Top 7 SmartLook Alternatives in August 2021

Analytics is the key to success for every website. While looking for analytics tools, it is very likely that you have come across SmartLook.

Maybe their offers were just not enough for you, or maybe you want to have a look at your alternatives first.

In any case, we will be discussing the seven alternatives to SmartLook in this article, so taggle along.

What is SmartLook?

SmartLook is a “qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile apps helping over 300,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the ‘whys’ behind their users’ actions.”

It is a visitor recording tool that tracks users on your website to see what they are doing, where they are clicking, how long they are spending on certain pages, or how often they visit. It helps you understand user behavior and gain insight.

One of the greatest advantages of SmartLook is that it supports mobile apps. Most website conversion tools are available with cloud-based, SaaS, or web-based form while SmartLook also offers features for mobile apps.

It has many alternative options, and in this article we looked closely at six of them and how they are different than SmartLook.


Let’s start with our very own Smartlook Alternative: HockeyStack!

HockeyStack is a no-code web analytics tool that allows you to define funnels, create goals, save segments, get automated insights & goal suggestions, measure marketing attribution, and more.

It’s completely cookieless & no-code, meaning every goal can be defined with button text and all clicks are shown even if you haven’t created a conversion goal for them. Smartlook uses cookies and slows down your website because of its script’s weight.

It’s important to note that, HockeyStack doesn’t track mobile app usage.

But it has higher event definition and data history limits & a lot of features that Smartlook doesn’t offer.

Step-by-step User Journey

It doesn’t have session replays or heatmaps. Instead it takes a different approach and shows the user journey step-by-step.

This session would take 3 minutes for you to watch, but with step-by-step user journeys, you can analyze it in a few minutes.

user journey

Marketing Attribution

If you are writing content or doing any sort of marketing, you would want to measure its attribution.

You can measure marketing attribution witih HockeyStack and track LTV, ACV, or any other revenue type that you choose.

More than that, you can see which pages, blog posts, or ads, lead to the highest quality leads.

marketing attribution


HockeyStack has a feature called “Insights,” which allows you to know your best converting customer segment with one click.

As it collects every single action without code or tag manager, it has a lot of data, but doesn’t let you lose any actionable insights.

On this table, you can see your goals and highest converting segments.



You can define segments to track your audience’s growth:


You can create segments with your goals & users’ properties to analyze your audience. Analyze how many customers that converted from a blog post & visitors that checked more than 3 products, but didn’t convert and all the other segments with one report.

Or people who visited your pricing section, filled one section of your form, but didn’t start a free trial.

Automatic Goals

It also doesn’t have heatmaps like Smartlook, but you can where each visitor clicked on and how much they scrolled to with page-based metrics, user journey, and automatic goals table.

With this automatic goals table, you can see where your visitors click on even though you didn’t define them as goals. You can add them to the goals table with 1 click!

On top of that, on the first section of your dashboard you can filter your visitors by completed goals, visited pages, user & session properties then see what they clicked on with automatic goals table.

Similar to heatmaps, but doesn’t slow down your website or waste your time.

automatic goals


You can create a lot of different surveys, including NPS, exit-intent, and more.

More importantly, you can analyze survey drop-offs just like a funnel, analyze survey responders’ sessions, know what frustrated them or made them happy based on their NPS responses & sessions, and more.

P.S: This tool was actually a challenge we did! Read the story


It’s free even if you are not a user. Create your first survey today!

Get Past Adblockers

30% of internet users are using adblockers and you never get to analyze their sessions. With HockeyStack, you will be able to get past adblockers with an easy CNAME setup & never have to worry about data accuracy again.

Subdomain Tracking

You can connect your subdomains to your account free of charge. (if they are on the same root domain)

You can create funnels with your main domain & subdomains, analyze referring traffic between them, and more.

If you want to learn more and meet with the team, book a demo!


Hotjar is one of the most commonly used website conversion tools. It helps businesses of all kinds to visualize their visitor engagement and get feedback.

It uses heatmaps to show user journeys, just like SmartLook.


Hotjar is much more expensive than SmartLook.

It charges $99/mo for 500 daily sessions.

Hotjar pricing screenshot

SmartLook charges $79/mo for 25,000 monthly sessions.

SmartLook pricing screenshot

Easy to implement

Hotjar only requires a single line of code to perform and thus is super easy to get started with.

Customizable surveys and polls

Hotjar allows you to create your own surveys, polls, and forms to regulate leads, get feedback, and gain insight to a customer point of view of your website.


MouseFlow is another website conversion tool that helps you analyze your website action and user behavior with multiple tools.

It offers heatmaps, session replays, conversion funnels, and forms and polling.


MouseFlow costs twice as much as SmartLook and offers twice as many monthly sessions.

MouseFlow pricing screenshot

Identifing bugs

There are all sorts of inconveniences a customer might come across on the web. MouseFlow’s error tracking finds those —even when they aren’t noticeable, and reports them.

Custom surveys

MouseFlow allows you to create customized and highly targeted surveys to obtain customer feedback.


LiveSession helps businesses with product development decisions, understand issues, and debug applications. It has many analytics tools that make it easier for companies to understand their customers.


LiveSession costs €153/mo (which is about to $180/mo) for 25,000 monthly sessions.

LiveSession pricing screenshot

Campaign management

LiveSession allows you to track many user activities on your website, but it also helps you build your campaign and analyze its effects. This is an additional feature for many other platforms, but it is very easy and simplified on LiveSession.


LiveSession doesn’t run the software on unsafe URLs and protects your private data.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a widely used platform that helps you understand user behavior and improve your website design. It comes with a variety of analytics tools, as well as testing opportunities.


Crazy Egg is $99/mo for 1,000 monthly sessions and unlimited websites and tests.

Crazy Egg pricing screenshot


Perhaps the biggest benefit of using Crazy Egg is its testing options.

With its website editor, you can try your new website design ideas without having to go through a developer.

They also allow you to do A/B testing easily to help you see which methods and ideas work for your website.

Unique heatmaps

Crazy Egg provides you heatmaps —just like SmartLook, but the difference is that Crazy Egg uses confetti heatmaps. With this unique method, you can easily drill down to individual clicks that can be separated by different metrics.


Looker is an analytics tool that comes with multiple features which collects and analyses data that helps businesses understand their user’s perspectives.


Looker specifically charges for each business based on their traffic level and deployment scale.

Looker pricing screenshot

A/B Testing

Alongside providing user action and ROI reports, Looker also allows you to do A/B testing which really comes in handy if you are looking for ways to try out new website ideas.

Social media monitoring

A function that not many digital analytics platforms do not offer is social media monitoring. However, Looker has it. It helps with your website conversions and social media activity.


FullStory is a website conversion tool that helps businesses optimize their websites according to customer experience insights it offers.


FullStory also plans a pricing model that will fit your business’ special goals and needs.

FullStory pricing screenshot

Session replay

FullStory is recording every user session and allows you to view the wants you want with a search functionality.

It also creates user profiles with the history of the user’s actions and submits “frustration reports” that show when and where customers faced inconveniences.

Spotting errors

FullStory can easily spot and identify JavaScript errors and bugs alongside session replays, and allows you to quickly fix them.


As you have been looking for Smartlook alternatives, you might have noticed that there is no one-size-fits-all. The best analytics tool depends on your needs & team.

If you need help choosing a tool for you or want to see HockeyStack in action, we would be more than happy to jump on a call with you!