How to Create a Churn Survey

Retention rate is the most important metric for your SaaS, and churn is your biggest enemy. Create a churn survey to understand the why.


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    You can use a wide variety of survey types for every use case, including NPS, short text, long text, single select, multi select, and more.

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Understand the Why Behind Churn

Analyze respondents' sessions, filter your funnels by respondents, and create segments, filter respondents by user and session properties, such as referrers, devices, browsers.


Target Users Accurately

Filter by device for maximum responsiveness, add delays to make the flow more organic, show surveys on exit intent for understanding churn, and filter by pages that truly needs your users' feedback.


Ready-to-use Survey Templates For You

 We wrote questions that you can use to get honest answers from your customers so that you can improve your brand experience.

You can check out our template directory within your Surveys dashboard. 

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Drill deep in your data with HockeyStack

Connect your HockeyStack analytics account with your surveys account to analyze your survey just like a funnel, optimize questions that lead to drop-off or change the question types to increase answer rate, and get more answers!


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  • What Is A Churn Survey?

    A churn survey is a customer survey that intends to understand the real reason why they stop being a customer. Usually, the survey appears right after a customer tries to cancel their subscription.

  • Why Does Churn Happen?

    Churn might have different reasons, but the most common reasons are:

    Customer didn't find the real value you provide and didn't engage with the product

    Budget problems

  • What Are Sample Churn Survey Questions?

    • What is the real reason that you decided to cancel your subscription?
    • How could we improve your experience?
    • How influential was these areas for your decision?
    1. Price
    2. Features
    3. Persona
    4. Development Speed
    5. Customer Support
  • What Is A Good Churn Rate?

    A good churn rate for a SaaS is usually 3-5%.

  • How Is Churn Calculated?

    Churn rate formula is:

    # Customers at the beginning of the time period - # Customers at the end of the time period / # Customers at the beginning of the time period

  • What Is The Average Churn Rate?

    According to Profitwell's data, an average churn rate for a SaaS company is around 5%.

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