Custom Reports

Create any report you need with no code and no visualization tool

Allow any member of your team to create & access the reports they need with an easy UI & no code, with templates or from scratch

Create your reports with a few clicks using our templates

Choose a template, select the goals you want to use, and create the report of your dreams.SEE ALL TEMPLATES

Or start from scratch

Choose a report type, choose what you want to measure, select the columns, and create the report You can also add an attribution model, date/property filter, or group by a propery, such as date, URL, source, etc.BOOK A DEMO

Answer inter-departmental questions with ease

There is no other tool that can help you answer questions such asBOOK A DEMO

Align all teams around your primary goal: Revenue

Alignment across teams starts by having a source of truth. HockeyStack brings all your data in one place and allows you to connect them in ways not possible before.Every single member of your team can create the reports they need and get the answers they are looking for without technical knowledge or getting help from the data team.BOOK A DEMO

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