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Fast and Reliable Insights

If you are using session replays, you need to watch those 10 videos to understand why the other 990 didn't convert. You spend a ton of time only to make a guess. Most heatmaps can only show you where their mouse randomly landed on. (even when the visitor is scrolling)

Think about how many times you only clicked on a link, scrolled all the way to the bottom, and exited.

If you were the business owner, you would look at the heatmap and the session replay to understand why this stranger scrolled and exited. These tools are only insightful in theory, but in practice, they only waste your time.

With HockeyStack, you will get the insights that you only need with no-code in an easy-to-understand way. No more guesses.

Better SEO Decisions

Yes, your keyword ranking matters, but would you like to rank on the first page for a lot of keywords and get no sales?

With HockeyStack, you will be able to see which blog posts get the highest goal completions and double down on that niche.

Better Marketing Campaigns

When you create a goal, you can click on it to see the referrers, countries, devices, etc. of converting users. With this information, you will be able to see which channels, countries, devices, etc. to focus your marketing campaigns on.

If your converting users are from the United States, use their phones to shop from your website, and come from Twitter, you would want to focus on this customer segment.

With HockeyStack, you will get the best bang for your buck with reliable and accurate data.

Page Optimization

Analyze where users drop off with visual funnels and optimize your pages accordingly. You will see the drop-off rates for every single step of your visitor's journey.

After you create a conversion goal, click on it to see which pages your users viewed before converting to understand your pages' persuasiveness.

If converting users view your features section, you can double down on it by improving its design and copy, and get more people to click on it with marketing campaigns.

Decrease Support Load

Before buying a product, we tend to view many pages of the product's website. Most of the time, we try to answer our questions and ask our questions to the team.

With HockeyStack, you will be able to see which pages converting users tend to view. These pages will give you a better idea of which questions they try to answer. With this information, you can add an FAQ or improve your copy and decrease the support emails.

Get a complete picture of your website and analyze patterns

Create conversion, pageview, and more detailed goals, filter your users with and/or filters to find the exact users you are looking for, create visual funnels to understand your users' journey, analyze your marketing campaigns, and much more with a single dashboard and completely no-code.

You won't need to make a single guess anymore.

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