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Conversion Rate Optimization

    How can you analyze individual visitor sessions without spending hours on session replays?

  • Filter your visitors by your goals, page views, session & user properties, add and & or parameters, and analyze the exact visitor journeys you want in minutes.
  • Who is likely to complete your goals and convert into a customer?

  • Understand the best customer segments with one click, develop your product and marketing accordingly, and convert more. Creating a customer persona has never been easier.
  • Where do your customers get stuck on their conversion journey?

  • Create funnels in under 30 seconds, analyze each and every step of your sales funnel, optimize pages that have high drop off rates,  and convert more visitors into customers.
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Marketing & SEO Optimization

    How can you get the best bang for your marketing buck?

  • Create funnels & goals with your UTM tags to analyze how traffic coming from different sources behave on your website. Duplicate your funnels to analyze different campaigns & traffic sources.
  • Want a quick snapshot of your advertisements?

  • Take a look at your referrer table to see your traffic sources and their metrics or create a paid advertisement goal and see how it performed compared to a time frame you choose.
  • Which content leads to most exits or conversion?

  • Know which blog post leads to most exits at a single glance, or create a conversion goal whose first step is your blog articles in a few seconds. Remember when we said actionable insights without the hassle?
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UX Optimization

    Where do your visitors leave your website?

  • Analyze the pages where your potential customers leave your website and optimize those pages
  • Why do they leave your website?

  • With step-by-step user journeys, you will be able to save time as you won't need to watch a single session replay or tag any event. Find out what your visitors do, or don't do so that you can lead them to your goal.
  • How do your pages perform?

  • Get page-based analytics for every single page on your website. Analyze unique entrances/exits, bounce rates, average duration, scroll percentage, and more on a single table.
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