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Top 10 SaaS Engagement Email Examples

There are multiple benefits of email marketing, ranging from increasing your user retention rate to creating a closer relationship with your users. Although it might seem complicated, setting up your email marketing system will allow you to get an automated interaction channel with your users.

However, there are too many methods and good ideas you can utilize. This article will analyze some email marketing examples that might help you improve your strategies and increase your user activation rate.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Before getting to the list, I want to discuss some possible benefits of email marketing and its superiorities to other forms of marketing.

One significant benefit of email marketing is that it is cost-effective. There is no need to print any papers, rent any billboards, or buy any TV ads. Another important aspect of email marketing is that it is made for SaaS businesses since they mainly operate online. A critical aspect of email marketing is that it allows delivering targeted messages, making your advertisement campaign much more effective. The final aspect of email marketing that I will mention is how global it is. Unlike a usual billboard, an email campaign can reach anyone with an email address in the world.

Email MarketingConventional Marketing
Easy to Reach Global Audiences.Hard to Reach Global Audiences.
Relatively Cheap.Expensive.
Suitable for SaaS Businesses. Suitable for Conventional Businesses. 

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1.Dropbox Software Download Email

Dropbox is a file-sharing and cloud hosting website that enables its users to upload and download files that they want. Dropbox offers “friendly reminders” to remind you of certain aspects of Dropbox, like how you should download the Dropbox app, save your process and check out different packages.

It gives a simple but informative review of your process and gives you suggestions. One crucial aspect is how this email utilizes the recipient’s first name to create a personalized relationship.

From Dropbox

On top of these you can see that it achieves the three fundamentals of email marketing, often referred to as what, why, how.

These are “what, why, and how.” What means “defining what the software is.” Why means “why users should pick that service.” How means how potential users can get the software or buy a subscription.

Before getting to the following example in our list, I want to emphasize the strong color pattern Dropbox has with its distinctive blue and white colors. These color choices are also present in anything related to the Dropbox brand, thus increasing its brand awareness.

Here is a short list summarizing essential aspects of Dropbox you can utilize for your email marketing campaigns:

  1. Distinctive color choices.
  2. Dropbox addresses the recipient by their first name to create a personalized relationship.
  3. Dropbox utilizes a list to simplify the process of explaining the features.

2. FreshBooks Premium Plan Email

FreshBooks is an invoicing software company that aims to ease the process of accounting.

Here is an email example FreeBooks sends to its users on a free trial. This reminder is handy when it comes to advertising your product. Multiple features provided by FreeBooks are mentioned in this email. In addition to the features provided, the email offers a way for potential customers to contact their support.

Also, a personalized message is included, pretty much like what was seen with Dropbox. However, FreshBooks goes even further than Dropbox and offers a discount within the message itself. This discount rate is offered explicitly to people using the free trial, making this email an example of inbound marketing.

Like Dropbox, FreshBooks utilizes little symbols and caricatures to attract the receivers’ interest. In contrast to Dropbox’s email, FreshBooks email contains their social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

I would also like to state that reminding users how many days left are in their free trial signifies how many days they have left with the software and how many days they have used it, not only one or the other. This method helps the users recount how helpful the software has been so far.

Finally, the color pattern used by FreshBooks is the same that they use on their website, making it possible for users to associate the email with the FreshBooks brand.

From FreshBooks

Here is a short list summarizing essential aspects of FreshBooks that you can imitate.

  1. The repetition of the discount.
  2. Integration of social media accounts.
  3. Reminding how many trial days are left.

3. Freshdesk Feature Email

Freshdesk is a company that aims to help their users with their customer services.

From FreshDesk

Here is an email example by Freshdesk. The most exciting thing about this email is how it utilizes videos. This choice is an approach not taken by other emails mentioned so far.

This personalized approach is taken a step further by Freshdesk. Freshdesk achieves this by adding the person’s signature who made the video at the end. This method helps create a personalized relationship between the users and the company.

