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Ruler Analytics Alternatives

Marketing attribution is an important and effective way to evaluate and track your marketing efforts and your resources. You can successfully better your digital marketing and ROI by tracking customer touchpoints.

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution software with closed-loop multi-channel tool to help you gain insight and track customer journey over multiple touchpoints.

Keep reading to learn more about marketing attribution tool alternatives that might be a better option for your SaaS company than Ruler Analytics.


HockeyStack is a SaaS analytics and attribution platform used by 6900+ companies.

Using HockeyStack, you can build any dashboard you need with metrics from different departments. Custom dashboards allow you to connect the dots to better understand what drives revenue for your SaaS.

For example, you can build a churn by the blog post user signed up report:

A report to measure the exact revenue you get from blog posts:

Revenue + Marketing Dashboard

A trial to expansion funnel:

Product + RevOps Dashboard

An engagement by feature report:

Or an active users report:

On top of custom dashboards, HockeyStack has other features too, such as

  • Surveys
  • Step-by-step user journey
  • Funnels & goals
  • Revenue Attribution

and more.

HockeyStack Pricing

You can check out the pricing page here.

HockeyStack Integrations

  • Paddle
  • Stripe
  • Hubspot
  • Crisp Chat
  • Mailchimp
  • Intercom
  • Pipedrive
  • Chameleon
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier (coming soon)

HockeyStack Summary

The unique benefit of HockeyStack is its ability to unify your marketing, revenue, sales, and product data using no code. This allows you to uncover unique insights that you wouldn’t be able to by using multiple tools as they cause you to have fragmented data.

  1. You can integrate with Stripe, Paddle, Hubspot and other SaaS platforms to build every single dashboard that you can think of, using all sales, marketing, revenue, and product metrics.
  2. You can create funnels, goals, and surveys, which are rare to get with other tools on this list.
  3. You don’t need any developers, tracking is cookieless, and the script is small, so it doesn’t increase your site loading time.


Founded in 2008, Impact is a partnership management platform that helps brands, businesses, agencies, and publishers to have strong relationships with consumers. They aim to grow their customers’ business with data, feedback, and visibility.


  • Influencer marketing

This feature provides data intelligence to optimize influencer program with less time researching and more time recruiting. The machine learning enables recommending potential partners by analyzing your program. You’ll be able to gauge influencer value and have payout flexibility, and direct relationships with influencers.

  • Affiliate marketing

Impact points out that you need a single platform to manage all your workflow from recruiting, onboarding and tools with custom tracking solutions. This feature enables you manage all the partnerships you have on the same platform.

  • Fraud protection

Fraud protection feature secures your company against frauds such as affiliate fraud, influencer fraud, and traffic abnormalities. It helps you spend on legitimate partners by machine learning.

  • Analytics and attribution

With trusted data, you can give smart marketing decisions. Impact provides robust reporting suite and custom report builder. Also, you get to have eye-catching visuals, metrics, and insights.

  • SaaS partnership marketing

By reference and referral partnerships, you’re more likely to thrive faster as a SaaS company. Impact provides open platform and discovery tools and 7M+ potential partners.  


You can request a demo or sign up as a partner.

from Impact


Attribution is a multi-touch solution for companies to track their return on ad spend and view marketing attribution data on a single dashboard. You can also connect your visits that is influenced by your ad spend with conversions. In this way you can make better decisions on your spending by viewing multi-touch ROI.


  • Automated data collection

This feature helps you combine all of the touchpoints with budget spending to be able to gather a single source of attribution.

  • Custom multi-touch attribution models

Attribution uses this feature to bring out unbiased attribution results by gathering data from each touchpoint and applying machine learning algorithms to them.

  • Reliable affiliate marketing

With this feature, you can manage affiliate enrollment and offers, also measure engagement while optimizing return on affiliate spend. You can compare all affiliate performance data to other marketing channels.

  • Actionable reporting

This feature provides you intuitive dashboards and reports that shows your conversions, ROAS, LTV, and CPA.

  • Optimize ROI

You can learn which touches and channels work, monitor promising channels, and you can stop poor working ones. You can control all of your offline and online campaigns while viewing each click and conversion.


