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Chartmogul vs Profitwell: Full Breakdown of the Two SaaS Revenue Tracking Tools

With the recently growing industry of SaaS, it is crucial to be aware of every aspect of your business if you want to scale.

If you don’t track every move and every result, it will become very hard to spot mistakes or determine successful methods.

This is why digital analytics tools and platforms have become very popular. Because they are very necessary.

Profitwell and ChartMogul are two SaaS metric tracking tools intended to increase subscription, analyze pricing models, help grow monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and also the focus of this article.

They have their likes and differences and I will dig deeper into each of these platforms.


Pro Tip:

As you are trying to make a decision between these two tools, let us give you a better alternative .

What’s Profitwell

Profitwell is a business intelligence and subscription management platform founded by Patrick Campbell in 2012.

It focuses on subscription and recurring revenue growth analytics. By bringing all of your business’ financial, usage, and attribution data together in one place, Profitwell helps you save time and collect constructive insights.

It offers outcome-centered products that will help you with reducing churn rates, recognition of audit-proof revenue, and optimizing subscription pricing.


Profitwell offers all of the essential marketing metrics and analytics tools —all put together in one dashboard. Some of the key features they provide are:

  • Engagement metrics
  • Acquisition metrics
  • Revenue metrics
  • Data segmentation
  • Pricing software
  • Integrations
  • ROI analysis
  • Subscription reporting and analysis


Profitwell is a free tool with the option of a regular package or an enterprise package which you can customize for your business.

Profitwell pricing

For most SaaS businesses, free plan would be more than enough.


Profitwell has 20 reviews with an average of 4.7 on Capterra.

A few reviews of Profitwell from Capterra:

Highly recommend ProfitWell. We use this software to track our growth, revenue, churn, customer activity, and so much more. Additionally, their anti-churn tools help us battle delinquent churn successfully.

Overall, ProfitWell is incredibly powerful, feature rich, and once properly setup — gives excellent insights into our financial progress, account value, churn rate, and more.

This app integrated simply with Stripe and immediately showed me data points like MRR and churn. It’s a simple app that gives me the answers I need so I can get back to work.

Profitwell Integrations

Proftwell’s integrations include:

  • Slack
  • Zuora
  • Stripe
  • Chargify
  • Recurly
  • Intercom
  • Drift
  • Zapier
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Recharge
  • Chargebee
Profitwell integrations

You can check out the full list here.

What’s ChartMogul

ChartMogul is another SaaS marketing tool that is intended for the same purposes as Profitwell —subscription analytics and revenue reporting.

With this business intelligence tool you can track your customers every action and create a better user experience for them. ChartMogul puts all of your data in one place so that it is ready to share with teammates.

It focuses on many different aspects of subscription analytics such as monthly recurring revenue (MRR), annual recurring revenue, cash flow, and more.


ChartMogul has a wide range of features. Some of their offerings are:

  • Revenue recognition
  • Analysis and reports
  • Integrations
  • Developer hub
  • Subscription data
  • Mobile subscription analytics
  • Charts and lists


ChartMogul offers three different packages: launch, scale and volume. Launch package is free for new startups with less than $10,000 monthly recurring revenue.

Pricing for other packages are arranged according to businesses’ own MRR.

ChartMogul pricing


Profitwell has 38 reviews with an average of 4.7 on Capterra.

A few reviews of ChartMogul from Capterra:

We’ve been using CM for over 3 years to track our metrics, and we love it. Simple to use, has just what we need, very responsive app. Scratched our itch, and then some.

ChartMogul let us get at a ton of metrics on our customers that were still unknown to us with almost zero effort, and because of how easily it integrates with our billing provider, we get ongoing updates on these metrics, again, with no additional work on our part. I can’t overstate how much I love this.

Chart Mogul sets the standard for subscription analytics. Within a few clicks, we were instantly provided with critical data we needed to run our business. Obviously, the data is limited to the payment processing data, but if you’re building your SaaS business and are utilizing one of their primary integrations then this is most of the data you’ll need to see the health of your operations.

ChartMogul Integrations

ChartMogul has way more integrations than Profitwell does. Here are some of them:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Chargebee
  • App Store Connect
  • Chargify
  • Intercom
  • MailChimp
  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive
  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • Happyfox
  • Visible

You can check out the full list here.

Profitwell Pros

Profitwell and its powerful team of economic experts are ready to help you out and make your pricing decisions and revenue analysis easier. With this tool, comes many benefits.

