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How to Choose the Best Banner Size in 2022

Display adverts are shown to viewers on websites other than search engines and banner size is one of the most important components of it.

They aim to reach a very large amount of audience on numerous different websites and attract the most people they can. Display ads can also be used for remarketing purposes which will increase conversion.

The ad banner sizes have a great impact on how people see your ad and brand, or if they even notice it. So picking the best banner size is really important.

You can surely use banner makers to make your job easier, but it is still hard to decide on the best banner size to optimize your display ads and get the most effective results.

This article can be a starting point for you to decide on your ad banner sizes and help you improve your conversion rates from web ads.

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Why is banner size important?

Not picking the right banner size that will benefit the brand is one of the most commonly made mistakes in display advertisement. Unfortunately, it is one that can cost a lot of money too.

However, Google ads determine how most people perceive your brand, how much they visit and buy from your brand.

While advertising, your goal is to lead people to take action. While online advertising your goal is to lead people to take action immediately.

You want to attract people with your display ads and make them want to click on your ads the moment they see them. Your web ad banner sizes have a huge role in determining whether you will achieve that goal or not.

So, yes, it is risky to spend a lot of money on Google display ads, but it is your access to a massive amount of audience. And by selecting the right banner size, you can make the most of your display ads.

Even if you pick the best banner size, it will not guarantee you success, but creating visuals that draw attention is a good way to have effective display ads that will increase your conversion rates. And that is a something to start with.

Most Common Website Banner Sizes

The size differences in display advertisement are not huge but their effectiveness is. It is important that you pick the right banner size for your web ads.

Below, you can find a table with the ten most common standard banner sizes established by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that are valid in all advertising networks —including Google Display Network.

Standard Banner Sizes

DimensionsNameGlobal FrequencyMax Size
300×250Medium Rectangle40%150 KB
728×90Leaderboard25%150 KB
160×600Wide Skyscraper12%150 KB
300×600Half Page5%150 KB
970×250Billboard1%150 KB
336×280Large Rectangle<1%150 KB
468×60Banner<1%150 KB
234×60Half Banner<1%150 KB
120×600Skyscraper<1%150 KB
120×240Vertical Banner<1%150 KB

Additionally, you can find more information on the top five best performing banner sizes below.

Medium Rectangle (300×250)

The medium rectangle banners are the most common ad banner size with 40% of global frequency. They are pretty effective because they can be easily used on both desktop and mobile.

  • Where is the medium rectangle usedThis banner type is usually found embedded in content like texts articles on websites. It doesn’t bother the viewers because of it isn’t seen as intrusive as larger sized banner ads.On mobile formats, this banner size can be used a pagebraker which helps the readers’ eyes and doesn’t interrupt the content they are consuming.However, because of its common usage and unique size, medium rectangle ads have their own set of rules for Google Display Network which you should be careful about.
  • What does medium rectangle look likeScreen-Shot-2021-04-23-at-9-51-25-AMMedium rectangle ad featured on the right of a desktop webpage.IMG-0056Medium rectangle ad embedded in mobile website text.

Large Rectangle (336×280)

  • Where is the large rectangle usedAlthough it is not as popular as the medium rectangle format, this banner is also pretty commonly used and is very effective.Similar to the previous banner size, large rectangle ads also perform well when they are embedded in the app content.Because of its larger size, it will provide you with more space for advertisement.
  • What does large rectangle look like

Leaderboard Banner (728×90)

  • Where is the leaderboard banner usedLeaderboard banner ads are usually at the top of the pages making themselves quite noticeable for the viewers.It is a great option for you, if you aim to present yourself to as many people as you can.This type of banners, again, provide access to more inventory which can help you increase your earnings.
  • What does leaderboard banner look likeScreen-Shot-2021-04-23-at-10-20-20-AMLeaderboard banner featured at the top of a website.

Half Page or Large Skyscraper (300×600)

  • Where is the skyscraper usedHalf page skyscraper banners are mostly found vertically on the right-hand side of a page.Despite not actually covering half of the page, this is still a much larger banner format compared to the rest, and will give you a lot of extra space to get your message across.Nevertheless, you might need to fill your ad with tempting images to lead people to click on it and visit your website.
  • What does skyscraper look likeScreen-Shot-2021-04-23-at-9-51-09-AMAn example of skyscraper web ad highlighted in red.

Mobile Leaderboard Banner (320×50)

  • Where is the mobile leaderboard banner usedThis banner type works best for mobile devices as it can be understood from its name.It is actually tiny compared to the rest of the banner formats. However, this grants and advantage.It is not seen as intrusive and can be put pretty much everywhere from websites to mobile apps.
  • What does mobile leaderboard banner look likeIMG-0055Mobile leaderboard banner at the bottom of a mobile game app.

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300×250 GDN Policy

Google Display Network(GDN) —which reaches 90% of the internet users and covers around 2 million websites, have very specific guidance on the usage of the 300×250 ads (medium rectangle ads) that mainly prevent accidental clicking on the adverts.

The five guidelines are:

  • Ads should not mimic app content. The ads should be clearly distinguishable from the content of the website.
  • Ads should not float or hover over app content. They should not be covering any of the app content or unexpectedly pop up.
  • Ads should not be placed on a ‘dead end’ screen. There should be a way to exit the screen without having to click on the ad.
  • Ads should not be adjacent to interactive elements. To avoid accidental clicks, ads should not be placed right next to the interactive parts of the app —such as navigational buttons.
  • Custom close or dismiss methods are included. Different ways like a “close” or “X” button should be provided to close the ad. The buttons shouldn’t be placed adjacent or over the ad.


As an advertiser, your goal is to increase conversion rates. Display advertisement had a big part in that, and choosing the best banner size for your ads is very important.

The banner sizes have a big influence on how your ads and brand is viewed. They also have an impact on whether people lead on to clicking on your ads and visiting your website after seeing your display ads.

There are certain standard web ad sizes determined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and we have provided you with a table showing the ten most commonly used ones.

We have also provided extra information on the top five best performing banner sizes which are:

  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)
  • Large Rectangle (336×280)
  • Leaderboard Banner (728×90)
  • Half Page or Large Skyscraper (300×600)
  • Mobile Leaderboard Banner (320×50)

The Google Display Network reaches a very large amount of the internet users and is your access to a vast audience. Thus, you should be careful with GDN guidelines, and especially for the medium rectangle ads since it is the most common and effective option.

With the help of this article you can take a first step in starting or improving your web display advertisement by picking the right banner size for your ads.


Why should I focus on banner sizes?

Because although the content of your ads are important, the banner sizes determine how people will look a your ads, or if they will even notice them.

Is it clever to pour a lot of money in Google ads?

Display ads are always risky, but the GDN is the widest display network that will grant access to a large audience. So, if you have strategically prepared ads with the best banner sizes, it is clever to spend some money on Google ads.

Which banner size will bring the most conversion?

There isn’t a guarantee with any of the banner sizes, but the most commonly used and the best performing one is the medium rectangle. However, depending on your need of space and inventory large rectangle, skyscraper, leaderboard banner, or mobile leaderboard banner formats can be more useful and well-performing as well.

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