Paddle Integration

Simplify your revenue data with our Paddle integration

Leverage critical revenue data from Paddle for enhanced, real time reporting

See every touchpoint of each stakeholder

Collect all actions on the website and product automatically. Visualize each account's pre-conversion and post-conversion journey with all touchpoints, including demo calls, website visits, CRM properties, and more.BOOK A DEMO

Improve visibility of your MRR with clear dashboards

Extract key insights about your top performing revenue channels to impprove decision-makingBOOK A DEMO

Understand how your content drives conversions

Find out the signups, expansions, and MRR that can be directly attributed to each piece of content to figure out what resonates with your audienceBOOK A DEMO

Determine the profitability of your advertising campaigns

See how each ad group performs with quantifiable results including the opportunity value, number of visits, and activated trialsBOOK A DEMO

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