  • Once you use Profitwell, you don’t have to worry about deferred revenue, complications, bundles, or evolving standards because their team will take care of it.
  • Profitwell has a great use of advanced algorithms and AI which will reduce the amount of errors that might occur throughout your analytics process to the minimal.
  • Profitwell allows you to use its very own Metric API, alongside its native integrations like Stripe, Google Sheets, and ReCharge.
  • Profitwell also has a mobile app available for both IOS and Android users.
  • With Profitwell all of your data is professionally protected because it is a secured GDPR compliant platform.

Profitwell Cons

Although using Profitwell comes with many benefits, it still has some issues that might slow your business down.

  • Especially if you are a new business in the industry, you need to be able to recognize and comprehend all of the metrics before managing to get feedback from your analytics reports. This might take some time with Profitwell since you would need to draw all the potential from the reports and analyze them to your benefit.
  • Integrating your Profitwell data with some different tools and platforms might take longer than just a few minutes.

Profitwell is generally is a very beneficial and effective tool, but it might be a little challenging until you take the time to get familiarized with it.

ChartMogul Pros

With its all-in-one, easy-to-navigate dashboard format and many features; ChartMogul is a great tool to track subscription, pricing, and revenue growth.

Some of it best advantages are below.

  • Many big and wide-known companies use ChartMogul for their subscription and revenue analysis.
  • It provides an easy environment for sharing information with other teammates and employees in order to help them better comprehend the inner workings of your business.
  • ChartMogul has many different native integration options such as Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Shopify, and Google Play. It also allows third party integrations.
  • You can easily import you data on ChartMogul to Google Sheets to work with clients and other businesses who don’t use ChartMogul.
  • Whenever you need more in-depth analysis on one of your ChartMogul files, you can download it as a CSV file and dig deeper.
  • Using the ChartMogul Metrics API, allows you to pull out specific data belonging to a certain customer to help you grasp a better understanding of their actions.

ChartMogul Cons

ChartMogul offers many benefits to your business, but it still has a few disadvantages.

  • ChartMogul does not offer as many metrics to track as Profitwell does. For starters, this might be a pro since they are not yet familiar with all of the metrics, but it might be insufficient for larger and more advanced businesses.
  • It is sometimes difficult to reach customer support to get quick answers.
  • Some errors may occur while integrating your data into Google Sheets, which can become very irritating when you need to work at a fast pace.

A Better Alternative: HockeyStack

What’s HockeyStack?

HockeyStack is an end-to-end analytics tool for SaaS companies. It unifies marketing, revenue, sales, and product data into one dashboard with no code so that you can understand what really drives revenue at your SaaS. It’s completely no code, and it doesn’t require any setup.

HockeyStack’s Features

HockeyStack offers these features with no code:

  • Step-by-step user journey
  • Custom dashboards
  • Funnels and goals
  • Insights
  • Surveys
  • Revenue analytics
  • Segments

and more

HockeyStack Pricing

HockeyStack has a free forever plan and 3 paid plans. Paid plans have a 14-day trial with a 30-day refund guarantee.

You can check out the pricing page here.

HockeyStack Integrations

  • Paddle
  • Stripe
  • Hubspot
  • Mailchimp
  • Crisp Chat
  • Pipedrive
  • Salesforce (coming soon)
  • Zapier (coming soon)

HockeyStack Summary

The unique benefit of HockeyStack is its ability to unify your marketing, revenue, sales, and product data using no code. This allows you to uncover unique insights that you wouldn’t be able to by using multiple tools as they cause you to have fragmented data.

  1. You can integrate with Stripe, Paddle, and Hubspot and build every single dashboard that you can think of, using all sales, marketing, revenue, and product metrics.
  2. You can create funnels, goals, and surveys, which are rare to get with other tools on this list.
  3. You don’t need any developers, tracking is cookieless, and the script is small, so it doesn’t increase your site loading time.


We looked closely at two different subscription analytics and revenue growth tools. They are both intended for roughly the same purposes, but they still have some key differences.

Profitwell comes with various features and metrics you can track. It is used best if you are still a new business and learning how to use different types of metrics.

ChartMogul also offers many features but works better for more experience businesses with more advanced marketing teams.

Both of these SaaS marketing tools will help you assess your monthly recurring revenue and optimize your subscription rates. Try to see which platform applies better to your business to get the most beneficial results from what these tools have to offer.

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