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gareth hayter from formuladesk's hockeystack testimonial
Gareth HayterFounder @ FormulaDesk

It shows me exactly what I need to see.

Since installing HockeyStack, I'm using it more and more and using Google Analytics less and less. Why? Because it shows me exactly what I need to see. It discovers powerful insights that I didn't even know about. It concentrates on highlighting the insigths and information that I neeed to run my business and website, rather than presenting me with lots of raw data that I need to then process to arrive at the core information I need.

periklis papanikolaou from admariner's hockeystack testimonial
Periklis PapanikolaouMarketing Technology Consultant @ AdMariner

HockeyStack offers the best of the both worlds!

HockeyStack allows me to get a better understanding of my data without making it complicated. You can get insights with one click, setup surveys, create funnels, and much more! I recommend HockeyStack and its really supportive team for every founder who wants to increase their conversion rate.

vance wong from heroes of digital's hockeystack testimonial
Vance WongClient Success Manager @ Heroes of Digital

It's super simple to integrate the code and start analyzing.

It takes 30 seconds to start getting actionable insights. Other than that, the script has no effect on the site speed. Setting up goals and funnels, analyzing user sessions, and understanding the UX is really easy. It saves you time and your visitors at the same time.


Conversion Rate Optimization

  • How can you analyze individual visitor sessions without spending hours on session replays?
  • Filter your visitors by your goals, page views, session & user properties, add and & or parameters, and analyze the exact visitor journeys you want in minutes.
  • Who is likely to complete your goals and convert into a customer?
  • Understand the best customer segments with one click, develop your product and marketing accordingly, and convert more. Creating a customer persona has never been easier.
  • Where do your customers get stuck on their conversion journey?
  • Create funnels in under 30 seconds, analyze each and every step of your sales funnel, optimize pages that have high drop off rates,  and convert more visitors into customers.
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Marketing & SEO Optimization

  • Which channel or campaign brings the highest quality leads?
  • Connect your revenue with HockeyStack using custom goals to analyze which channel brings the highest quality leads in terms of product engagement, churn, and lifetime value or any other value you are tracking.
  • How can you get the best bang for your marketing buck?
  • Create funnels & goals with your UTM tags to analyze how traffic coming from different sources behave on your website. Duplicate your funnels to analyze different campaigns & traffic sources.
  • Want a quick snapshot of your advertisements?
  • Take a look at your referrer table to see your traffic sources and their metrics or create a paid advertisement goal and see how it performed compared to a time frame you choose.
  • Which content leads to most exits or conversion?
  • Know which blog post leads to most exits at a single glance, or create a conversion goal whose first step is your blog articles in a few seconds. Remember when we said actionable insights without the hassle?
  • What do your customers think about your brand?
  • Get feedback from your customers to understand how well your marketing performs using HockeyStack Surveys.
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Churn Optimization

  • Why does churn happen?
  • Wrong customer persona? Wrong messaging or marketing channels? Or a lot of bugs? Understand why churn happens by exploring your users' sessions, creating surveys, analyzing funnels and page-based metrics, and more.
  • What can you do better?
  • Use HockeyStack Surveys to trigger a survey right before a customer tries to cancel their subscription to understand what you can do better and improve your users' experience.
  • Who are your most valuable customers?
  • Your most valuable customers are the ones who have the lowest acquisition cost, highest lifetime value, and who engage the most with your product. With an end-to-end analytics tool like HockeyStack, you can analyze every step of their journey from the first touchpoint to the latest upsell and know which persona, marketing channels, and messaging you should use.
  • Who engages the most with your product?
  • Churn usually happens because disengaged customers, the customers who either don't use your product often or don't understand the real value of it. By revealing patterns between engaged users using HockeyStack's end-to-end analytics, you can understand why they engage more and refine your customer persona.
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