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Connect qualitative & quantitative data by creating surveys that your users will want to answer. Learn from them, improve, and win. Of course, by HockeyStack.

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Surveys For Every Product & Landing Page

Rich Survey Types

You can use a wide variety of survey types for every use case, including NPS, short text, long text, single select, multi select, and more.

Detailed Targeting

Target the exact users you want using filtering by device & page, adding a delay, and using exit intent.

Give Context To Surveys

Analyze behavior of your survey respondents by connecting your HockeyStack account. Analyze surveys like a funnel, know who is more likely to respond, and more.

Target Users Accurately

Show your surveys only to visitors/users that you want
  • Filter by device for maximum responsiveness
  • Add delays to make the flow more organic
  • Show surveys on exit intent for understaing churn
  • Filter by pages that truly needs your users' feedback

Analyze Each Step Of Your Survey

Which step leads to most drop-offs?
  • Connect your HockeyStack account and analyze your survey just like a funnel
  • Optimize questions that lead to drop-off or change the question types to increase answer rate
  • Get more users to answer your surveys!

Learn Why Customers Churn

You are losing customers & never hear back from them. Let's change that.
  • Add a survey to cancellation page
  • Get responses and understand the "Why"
  • Connect HockeyStack Analytics and analyze their sessions
  • Add an NPS survey to ensure high satisfaction at all times

Ready-to-Use Templates

Don't look for survey questions to use: We have you covered
  • Get access to our template directory
  • Use templates that fit your use-case
  • Recommend templates & get featured on our directory

Know Who Is More Likely To Respond

Which segment is more likely to complete your survey?
  • Connect HockeyStack Analytics and see what went wrong
  • Define survey completion as a goal with no code
  • Get insights to know who is more likely to respond!

Analyze What Makes Users Unhappy

Add context to survey answers and NPS results
  • Connect HockeyStack Analytics and see what went wrong
  • Analyze respondents' sessions, filter your funnels by respondents, and create segments
  • Filter respondents by user and session properties, such as referrers, devices, browsers

See What They Did On Your Website & Product

Drill deep into your respondents' sessions
  • Analyze survey respondents' sessions 10x faster than any session replay tool
  • Compare sessions of people who dropped off and who completed your survey
  • See their clicks with the automatic goals table and define them as goals with 1 click
  • Filter your funnels by survey respondents to see where they dropped of on their way to purchase

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