There is also a mention of how other customers of the Freshdesk utilize their services to increase a particular metric. A website linked to this mention enables receivers to reach the suggested information with a click easily. In addition to this, Freshdesk utilizes the same method Dropbox has used by calling the receiver by their first name. This method is an important aspect that should be considered while designing your emails.

However, some shortcomings of the Freshdesk should be taken into account while designing your emails. One important of which is how email sent by Freshdesk does not have any distinctive color pallet. The only color noticeable in the email is green, the primary color utilized in the Freshdesk email. However, this color is present in this email is directly related to the color chosen in the video, thus making it not a conscious design choice.

Another thing is how Freshdesk refrains from using any caricatures or other forms of drawings. However, considering the support video in the email, this preference could be considered pretty much a design choice.

Here is a shortlist of features you can use for your designs.

  1. Freshdesk has videos in their emails.
  2. Freshdesk gives examples from its other users.
  3. Freshdesk calls its users by their first name to create a more personalized relationship.

4. BambooHR Trial Email

BambooHr is a customer service company like Freshdesk.

From BambooHR

You can consider BambooHR a combination of suitable methods utilized so far. Using the receiver’s first name, a clear color pattern consisting of green and white, a list of features, and utilizing social media links are all present in the BambooHR email. However, BambooHR goes a step further by introducing a personalized signing-off method. Using a signature for the entire group might not give a customized relationship I mentioned with Freshdesk.

However, it is an interesting method you need to consider while writing your emails. In the emails sent by BambooHR and on their website, a panda mascot is also present. Although this is not an aspect that is highly important for your emails, having a mascot can be a feasible way to create brand awareness.

One crucial aspect of BambooHR emails is how they repeat the brand name multiple times, even going so far as to utilize it in their signature. The name BambooHR is used five times in the entirety of this short text in a natural manner.

Here is a shortlist of steps taken by BambooHR to increase its efficiency:

  1. BambooHR utilizes its company names multiple times to increase its brand awareness.
  2. BambooHR uses a coherent color palette to create brand awareness and attract (potential) users.
  3. BambooHR has a mascot to have a distinctive brand image.

5. Wix Sale Email

Wix is software that operates on a subscription basis and aims to help its users with website creation and management.

From Wix

Compared to the earlier emails mentioned in the article, Wix offers a more detailed approach. The email sent by Wix contains features of the premium package, the rate, and the discount duration. Thanks to small drawings accompanying the premium package, features have a more customized feeling.

The top of the email contains an illustration that also furthers this goal. Wix also provides an alternative version to check out the emails if the receivers can not view the email for one reason or another.

These sorts of accessibility help are beneficial for making your users get into the marketing funnel by leading them to the links they can use.

There are a couple of points that you can take into account from Wix emails while you are creating yours.

  1. Wix offers other ways to view the message in the case of any problems.
  2. Wix emphasizes the benefits of the package they offer and the duration it is accessible.
  3. Wix’s shortcoming is that it does not utilize the recipient’s first name, thus making it less of a personalized message.

6. Vultr Discount Email

Vultr is a cloud company that allows its users to store and use any data they want.

From Vultr

Compared to the other emails mentioned in the article, Vultr offers the most straightforward way. Although having certain shortcomings, this minimalistic approach prevents the user from getting lost in the information.

This method also prevents users from considering the mail too much to read. This choice is crucial in an environment where an average office worker gets 121 emails every day.

Although Vultr, like Wix, signifies how much of a discount there is. However, unlike Wix, Vultr puts the amount you will gain by subscribing now. I would argue that the method includes the total amount one will gain is more proper than a certain percentage since it is more memorable. Staying memorable is one of the most critical aspects of advertising.

Here are certain aspects of Vultr that you might want to consider:

  1. Vultr’s minimalist approach might help you to reach a wider customer base
  2. The presence of the total amount the customers gain is more impactful than that of a percentage.
  3. The distinctive color pattern of blue and white helps create a brand image.

7. LiveAgent Blog Email

LiveAgent is a customer relations software like BambooHr.

From LİveAgent

The most important aspect of this email is integrating the blogs published by LiveAgent into the email itself. Although this causes the email to be relatively long compared to the ones analyzed so far, it provides a reliable way for you to increase the reach of your website.

