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Dashboard Templates


Content Marketing Dashboard

Know which blog posts drive the most revenue, measure the quality of leads you pass to the sales organization, track the effect of your content machine on your whole organization.


Marketing Overview

Get a bird's eye view of your marketing organization, attribute MRR, expansion revenue and feature adoption to specific marketing channels, find out how your MQLs perform after signup.


Product Dashboard

Go into granular detail about churn and expansion, measure feature engagement in each segment of your users, do a monthly health check based on number of active users and their activity.


Revenue Intelligence

Take a look at the key revenue metrics for your organization and how they improved over time, tie revenue to all parts of your organization.


Churn Analysis

Kill churn before it kills you. Analyze the impact of every part of your organization on THE metric for SaaS, and get insight into how to decrease churn.


Executive Overview

Get a bird's eye view of every part of your organization, keep your investors and the C-suite in the loop about how your organization is performing.

Customer Success

Customer Success Dashboard

Measure the impact of your customer success team on marketing, sales, product, and revenue. Find out if your support load is holding you back or helping you grow.


Sales Dashboard

Track the performance of your sales organization in terms of revenue, activation, conversion, and expansion. Learn how much time your salespeople should spend on a lead to win them over.