9 Best Hotjar Alternatives in 2021

Analytics is essential to every website. If you are looking for an analytics tool chances are high that you came across Hotjar.

If Hotjar is not enough for you or if you want to see what alternatives have to offer, this article will guide you.

What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a “behavior analytics and product experience insights service that helps you empathize and understand your users, and get their feedback through tools like heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys.”

Hotjar allows you to watch session replays to understand the user experience of your website, analyze heatmaps to see where your visitors click on & how much they scroll, and get their feedback with surveys.

It has a lot of alternatives too. In this article, you will learn about 4 different Hotjar alternatives and how they are different than Hotjar.


Let’s start with our very own Hotjar Alternative: HockeyStack!

HockeyStack is a no-code web analytics tool that allows you to define funnels, create goals, save segments, get automated insights & goal suggestions, measure marketing attribution, and more.

Its goal is to make conversion rate optimization faster & easier while keeping the powerful features that competitors like Google Analytics has, but Hojtar doesn’t.

It’s completely cookieless & no-code, meaning every goal can be defined with button text and all clicks are shown even if you don’t define them. Hotjar uses cookies and slows down your website because of its script’s weight.

Step-by-step User Journey

It doesn’t have session replays or heatmaps. Instead it takes a different approach and shows the user journey step-by-step.

step by step user journey

This session would take 3 minutes for you to watch, but with this feature, you can analyze it in a few minutes.

Automatic Goals

It also doesn’t have heatmaps like Hotjar, but you can where each visitor clicked on and how much they scrolled to with page-based metrics, user journey, and automatic goals table.

automatic goals

With this automatic goals table, you can see where your visitors click on even though you didn’t define them as goals. You can add them to the goals table with 1 click!


HockeyStack has a feature called “Insights,” which allows you to know your best converting customer segment with one click. As it collects every single action without code or tag manager, it has a lot of data, but doesn’t let you lose any important insights.



HockeyStack has a survey feature similar to Hotjar, but it doesn’t slow down your website. You can create a lot of different surveys, including NPS, exit-intent, and more.

More importantly, you can analyze survey drop-offs just like a funnel, analyze survey responders’ sessions, know what frustrated them or made them happy based on their NPS responses & sessions, and more.

It’s free even if you are not a HockeyStack user. Create your first survey today!

survey screenshot

Visual Funnels

Another important difference between HockeyStack and Hotjar: HockeyStack allows you to define funnels with no-code.

hockeystack funnels


You can define segments too.

segments screenshot

You can create segments with your goals & users’ properties to analyze your audience. Analyze how many customers that converted from a blog post & visitors that checked more than 3 products, but didn’t convert and all the other segments with one report.

Or people who visited your pricing section, filled one section of your form, but didn’t start a free trial.

Get Past Adblockers

30% of internet users are using adblockers and you never get to analyze their sessions. With HockeyStack, you will be able to get past adblockers with an easy CNAME setup & never have to worry about data accuracy again.

Data Sampling

Speaking about data accuracy, Hotjar doesn’t track all visits because of data sampling.

As Hotjar needs to store session replays, it cannot track all of visitors as all plans come with a limit and you might easily go out of your limits.

Instead, it takes a different approach and splits your traffic evenly throught the day & captures visitors that it samples.

You can see a widget like this on your Hotjar dashboard to understand how much of your visitors are tracked:

data sampling

As HockeyStack doesn’t need to worry about session replays, limits are better and we track all users. Once you reach your plan limit, you won’t be charged & will be able to continue analyzing your existing data until your next billing day.

Subdomain Tracking

You can connect your subdomains to your account free of charge. (if they are on the same root domain)

You can create funnels with your main domain & subdomains, analyze referring traffic between them, and more.

Final Thoughts

HockeyStack is the perfect fit if you are looking for a web analytics tool that won’t slow down your website, has all the features you need & want, is cookieless, and allows you to improve your conversion with minimum time.

Book a demo to learn more about HockeyStack & get personal onboarding!


