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Looking for a Snowplow Analytics Alternative? Here Are Your Options

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Digitalization has effectively improved the way businesses operate. 

Companies now have data-rich strategies with concrete numbers telling them where they started from and where they are now. To figure out which of these strategies are working best, companies need analytics tools that will help them understand everything from the sources that drive revenue to how well a marketing campaign was received. 

Snowplow Analytics is one such tool designed to help companies with behavioral analytics. The tool consolidates data from different platforms and helps create a singular view of customer data for easier analysis. 

But the question is this: in the age where there is an abundance of data analytical software, should you choose Snowplow Analytics? This article will help you with that decision. 

In this article, I’ll talk about:

  • What Snowplow Analytics is used for
  • Reasons why people look for alternatives to Snowplow Analytics
  • Snowplow Analytics alternatives along with their features, reviews, and pricing

What is Snowplow Analytics used for?

Currently, Snowplow Analytics caters to over 10k companies.

But what makes it so popular?

For SaaS businesses, data analysis is essential to understand top performing campaigns and customer behavior, and to replicate winning strategies to maximize revenue generation. 

This is where Snowplow Analytics steps in. 

The main purpose of Snowplow Analytics is simple: it gives users immense flexibility in the way they can collect and analyze customer behavior data. This is essential as it can essentially help companies understand what type of content and interfaces resonate with their target audience, which behaviors buyers display, and what they can do to evoke the right emotions in their audience. 

Snowplow Analytics Pricing

Snowplow offers three packages called Trial, Demo and Quote, however, pricing information is not available on their website. You can contact their sales team for more information:

Snowplow analytics pricing packages

Snowplow Analytics Alternatives 

Hold on, you just read some great things about Snowplow analytics, why do you need alternatives?

Well, that’s a great question. 

First, Snowplow analytics is more complicated than other analytical tools. While it does offer several features for data analysis, you also need to have a higher level of technical knowledge to use the tool properly. 

Person making a list on paper

As a SaaS business owner, your main focus is not just on data analysis. You work on improving services, understanding metrics, creating new strategies, and more. That means, along with managing your budget, you also have to manage your time.

This complexity is one of its major drawbacks which makes users believe that Snowplow is more of a collection tool rather than one for data analytics.

Luckily, there are other data analytical software that you can try out. Below are the list of Snowplow analytics competitors to look into:

Google Analytics

Let’s start our comparison with Google analytics. It provides customers with the ability to track and report website traffic. Let’s have a look at what Google Analytics offers:

Google Analytics Features

  • KPI Monitoring: Users can track their performance based on a number of KPIs including session duration etc. 
  • Data Connectors: Google Analytics can be integrated with several other tools for easy data analysis.


  • Google Analytics is able to capture details such as the time a consumer has spent on their website and see how many people are viewing a page in real time etc. Furthermore, it shows session duration, page views, bounce rate, real-time visitors, etc. for better website analysis.
  • Google Analytics allows users to segment their audience for more effective analytics.  


  • Google Analytics does not provide visitor IP addresses. This leaves the website susceptible to undetected hackers or spam bots. 

Google Analytics Pricing

Even though Google Analytics has a free version, functionality is limited. This means that if you’re looking for extensive analysis of your website and customer data, you’ll have to opt for the paid version of Google Analytics – Google Analytics 360 –  which is very expensive and not affordable for smaller companies.


HockeyStack is a no-code solution that allows SaaS businesses to view their data on a single dashboard in real time. Unlike Snowplow Analytics, you don’t need a dedicated team for analyzing the data and put it in easy-to-read, interactive dashboards. The tool also comes with numerous templates that users can leverage to organize their data without any additional effort. 

Here’s a little bit about HockeyStack. 

HockeyStack Features

  • Conversion tracking: HockeyStack allows users to measure the performance of different channels and pieces of content with certain KPIs for a comprehensive view of their marketing campaigns.
HockeyStack Conversion Tracking
  • Funnel creation: Users can build a data funnel using information from different sources to better visualize the leads at each step of their journey.
HockeyStack Marketing to Expansion Funnel
  • Customizable Dashboards: HockeyStack provides users with dashboard templates to view sales, marketing, product intelligence, and revenue data and make better business decisions. 
HockeyStack Dashboard Example


  • Users don’t need to have extensive technical knowledge to use HockeyStack. It’s a no-code analytics solution in which users can create dashboards in just a few minutes.
  • HockeyStack offers integrations to popular CRMs, email marketing tools, and payment platforms like MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot and more.
  • Through HockeyStack, users can find out the exact channels where their customers are coming from.
  • Their email reports immediately update users about session durations, bounce rates, and conversion rates.


  • Integration options are limited, however, the company is working on launching new connectors. 

HockeyStack Pricing

HockeyStack’s packages start from $599 per month which is billed annually. However, you can avail a 14-day free trial to get a better understanding of its services. If, in case, you decide HockeyStack is not the platform for you after 30 days of purchase, you can easily avail a refund.


Mixpanel is another Snowplow analytics competitor that analyzes customer behavior and how your customers interact with your product. It allows you to get a complete overview of your metrics to maximize engagement and retain more customers. Here are some of its features:


  • Customer Journey Mapping: Mixpanel gives users the ability to map out the steps customers took that led them to a specified result. 
  • Conversion Tracking: Through their conversion tracking feature, users can understand what was the result that took place after customers interacted with the user’s ads and content. This helps them evaluate which ad is bringing in revenue and helps them make improvements wherever necessary.
  • Funnel Analysis: Mixpanel users can easily visualize website visitors on a funnel to understand how many users converted at each stage.


  • Mixpanel offers a clear user interface that makes it easy for users to analyze their data. 
  • It provides users with a detailed view of customer journey and behavior. 


