How Cantley LifeCare Saved 30% of Their Time While Maximizing Their Sales

Cantley LifeCare is an e-commerce company based in Singapore with three 7-figure e-commerce stores.

As they have a high traffic, analyzing their data was taking a lot of time and understanding common trends among their customers was really hard with Google Analytics.

“HockeyStack helped us get better data out of our customers over a longer data window than what Google Analytics provide.”

HockeyStack collects every action automatically, so it has a TON of data to present. However, instead of letting users easily miss actionable data, it offers them insights about their best converting segments based on the goals they defined.

Switching from Google Analytics

Like many other e-commerce businesses, Cantley LifeCare used Google Analytics for a long time until it became a real pain to use & master.

With Google Analytics, we had to deal with Tag Manager, dimensions, custom reports, and more. With HockeyStack, there was no setup required. Everything is collected automatically & presented very well.

Getting Actionable Insights With One-Click

Insights helped us know which channel & campaign to focus. Moreover, we discovered some bugs as visitors from certain browsers were converting much better.

Saving Time On Analytics

While having powerful features, such as insights, funnels, step-by-step user journey, Cantley LifeCare didn’t need to worry about their marketing team spend hours on data analysis.

We save about 30% of time compared to using other alternatives, such as Google Analytics & Hotjar.

Analyzing Sessions Quickly

Step-by-step user journey was critical for Cantley LifeCare. They needed a faster solution to go over sessions & find where people spend most time and why.

Step-by-step user journey. Google analytics does not provide this data in a manner which you can visualise quickly, and with Hotjar, it takes a ton of time to actually watch the replays. HockeyStack offers a faster way.

Grow Your Business With HockeyStack

With HockeyStack, Henry’s team saved 5-6 hours every single week while having access to powerful analytics & actionable insights.

They increased their sales and focused on important things rather than dealing with endless reports.

If you want to save time & sales with powerful analytics, start using HockeyStack for free!

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