if you don’t have those philosophical conversations and make sure that you’re really on the same page about how you want to grow the business? Why do you want to grow the business? What do you want the customers to say about you when you’re not in the room? Then it will be much harder for you to make those decisions as a five-team partnership versus a two-team partnership. 

So fundamentally, now it’s about creating one holistic plan or strategy that, Everyone’s bought into. And I see a lot of that onus being put on the shoulders of CMOs now. Or the CMO should be taking on that responsibility and acting like Latané, the CMO of 6sense. She calls herself the Chief Market Officer, which is brilliant. And it is about how you make sure the marketing team is really in tune with the market where it’s going. Where it is today and the voice of the customers, of course, and use that as, you know, a way to influence, advocate, change the minds and the decisions of these other teams.

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