There isn’t any information on pricing, however, you can request a demo by submitting your information.

from Attribution


Adjust was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2012 to build a measurement and tracking solution in the world of app marketers. Launching their industry-first product Fraud Prevention Suite in 2015, Adjust upholds security and user privacy.

Fraud Prevention Suite and Unbotify are what differentiate Adjust in the industry. Bot fraud is a huge issue that can steal your ad spend and strategies. It also affects your user experience.


  • Attribution and Measurement

With this feature, you’ll get to have ad spend tracking, user-level insights, CTV/OTT measurement, direct and deferred deep linking, TV attribution, and more.

  • Analytics and Reporting

Adjust allows you to have unlimited KPI service API, attribution sources, and marketing channels.

  • Security and Compliance

You get to have GDPR and CCPA compliance, user rights management, and open-source SDK.

  • Growth Solutions

This feature enables you to have a multi-touch, subscription, ad revenue, and advanced lifecycle measurements. Also, you’ll have a fraud prevention suite, campaign automation, web attribution, and audience builder.


There are 3 types of pricing plans of Adjust: Base, Core, and Enterprise. Adjust recommends the Base plan with 1,500 monthly attributions to small independent developers, while suggesting the Core plan with 250,000 annual attributions to medium size developers, and the Enterprise plan with 250,000 annual attributions to large developers.

You can try the Base plan for free while you need to contact them for other plans.

from Adjust


Looker is a business intelligence (BI) tool that helps you visualize data. What makes it different from other Ruler Analytics alternatives is that Looker is a browser-based platform that does not require desktop software.

Looker is great for customizing visuals, collaborative dashboards, and customer support.


  • Embedded analytics

You can build data apps, enable better user experience, and decrease development costs with this feature.

  • Data modeling

You can define the logic of your business/data model once and you don’t have to write the same SQL queries repeatedly.

  • Database connection

Scanning the existing database, helps build a data model.


Looker does not display pricing plans. You need to request a quote to create a plan.


Bizible is an Adobe company that provides B2B and B2C businesses marketing performance management with every-touch attribution and insights into inbound and outbound marketing, revenue-generating, and count-based marketing. Bizible can track first-touch attribution and give full-circle reporting.


  • Touchpoint tracking

Bizible’s touchpoint feature lets you track every single touch/journey from the first anonymous contact to the last. Also, this feature allows you to capture engagement across channels, and so know every detail of every touchpoint.

  • Attribution Modeling

This feature enables you to attribute pipeline, revenue, and ROI to touchpoints. Also, you can customize attribution and receive advanced features ad boomerang journey stages.

  • Analytics and Reporting

You can view attribution insights such as marketing spend, ROI, funnel velocity, and more on Bizible dashboards. Also, you are able to create CRM reports and use Bizible Data Warehouse in which you get answers to business-specific questions from advanced data analysts.


To learn about the pricing, you need to request by filling out a form.


AppsFlyer is a popular alternative to Ruler Analytics in the world of mobile app-driven companies. The software helps attribute every mobile app install to touchpoints, which eventually assists you in optimizing marketing performance to channels your product is promoted on by attribution and marketing analytics.


  • Measurement suite

AppsFlyer enables you to have visibility into in-app data that shows paid, owned and offline that you can reach in mobile, web and CTV. You can custom attribution settings and connection with your partners.

  • Cost aggregation solution

This feature provides you have a holistic picture of your marketing efforts, giving your cost data in a single place. It increases the efficiency and accuracy of your cost and attribution data with comprehensive dahsboards.

  • Incrementality solution

By this feature provides you to get an accurate and unbiased view of the value of your marketing by identifying incremental revenue drivers. Incrementality solution helps you better evaluate your marketing investments.

  • CX and deep linking suite

This feature helps you increase conversions and revenue with customized customer experience and deep linking. This suite makes it easier to create and measure your customers’ touchpoints across channels.

  • Fraud solution

This feature secures your company from fraud threats before, during, and after installing AppsFlyer. The multi-layer protection keeps your marketing budget safe with cluster analysis and personalized validation rules. It also detects bots and authentic customers to focus on real conversions.


Pricing for AppsFlyer depends on the plan you’re willing to choose:

from AppsFlyer


Marketing attribution is one of the most important issue to track and evaluate for your SaaS company. Choosing the right tool and software is up to your business needs to be able to better your product and increase your profit. Each alternative provides different opportunities and priorities different features.

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