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How Is Cognism’s Marketing Team Structured?

I think our marketing team is big. It’s got bigger, particularly over this last year, anyway. It got bigger rapidly. I think we’ve probably added about 10 people this year, maybe a bit more. We’ve just received our series C, the thing is, marketing has contributed over 50% of revenue to the business since we started. So, we’ve sort of earned our place there. You know, it’s not always like, I think, the old school sales-led organization is in the past, and marketing has its massive part of the plan. If you invest in it, then it can repay it. So I’ve not really thought about the fact that the team is quite so significant for the size, but I suppose what we’ve been able to achieve is being able to sort of earn us that reward and then we can scale it even further and show what we’re capable of.

In terms of the structure of the team and departments, we have a content team, which is divided into SEO experts and SEO writers whose aim is with our sort of rankings, the key rankings that we’re trying to go for, and updating blogs and pages to make sure that we’re hitting those targets and staying keeping our sets, like keeping top for the set that we want to.

We also have in that content team, we have some people that we call journalistic writers, writers who write journalistic content, which is. Entirely aimed at the customer for buyer-centric writing, not just for SEO, not for just but does end up ranking.

Then we have the demand generation team, which is broken down into regions first. So you’ve got like the UK, US, and then DACH. And then we’ve got, within those regions and parts, 4 people for our personas for sales and marketing.

Then we have the demand gen team that is working on the sales persona and other people on the marketing persona. We’ve broken out that way. And then also within the demand gen team, we have insights and reporting manager, website manager, and also like the graphics design team sits within there too as part of enablement. And then we also have separate teams for customer marketing, product marketing, and also that are paid acquisition or paid media who manage Google Ads and paid social platforms as well day-to-day.

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