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How GetAccept’s Demand Gen Team Is Structured

 One of the big reasons why I joined GetAccept was that marketing had a very important role. It was very clear that the company cared about marketing and that marketing plays a role in the company’s growth. I think that’s, it’s not always the case. Not where I’ve been, at least. So I think in the last three years, the marketing team have grown from three people, and now we are somewhere between 25 and 26 people. And then the demand gen team is about six people of that, which is really cool. And the demand gen team kind of started when I joined one and a half years ago. The team members were already in the company, but I came into the company to lead that team. Back then, we actually had two different demand gen teams. One that was focused more on Europe and one that was focused more on the US because those are, they were so vastly different markets.

We had so many competitors in the US compared to Europe. It’s super competitive to get into the US market. The European market is probably a bit easier to stand out. So I came in there, and we, I would say mainly, the roles we had in the team were different. We have a few countries in Europe that are really important to us, like France UK, bigger markets, so we have local marketeers in those areas. And then we also have more specialists in terms of SEM, organic search, paid search and paid social, of course. Then we had, had the equivalent structure for the US. Looking back, I would start smaller. I think. I, I think that’s always there. We have grown the marketing team a lot, which is excellent. We have a lot of resources, but it’s also hard to get everyone to run in the same direction, hard to get everyone to talk about the same story and get everybody to run the same kind of looking ads that work.

It’s like it’s hard to bring it all together. So I think I would run it smaller for a longer time to really nail our positioning because now we have been, yeah, we’ve been forced to kinda nail them along the way, which is tricky.

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