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Overview of Pardot Integration with HockeyStack.

About Pardot

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation platform by Salesforce that allows marketing and sales teams to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns that increase revenue and maximize efficiency. Note: Salesforce has recently merged Pardot with their suite of marketing products and typically refers to it as “B2B marketing automation.”

About the integration

HockeyStack’s integrates Pardot data with the rest of your customer data. Now you can analyze customer journeys and report on marketing and sales performance using metrics across CRM, ad platforms, marketing automation, and other mar-tech tools.

Benefits of integration

1. Un-silo Pardot data

HockeyStack integrates data from your entire marketing and sales ecosystem, making it easy to analyze KPIs from Pardot, Salesforce, ad platforms, live chat, ABM platforms, data warehouses and more- together in one place. Analyze performance and build reports holistically across your entire go-to-market, and un-silo isolated data points inside Salesforce and Pardot.

2. Upload historical Pardot data instantly

HockeyStack ingests historical attribution and activity data from marketing attribution platforms like Pardot. For all accounts in your Salesforce CRM, that means you won’t need to start from zero; you’ll be able to see historical touchpoints and activity next to future touchpoints and activity- all tracked inside one account view in HockeyStack.

3. Measure performance for Pardot campaigns

Leverage HockeyStack’s lift analysis and multi-touch attribution to measure the influence of your Pardot automation campaigns with more precision.

How it works

Integrate with Pardot in a few minutes using HockeyStack’s native integration with Salesforce.In order to connect to your Pardot account, we need your Pardot Business Unit ID. Don’t get scared by the long name- the process of retrieving this ID is super simple:First, log into Salesforce using the same account you use to log into Pardot. On the Setup tab, navigate to Pardot > Pardot Account Setup.


You may see multiple users here but select the Business Unit ID of the user you want to connect to HockeyStack.

In order for us to pull the necessary data, this user should be an administrator.

Before you connect your Pardot account, make sure that you’ve successfully connected your Salesforce account. Even though it is a separate integration, we have to pull your Pardot data through your Salesforce account.


  • HockeyStack paying customer- any plan
  • Salesforce marketing automation (previously Pardot) paying customer- any plan


Can HockeyStack report on display ads performance?

If you run display ads through 6sense, HockeyStack can track clicks through those ads and place them in the customer journey view next to all the other touchpoints using the UTM parameters from the ad.

How does HockeyStack use 6sense for enrichment?

HockeyStack uses 6sense’s account identification to enrich anonymous visitors with company identities and contact information.

Do we need to be a 6sense customer to use reverse IP?

No. HockeyStack is a certified partner of 6sense, which means you can add 6sense to your contract and gain all the benefits of the integration without purchasing a full license from 6sense.

Can HockeyStack bring in third-party intent data?

Yes. HockeyStack integrates with 6sense’s database of third-party intent data so you can analyze ICP fit, buying intent, intent stage, and company identities and contact information within our platform.

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