Mobile Support

A big advantage of Smartlook compared to Hotjar: It supports mobile apps.


Its price is much lower than Hotjar.

Hotjar costs $99/mo for 500 daily sessions

hotjar pricing

Smartlook costs $79/mo for 25,000 sessions per month.

smartlook pricing

Other Points

Some other points users have pointed are:

  • Onboarding is better than Hotjar
  • UI is better & intuitive



Mouseflow records every single visitor unless you change your preferences. It doesn’t do data sampling like Hotjar.

In their words: “Mouseflow gives you complete control over your recordings, and Hotjar does not.”

Advanced Filters

Mouseflow has more filters for recordings and heatmaps compared to Hotjar.



Mouseflow’s pricing is very similar to Hotjar’s, but Hotjar doesn’t have website limits whereas Mouseflow has.

mouseflow pricing


Data Retention

Hotjar offers 365-day data retention, while Lucky Orange offers 30-day data retention for heatmaps & session recordings.

Lack of free plan

Similar to HockeyStack, Hotjar has a free forever plan with a session recording limit, but Lucky Orange doesn’t have one.

Feature Set

Lucky Orange is very different from Hotjar as it offers a live chat feature that doesn’t come with any other analytics tool.

It also has a live heatmap view with which you can see your visitors on a world map.

Similar to Mouseflow, Lucky Orange doesn’t do data sampling & has form analytics too.


Lucky Orange’s pricing model doesn’t have a free plan, and it’s based on the number of pageviews, not sessions.

It’s cheaper than Hotjar, but the data retention is a big disadvantage.

luckyorange pricing


Engagement Score

The first difference between Livesession’s feature set and Hotjar’s is engagement score. Livesession allows you to filter sessions based on their engagement with your website & content


Livesession’s pricing structure is more flexible compared to Hotjar’s.

From their website: You can get LiveSession for just $49 per month. The plan is flexible and you can always change your mind. What’s more, you can choose a monthly subscription instead of the annual one. You don’t have to commit for a whole year, and you don’t have to pay for 12 months at once. The subscription can be tailored to your needs.

Dev Tools

With Livesession, you can be able to get JS errors and console logs, which is a great feature for development & UX teams.

Lack of Free Plan

Livesession doesn’t have a free plan, so you won’t be able to try it out after your 14-day free trial.


Digital Experience Score

Similar to Livesession has Digital Experience Score feature that allows you to segment your users based on engagement.

It calculates it based on form analytics, navigation, actions on the site, and more.


Decibel’s pricing is not disclosed on their website. You have to schedule a demo and get a custom price for your needs.

Feature Set

Similar to Hotjar, Decibel has session replay & heatmaps, but it also has personalization and A/B testing.

However, Decibel doesn’t have insights, funnels, or goal tracking.


Feature Set

Inspectlet is very similar to Decibel.

It has almost the same features, including A/B testing, error logging, and form tracking.


Pricing is very similar to Hotjar, but Inspectlet limits all plans by sessions and websites while Hotjar only limits by sessions.

Inspectlet’s free plan is better as it has more pageviews.

inspectlet pricing


Feature Set

Despite its name, SessionCam also has heatmaps, conversion funnels, and customer journey mapping. Their Struggle Detection allows you to identify parts of your website that your users are frustrated with.


SessionCam has 2 plans: Free and custom plan, so you need to schedule a demo and get a custom price for your needs if you are interested in it.


UserTesting is not a software product. It is a marketplace where you can hire people to give you feedback.

You can segment people based on your persona and gather feedback for your new landing page, feature, or video.

It’s an indirect competitor of Hotjar as it allows you to get real qualitative data.

You need to schedule a demo or a trial for your custom pricing as it depends on your needs. UserTesting doesn’t have pricing on their website.

A Better Alternative

HockeyStack is a better alternative to Hotjar as it allows you to get the features Hotjar, and it is easy-to-use.

You don’t need to install Google Analytics + Hotjar anymore. You can create surveys, analyze user sessions, get insights, define segments, funnels, and goals, and much more.

Book a demo today!