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gareth hayter from formuladesk's hockeystack testimonial
Gareth HayterFounder @ FormulaDesk

It shows me exactly what I need to see.

Since installing HockeyStack, I'm using it more and more and using Google Analytics less and less. Why? Because it shows me exactly what I need to see. It discovers powerful insights that I didn't even know about. It concentrates on highlighting the insigths and information that I neeed to run my business and website, rather than presenting me with lots of raw data that I need to then process to arrive at the core information I need.

periklis papanikolaou from admariner's hockeystack testimonial
Periklis PapanikolaouMarketing Technology Consultant @ AdMariner

HockeyStack offers the best of the both worlds!

HockeyStack allows me to get a better understanding of my data without making it complicated. You can get insights with one click, setup surveys, create funnels, and much more! I recommend HockeyStack and its really supportive team for every founder who wants to increase their conversion rate.

vance wong from heroes of digital's hockeystack testimonial
Vance WongClient Success Manager @ Heroes of Digital

It's super simple to integrate the code and start analyzing.

It takes 30 seconds to start getting actionable insights. Other than that, the script has no effect on the site speed. Setting up goals and funnels, analyzing user sessions, and understanding the UX is really easy. It saves you time and your visitors at the same time.

duy nguyen from nightingale's hockeystack testimonial
Duy NguyenFounder @ Nightingale

Simple to set up. Smart insights.

Heatmaps tell you where people go on your page. Hockeystack focuses on what they click on, without having to watch the entire journey of each person or wasting time with session replays. Because of that you can create filters of people who take certain actions and pick out trends quickly.


Why Choose HockeyStack over Google Analytics

Blazing Fast Load Times

Google Analytics loads in around a second while HockeyStack loads in under 0.05 seconds.

Cookieless Tracking & Adblock Bypassing

HockeyStack doesn’t use cookies and you can get past adblockers with an easy setup.

Track Everything Without Tag Manager

HockeyStack tracks every single action on your website with no setup. Stop tagging 188+ events by hand.

Qualitative & Quantitative Data At Your Fingertips

Meet HockeyStack's step-by-step user sessions.

User Journey

Filter your visitors by user & session properties, find the exact visitors you are looking for, analyze their sessions with the minimum effort, and save it as a segment. If a session lasted 15 minutes, you don't need to spend 15 minutes watching it anymore.


Build funnels in under 30 seconds with your existing goals, your pages, or custom no-code definitions. Add UTM tags to analyze campaigns and differentiate different audiences. Optimize your pages & conversion rate.


Create conversion goals with no-code using pageviews & clicks. Use your goals to filter your visitors, create funnels, define segments, and get insights.

Google Analytics is Great If You Have a Ton Of Free Time Every Day.

Get access to actionable data with minimum effort.

Automated Insights

HockeyStack collects every single action on your website automatically. It then pulls out the most important insights and presents it to you on one page. Know best converting segments with one click. Never miss anything again.

Retroactive Analysis

What if you want to define a goal after 2 months? You wouldn't be able to see its historical performance with Google Analytics, but with HockeyStack, you can. No matter when you define your goal, funnel, or segment, analyze backwards and get instant insights.

Marketing Attribution

Which one is converting better: Your blog, social media posts, or PPC campaigns? You can know this at all times with ease using HockeyStack. Define a segment, create a goal, filter your dashboard with the segment, get automatic goals & insights.

Easy-to-Use and Still Powerful

HockeyStack is so easy to use that sometimes our users are surprised at the detailed analytics capabilities.

Cookieless Tracking

Almost half of internet users don't approve the usage of cookies, and you lose their visits. HockeyStack is completely cookieless, and we don't store IP addresses, so that you won't need an annoying cookie banner on your website.

No Datapoint Left Out

Google Analytics doesn't guarantee that it tracks all of your users as they have use data sampling. HockeyStack tracks every single visitor that goes through your website, including all their clicks, scrolls, and searches.

Adblock Bypassing

30% of internet users use adblockers, and your data is skewed as you won't be able to track their visits with Google Analytics. Set up your CNAME with HockeyStack, and you can track their sessions too.

Page Speed

Page speed is amongst most important ranking, conversion, and trust factors of a website. The HockeyStack script loads in under 0.05 seconds while the Google Analytics script takes around a second to load.

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