Step-by-Step User Journey

Each scroll, click, video view, search is automatically collected and analyzed. Filter your users by and/or, session properties, countries, initial pages, devices, and much more. Click on an action to see its type, date, and selector.

  • Track every single action right after integration
  • Filter your users with and/or to find the exact users you are looking for
  • Click on an action to see its details
No credit card required.

Conversion Goals

Even simple tools require you to code each action one-by-one. We don't do that here. Create specific goals with and/or in seconds.

  • Create specific conversion goals with no-code in seconds
  • Click on a goal to see your converting visitors' properties
  • Filter your visitors by a goal to find out what else they did on your website
No credit card required.

Visual Funnels

Create beautiful visual funnels to understand your website's conversion issues, optimize them, and win.

  • Create funnels with your marketing campaigns, pages, and conversions
  • Understand where your visitors drop off
  • See how much time your visitors spend on each step of your funnel
No credit card required.

Unlimited Domains

Each additional domain you add costs exactly $0

  • Add unlimited domains & control them on a single dashboard
  • One-line of integration for each website
  • Works with your favorite tools: Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress, BigCommerce, and much more.
No credit card required.