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yigit konur from seodos hockeystack testimonial
Yiğit KonurFounder @ Seo.do

Only analytics tool I need for my SaaS company.

Not even Segment is able to unify your data and uncover insights that HockeyStack does. I was able to connect dots easily and understand what drives revenue for our SaaS in a matter of minutes.


Why Choose HockeyStack over Databox

Completely no code event tracking, goals, and funnels
Analyze which features are used the most by your customers & segment them based on MRR/LTV
Build custom dashboards with revenue, product, marketing, and sales metrics

Only SaaS analytics tool you need to understand what drives growth.

Get access to invaluable insights with minimum time & effort.

Don't just build dashboards

While Databox lets you build dashboards with no code, HockeyStack allows you to connect marketing, product, revenue, and sales data in one place.

Answer inter-departmental questions with ease

There is no other tool that can help you answer questions such asHockeyStack lets you answer every question that you have with the minimum time & effort.

Advanced filters

Databox doesn't offer advanced filters & segmentation. With HockeyStack you can drill deep into your data with 'AND' 'contains,' and 'OR' statements or a combination of them.Moreover, you can filter your users, using funnel data, marketing touchpoints, goals, survey responses, MRR, sales emails sent, features used, and more.

Has all the features you need

Databox is great for integrating with the tools you use and build reports. That's all. HockeyStack lets you actually unify your data, create funnels, goals, segments, and surveys with no code and no setup.

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