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gareth hayter from formuladesk's hockeystack testimonial
Gareth HayterFounder @ FormulaDesk

It shows me exactly what I need to see.

Since installing HockeyStack, I'm using it more and more and using Google Analytics less and less. Why? Because it shows me exactly what I need to see. It discovers powerful insights that I didn't even know about. It concentrates on highlighting the insigths and information that I neeed to run my business and website, rather than presenting me with lots of raw data that I need to then process to arrive at the core information I need.

periklis papanikolaou from admariner's hockeystack testimonial
Periklis PapanikolaouMarketing Technology Consultant @ AdMariner

HockeyStack offers the best of the both worlds!

HockeyStack allows me to get a better understanding of my data without making it complicated. You can get insights with one click, setup surveys, create funnels, and much more! I recommend HockeyStack and its really supportive team for every founder who wants to increase their conversion rate.

vance wong from heroes of digital's hockeystack testimonial
Vance WongClient Success Manager @ Heroes of Digital

It's super simple to integrate the code and start analyzing.

It takes 30 seconds to start getting actionable insights. Other than that, the script has no effect on the site speed. Setting up goals and funnels, analyzing user sessions, and understanding the UX is really easy. It saves you time and your visitors at the same time.

duy nguyen from nightingale's hockeystack testimonial
Duy NguyenFounder @ Nightingale

Simple to set up. Smart insights.

Heatmaps tell you where people go on your page. Hockeystack focuses on what they click on, without having to watch the entire journey of each person or wasting time with session replays. Because of that you can create filters of people who take certain actions and pick out trends quickly.


What Is SaaS Analytics?

SaaS analytics is the process used by SaaS companies to analyze customers' touchpoints with the brand across multiple channels to increase retention, optimize conversion rate, and grow their recurring revenue. 

HockeyStack Is Designed For SaaS Marketing & Product Marketing Teams

Before HockeyStack

  • Database solid
    Fragmented Data

     Teams had different data & tools and never got to understand what drives revenue for their business, which features are used the most, and increase revenue with data-driven decisions. 

  • File code solid
    Wasted Development Time

    Engineering teams needed to set up 100s of events and new ones with every change on the website.

  • Chart bar solid
    Lose Time On Google Analytics

    Marketing team waits for interns to create dashboards on Google Analytics, has difficulty understanding the data, and lose a lot of data because it's not retroactive.

With HockeyStack

  • No-code, no-cookies

    HockeyStack is completely no code and cookieless, which means you can track every single action without Tag Manager and cookie consent banner.

  • Everyone on the same dashboard

    You can track your marketing campaigns, website & product activity, and revenue on the same dashboard. Teams have the best understanding of what's going on.

  • Full Journey On One Dashboard

    Marketing metrics, revenue, product engagement, surveys, and more all on one dashboard to eliminate wasted time. 

Optimize Your SaaS Marketing

Around 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of the leads. By connecting your revenue source with HockeyStack, you can understand which channel, blog post, or advertisement brings the highest LTV, most engaged customers, and highest revenue to know where to focus on & scale your SaaS.


Don't Spend $38K+ on Hubspot Enterprise Plan

If you are like 99% of the SaaS businesses around the world, you wouldn't want to spend $38K+ on Hubspot's enterprise plan to measure marketing attribution.

With HockeyStack, you can analyze every single action on top of marketing attribution for a very small fraction of the price so that you can know what drives revenue and optimize accordingly. 


Align Your Product Marketing & Marketing Teams

CRM, product usage, and marketing data should not be managed by different stakeholders, and as a result, data gets fragmented. 

Product marketing and marketing teams also use different tools to measure product usage and marketing data, which results in a difficulty in correlating marketing results with product engagement. 


Marketing Team Doesn't Need Engineers or Data Analysts

You can integrate HockeyStack into your SaaS website by copying and pasting one-line of code. Nothing else needed to start increasing your recurring revenue and optimizing your campaigns.



  • What are SaaS Metrics?

    SaaS metrics are the key benchmarks that SaaS companies should be tracking in order to optimize their processes. 

    Most important SaaS metrics include:

    • Monthly recurring revenue
    • Annual run rate
    • Churn rate
    • Expansion MRR rate
    • Net month over month MRR growth rate
  • What are SaaS Marketing metrics?

    SaaS marketing metrics are benchmarks to understand which marketing campaigns work the best and contribute the most to the recurring revenue. Most important SaaS marketing metrics include:

    • Lead per channel
    • Unique visitors
    • Sales qualified leads per channel or campaign
    • Visitor to lead rate
    • Customer acquisition cost
    • Customer lifetime value 
  • How Can SaaS Companies Reduce Churn?

    SaaS businesses' biggest enemy is churn. To reduce churn, SaaS marketing and product marketing teams should first understand the reason behind the high churn rate. There might be a few reasons for a high churn rate, such as:

    • Wrong audience
    • Wrong marketing channels
    • Bad onboarding
    • Lack of a proper help or education center 
    • High price 

    On top of that, product marketing and marketing teams should be actively discussing with the sales team to learn the most frequent sales objections to work on them. 

  • What Is A SaaS Analytics Tool?

    A SaaS analytics tool is used to analyze touchpoints of customers, product engagement, and marketing campaigns to measure KPIs and come up with a roadmap for SaaS teams.

    HockeyStack is a SaaS analytics tool that can help your product marketing, marketing, and sales teams make better & data-driven decisions that drive revenue.

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