Uncover every touchpoint, from first touch to closed won

HockeyStack customers are winning:

  •   3x Return on ad spend on average
  •   22% increase in Lead to MQL conversion rate
  •   $2K per month saved on manual reporting
  •   2x qualified pipeline after 2 quarters

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Cognism’s Demand Campaign Optimization with HockeyStack

Discover how the demand generation team at Cognism uses HockeyStack to gain radical alignment around revenue and optimize their inbound and outbound pipelines.

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"HockeyStack is an amazing end-to-end attribution tool! The amount of insights you could get is unmatched. It basically shows your funnels in another perspective."

— Canberk Beker, Global Head of Paid


Do I need to be/work with a developer to use HockeyStack?

Absolutely not! HockeyStack is completely no-code. After you integrate, you won't need to deal with pesky methods for sending pre-defined actions every time you want to track something. Yikes!

What can you tell me about privacy and security?

HockeyStack follows GDPR and CCPA guidelines to protect user privacy. Learn more from our Privacy Policy. HockeyStack is also SOC2 Type I certified. We are set to receive our SOC2 Type II certification in April. Email us at hello@hockeystack.com to receive the audit report and the engagement letter.

What does HockeyStack track?

HockeyStack tracks every touchpoint an entity had with your business. This includes any marketing touches, website activity of individual users, product touches, customer support chats, among many others. To see HockeyStack in action, check out our Interactive Demo!

What is a "tracked user"?

A tracked user is anything that denotes a unique individual or an entity. This can be: anonymous website visitors, identified website visitors (that may have multiple devices), leads from your CRM and other platforms you connect, companies etc.

What's up with the name?

HockeyStack is the easiest way for your website to reach hockey-stick growth. Hockey-stick growth refers to a sharp increase in your metrics that HockeyStack provides as you track your visitors and understand their needs.

How many team members can I invite to my account?

All plans come with a minimum of 10 team members by default. We also offer SSO and 2FA support on enterprise plans.

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Trusted by B2B leaders around the world

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