However, the mentions of these blogs are not limited to the advertisement of the blogs in itself. The headlines of the blogs also refer to the software’s features. This inclusion is an excellent way of advertising multiple aspects of your software.

On the other hand, I must state that this email is relatively long compared to the others and can result in a viewer simply not deciding to read it. However, this is not entirely the LiveAgent’s fault since the matter this email deals with requires a lot of information and imagery.

Here is a list of what you can take away from the LiveAgent’s emailing campaign:

  1. LiveAgent offers multiple messages in a single sentence, making its message more efficient.
  2. The use of links within the email.

Important Point:

  • Make sure that your word uses are efficient.

8. Todoist Support Email

Todoist is a planning software that is compatible with Dropbox, Google Calendar and Amazon Alexa.

From Todoist

Although having similarities mentioned in this article so far, Todoist has a critical aspect that effectively creates a personalized relationship with the receiver. It is something as simple as just asking a question. By asking the recipient a question as simple as “Are you getting most of you can get out of X?” you make them the center of the conversation, thus making them more interested in any possible talk. Centering your email about what you can provide for the recipient is an excellent way to pique their interest. It would help if you aimed to maximize this aspect of your emails.

In the case of Todoist, the question is not only asked but then answered in the email. In this sense, creating a question and answering it allows the user to gain an insight into your service and feel they have improved themselves by acquiring new information. This method is a unique way to create a deeper relationship with your target audience.

Things you can learn from Todoist:

  1. Use questions to create a personalized relationship with your target audience.
  2. Use questions to make your emails an informative process.

Important Point:

  • Do not forget to update your questions now and then to avoid recipients losing interest. This method will help you increase the number of unique visitors you get from email marketing.

9. NameCheap Sale Email

Namecheap is a domain company that offers its customers a variety of internet addresses for yearly subscriptions.

From Namecheap

The most critical aspect of NameCheap is how it offers multiple packages in a single email. This method enables users to inform themselves of the packages and compare them with other options.

The email also has an interactive add-on that enables users to check out if any of the addresses they want to purchase is taken, how much it costs to buy it, and possible alternatives they might want to consider. Interactions similar to this one do not exist with any mentioned messages.

Things that you can learn from NameCheap:

  1. Integration of multiple offers in the text.
  2. Add-ons that enable users to have an interaction with the email.

Important Point:

10. Linkedin

LinkedIn is a software that aims to connect businesses and potential workers.

From LinkedIn

Unlike most other messages mentioned in this article, LinkedIn utilizes more of a professional approach and a language. Although this does not make one or the other better, you must note that alternatives to emailing campaigns exist. LinkedIn also utilizes bolding certain words to emphasize their importance. This approach is a method used by many email marketers. However, instead of bolding entire sentences, it is better to bolden specific keywords to avoid making the boldening process mundane.

Another unique aspect of LinkedIn is that it also utilizes the recipient’s username at the top right corner. This method is linked with the professional approach taken by LinkedIn, so if you want to have more of a casual relationship with your email recipients, you should steer clear of this approach.

Important Aspects to learn from LinkedIn email:

  1. LinkedIn utilizes more of a professional language to reach their email recipients.
  2. LinkedIn boldens certain words to attract the recipients.
  3. LinkedIn uses the recipients’ surname to have a formal approach.

Important Point:

  • Do not forget to consider your website design before deciding whether your emails should be formal or informal.

Measure The Success Of Engagement Emails

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In this article, I analyzed the methods of reaching out to users and potential users through email. Building awareness about your company is the first step of creating your SaaS Sales Funnel, and emailing is a crucial way of achieving it.


What are the three fundamental aspects of Email marketing?

These are What, Why, and how. That means defining the said software, why means why users should pick you over your competitors and how means how your target audience can download the software of buying a subscription

What are some important aspects while designing an email?

1. Address the recipient with their name.
2. Pick the correct colors to attract the recipient’s attention.
3. Use your company name multiple times to create brand awareness.
4. Try to add interactive add-ons for your recipients to use.

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