  • Mixpanel does not have a survey tool which makes it difficult to track customer satisfaction.
  • Users are unable to customize colors within the graphs and charts which makes the data confusing and difficult to read. 
  • Users have also complained that, while there is geographical attribution, Mixpanel lacks map view for reports. 

Mixpanel Pricing

Mixpanel offers three packages named Free, Growth, and Enterprise. Here’s a screenshot of the packages they offer:

Mixpanel Pricing Package


Segment helps you collect and analyze your customer data to understand how they interact with your product or website. Let’s have a look at its features for a better understanding.


  • Engagement Tracking: Segment allows users to track customer engagement with your posts. Through this, businesses can not only view how active customers are with the content posted, but also the effectiveness of brand campaigns.
  • Data Capture and Transfer: Users can collect real-time data from various channels  and use the data that’s relevant to their business and use case. 
  • Data Quality Control: Segment offers processes that determine whether the data integrity and accuracy is maintained. 


  • Segment offers a simple setup for mobile devices and websites.
  • Data can be simultaneously sent to various destinations such as Google analytics and Mixpanel.
  • Data can be integrated from several sources for effective analysis and reporting. 


  • Segment is expensive compared to most other tools in this list which means it caters to only a specific demographic. Small startups with limited budgets usually cannot afford it. 
  • There are limited templates for dashboards. 

Segment Pricing

Similar to Mixpanel, Segment also offers three packages that users can choose as per their preference. You can avail the Free, Team, or Business package and contact them if you have any more queries.

Segment Pricing Package


Improvado is another Snowplow analytics alternative that helps you automate reporting by gathering data from different sources. Below are the features that it offers:


  • Backup and recovery of lost data: Through Improvado, users don’t have to worry about data loss. Improvado provides consistent backup and, in case they do lose important data, Improvado can easily recover it.
  • Conversion of Database: Users can easily transform data into a consistent format.


  • Improvado is easy to set up. 
  • Their support team is always available for assistance and they have a seamless ticket processing system to ensure no query is missed.
  • Users can benefit from out of the box API integrations to gather all data on one page.
  • They have a straight-forward system to add new data connections.


  • Improvado lacks the ability to create templates for existing reports 
  • It fails to seamlessly blend data. Users have to spend time figuring out how to do so.
  • The quality of custom data loads significantly falters, and it works slower than other data analysis software.


Improvado’s pricing depends on users’ requirements. You can contact their team of experts to discuss your budget and requirements, and they can customize a package for you.

Improvado Pricing Packages


Here’s another Snowplow analytic competitor for you; Supermetrics is a tool that allows users to move data from popular platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Hubspot, to the required destinations like Excel, Google Sheets, and data lakes. Below are the features, pros and cons of Supermetrics:


Third Party Integrations: Users can consolidate data from several external platforms for easier analysis.

Data Synchronization: Users can synchronize data between two devices. This data is automatically updated to avoid loss of critical information..

Campaign Analytics:  Supermetrics provides visibility on how your audience reacts to campaigns and how it influences conversion.


  • Users can automate reports with data consolidated from different platforms.
  • Their UI helps build queries and connect it with a variety of platforms.


  • The price is a major setback; users have to buy licenses for several platforms such as Data Studio, Google Sheets, and MS Excel. 
  • Some features can be difficult to figure out, affecting the user experience negatively.


Supermetrics offers different plans according to the requirements of users. Here’s a screenshot of the pricing page:

Supermetrics Pricing Packages


In the modern day and age, understanding your customer’s digital journey can mean the difference between a losing and a winning business. Heap helps you acquire critical digital insights through a one-stop platform. It gives users a clear visual of user behaviors and uncovers data that leads to better business results. 

Let’s dive into some of its notable features.


  • Integrate 100+ tools: Create a robust integration ecosystem by connecting with third-party tools to amplify customer monitoring processes, streamline data sharing, and access a pool of actionable insights.
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative data: Expand your pool of relevant customer insights by bridging the gap between quantitative and qualitative data for a consolidated set of accurate information for timely decision-making.
  • Product Data Management: You can collect, organize, and track data specific to your products in one location.


  • Find customer pain-points and resolve them through data-driven decisions based on insights gathered from a multitude of resources
  • Expedite time-to-market by answering customer queries in real-time and leveraging on concrete engagement data across digital
  • Optimize user journeys by leveraging automated data science and tap into in-depth insights to give your business a significant edge 


  • Understanding the tool can sometimes become difficult which can hinder effective utilization 
  • The occasional upgrades may tweak certain layouts which can make it challenging to understand graphs and make sense out of all the data being presented 

Heap Pricing

Heap offers four different packages built according to user preferences. You can choose between Free, Growth, Pro, and Premier packages. You can contact them for further information.

Heap Pricing Package


Amplitude has an independent infrastructure that allows users to store data on their servers. That means, you have the right to export it to the required destination and not worry too much about losing important data. Let’s look at some of the features it offers along with some pros and cons and pricing information.


  • Engagement Tracking: Users can track the effectiveness of brand campaigns through Amplitude’s engagement tracking.
  • Cohort Analysis: Amplitude offers behavior analytics by breaking up data into groups before the analysis. These are cohorts which have common experiences within a given time-span.


  • It offers easily deployable analytics for mobile apps. 
  • Amplitude is great for creating funnels.


  • Amplitude can be a little difficult for users to navigate.
  • Amplitude lacks flexibility and timely response.


Amplitude offers three pricing models for its users: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. You can contact Amplitude’s team for more information.

Amplitude Pricing Package

That concludes our list of Snowplow Analytics alternatives!

Since your business depends on data, it’s better to make a well-informed decision. With the vast list of Snowplow Analytics competitors, you better get to work. Your business is relying on you!

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