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Unified Tracking

No more back and forth between different analytics tools

Collect, connect, and visualize all your data in one place using HockeyStack. No setup and no code required.

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One line of code is all it takes

Add one line of code to your website and product to start tracking every single action of every user, including scroll, all clicks, and pageviews.BOOK A DEMO

Connect your tools

Attribute every single property you have on your CRM to your revenue and connect them with product, sales, and marketing.Answer questions such as what is the job title of my best customers in terms of signups from LinkedIn ads and what is their activation rate? Is there a correlation between company size and deal size? Is there a correlation between the number of people in the sales team with expansion revenue?BOOK A DEMO

360 view of every account

Each click, pageview, email view, support ticket, onboarding guide completions, and every other interaction an account has with your product or website is tracked.Get a whole view of their journey with HockeyStack's unified tracking. From the first pageview to product usage.BOOK A DEMO

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