Spend less time managing data, more time getting value out of it.

HockeyStack eliminates data silos between marketing and sales by providing holistic revenue analytics. Understand what's happening in the buyer journey without any blind spots.

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Actionable marketing insights,
minus the headache.

Break down the silos between departments with holistic analytics. Recreate your GTM strategy using a data source that you can trust.

Stop wasting hours verifying data accuracy between tools

Between data silos, spreadsheet errors, and messy setups, data inaccuracy is your biggest threat. We aggregate all your marketing and sales data in HockeyStack, then cleanse it so it's complete, accurate, up to date, standardized, and free of duplicates.

Cross-object reporting

You can use different objects from different platforms to report on revenue. And yes, you can do cross-object reporting with different objects from your CRM.

Sync cleaned and enriched data to CRM/Data warehouse

HockeyStack collects and cleans your data in one place and enriches with reverse IP and firmographics. You can send the data we collect back to your data warehouse or your CRM.

Custom mapping and event setting

You can edit property, channel, and other mappings in HockeyStack’s reporting at any time with complete flexibility. You can also build new events/goals using different data points and properties.

Radical alignment starts with a single source of truth*
*that isn’t really, really hard to use.
Metric builder

Build custom metrics using any dimension, without writing a single piece of code. We’re not limited by pre-configured ad platform metrics. E.g. You can even track paid SQLs by headcount, industry, or region.

Customizable dashboards

Visualize your most important marketing and sales KPIs using our customizable dashboards. Track performance without bouncing between a half-dozen tools and spreadsheets.

AI-powered insights

Enlist an ally with our AI-assisted, machine-learning insights, and discover hidden gems to fuel your next stage of growth. If it wasn’t AI would it even be “martech”? Nah.

Automated reporting

Share business intelligence with everyone on your team. Build, automate, and distribute custom reports, and keep everyone radically aligned around a shared mission.

Website analytics

GDPR-compliant website analytics. Everything in GA4, only now you can track website behavior at the account level, all the way to closed/won. Don’t just know what happens on your site, know who does it.

See how HockeyStack empowers MarOps leaders
Maximizing the Pipeline ROI with HockeyStack

Find out how Cognism's marketing team leverages HockeyStack to pinpoint effective strategies and optimize their inbound pipeline towards efficient growth.

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Return on ad spend in paid social


Increase in spend:pipeline ROI

3 days

saved every month from manual reporting

“HockeyStack's integration with my entire tech stack has been a game-changer. The amount of insights you get is unmatched. It basically shows your funnel in another perspective.”
Canberk Beker
Ex-Group Head of Paid at Cognism
Oneflow Doubles Visitor to MQL Rate Using HockeyStack

How OneFlow used cohort reports, incremental lift, and multi-touch attribution to gain visibility into what channels, campaigns, and creatives influenced purchases so they could optimize ad campaigns for pipeline and revenue, not just platform metrics

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Paid ROI in the pipeline


form submission in a quarter


visitor to MQL increase with LinkedIn ads

“We use HockeyStack as a web analytics + revenue attribution platform with complete view into the customer lifecycle. Most of our quarterly OKRs and target metrics are measured directly from HockeyStack.”
Anand Nambiar
Head of Demand Gen, Marketing & MarkOps
How Whatfix Optimizes Their Content With HockeyStack

Discover how the content team at Whatfix uses HockeyStack to understand how content influences their pipeline and to showcase content’s impact across opportunities where they previously had no data.

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increase in content-influenced opportunities


increase in opportunities


increase in won deals

“Now we can nail down attribution to identify both contacts and companies that have engaged with any of our content at any time in their buying journey.”
Levi Olmstead
Associate Director, Content Marketing

I don't often highlight tools I use in SaaS sales, but HockeyStack is an exception.

HockeyStack combines warm intent data and strong buying signals for your target accounts into a simple, user-friendly platform. Sure, you could manually gather raw data from Zoominfo, Hubspot, G2, Google, and LinkedIn, but that’s the old way of doing things.

As part of my morning coffee routine, I log into my dashboards while managing sequences on LinkedIn. These custom dashboards and filters highlight my top target accounts, helping me close deals faster.

Marty Goldman, Regional Sales Manager
See why Marketing Ops leaders
love HockeyStack

Their words, not ours.

“Our executives got more value from HockeyStack in one session than they got from Looker all year.”
Chris Wood, Director of Demand Generation
“We evaluated several vendors but chose HockeyStack for its reporting flexibility and customization and because we could get value out of it immediately. We were right. If I have a question, HockeyStack has the answer.”
Justin Brock, VP of Demand Generation
“Tying pipeline and revenue to marketing efforts has never been easier than with HockeyStack. This is a huge improvement from all attribution tools I’ve used.”
Elsa Giraudineau, Director of Demand Generation
“HockeyStack has put together a killer tool that pushes the limits of attribution for LInkedin ads better than any tool I’ve tried.”
Justin Rowe, Founder
“In HockeyStack, I’ve been able to identify over 2x more content-attributed opportunities that were previously missed.”
Levi Olmstead, Director of Content Marketing
“Incredible tool on my radar in this new role: HockeyStack and team have built an incredible analytics platform!”
Talar Malakian, VP of Marketing
"HockeyStack has shed a light on the dark funnel and given us freedom from GA, HubSpot Reports, and Manual Spreadsheets!”
Chris Spellman, Sr. Demand Generation Manager
“It's the best analytical tool I have ever used, bringing our analytic game to another level.”
Gabriel Barboza, Marketing Director
“Thanks to HockeyStack, i now have visibility that over the last month my LinkedIn organic posts impacted $27K in ARR.”
Casey Hill, Sr. Growth Manager
"Would you lose any sales if you paused branded search campaigns?If you stopped podcasting, would it matter? Only lift reports will tell you. It only takes minutes to do in HockeyStack."
Jason Widup, Founder
“We can connect all our data, attribute revenue to specific campaigns, and know where to invest more."
Cameron DeJong, Director of Marketing
“Dark social is getting lighter. Gotta give it up to HockeyStack for launching a partnership with Gong to track podcast mentions. Blows my mind that none of the other tools have done this.”
Tim Davidson, Director of Marketing
“Before HockeyStack, we didn’t have visibility into what was driving revenue. We now know which campaigns are actually working, how our blog or content is influencing and all that.”
Anand Nambiar, Head of Demand Generation
“I can understand how people felt when they first started using the internet. Apparently, we were flying blind up until HockeyStack; the amount of insights we get, both on the platform level and on the revenue level, is unmatched.”
Canberk Beker, Ex-Group Head of Paid at Cognism
“In HockeyStack, you can draw the connection between content marketing and conversion activity to find out which URLs drive customer acquisition.”
Gaetano DiNardi, Growth Advisor, Gong & Nextiva
“We were looking at revenue by single-touch and no surprise it showed 60%+ from Google and around 8% from LinkedIn. We then looked at LinkedIn pipeline through HockeyStack, the picture becomes a lot clearer. Tens of millions in pipeline created.”
Alice De Courcy, Group Chief Marketing Officer
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