Automated Insights

Understand who converts better with a single click. All automatic, no-code.

  • Know "who" is likely to complete your goals with one click.
  • Click on "see in users" to automatically filter your users by the goal.
  • Change a single filter to analyze the visitors who didn't complete this goal.
  • Understand visitors' pain points and optimize your pages.
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Step-by-Step User Journey

Get a step-by-step visitor journey of the exact visitors you are looking for with filters. No need to tag any event, 0 learning curve.

  • Each scroll, click, search is automatically collected and analyzed to create a user journey for your visitors
  • Filter your visitors by session properties, user properties, pageviews, and goal completions.
  • Find the exact visitors you are looking for, analyze their session to see which paths they choose, and create more funnels.
  • Get page-based analytics much faster than session replays.
  • Click on a session to see its details, such as enter/exit page, duration, referrer, and more.
  • Click on an action to automatically define it as a goal.
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Conversion Goals

Create goals with pageviews and clicks with no-code. Compare your goal performance over time, analyze top referrers, user properties, and the pages they viewed.

  • Track every single button click and pageview goal that your business has.
  • You didn't create a goal, but now want to see how well it performed? Unlike other tools, you can define your goals at any time to see the whole history with HockeyStack.
  • Filter your dashboard based on your goals to see which pages converting visitors viewed, which devices, OS, etc. they use and their session details.
  • Check how well your business and distribution strategy is performing with performance graphs and top referrer report.
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Visual Funnels

Analyze your conversion funnels, know where your visitors drop off, and optimize the user experience.

  • Create a funnel in under 30 seconds with clicks or pageviews.
  • Use the most popular journeys from user journeys to see where others drop off.
  • Use "contains" or "regex" options to choose multiple pages of your website, such as your blog, features pages, etc.
  • Quickly duplicate your funnels to change steps, add UTM tags, or create multiple funnels with the same first steps & different end goals.
  • Fix UX issues by analyzing drop-off rates and improve your conversion rate with funnels.
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Multiple Domains

All your businesses, clients, websites on the same dashboard.

  • Add multiple domains & control them on a single dashboard
  • One-line integration for each website
  • Works with your favorite tools: Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress, BigCommerce, and much more.
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