Attribution 2.0

Uncover every touchpoint,
from first touch to closed won

Connect your ads, website, and CRM, and turn your data into accurate customer journeys. Find out which content, channels, and efforts drive revenue and refine your strategy.

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canberk beker from cognism's hockeystack testimonial
Canberk BekerGlobal Head of Paid @ Cognism

Amazing end-to-end attribution tool!

Cognism measures all marketing campaigns using HockeyStack. We can clearly see which campaigns actually drive revenue, not just signups. Accuracy is higher than any other platform I've used too.

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Integration takes just a couple of minutes

2 simple steps to an enterprise-grade data setup. Plus, our team pledges to fully onboard (for free!) you before you start using HockeyStack.


Copy & paste our tracking script to your website and your product


Connect your entire tech stack to HockeyStack with a couple of clicks

Paid Ads Attribution

Connect all your ad platforms with your CRM and measure revenue influence.


Account Journeys

Uncover every touchpoint from the first-touch to closed won, with all marketing and sales touchpoints across every platform.


High Intent Accounts

Uncover the highest intent companies that your sales team can reach out to.

No-code Dashboard Builder

Build any type of report you need with all your data in minutes.

LinkedIn Ads' Influence

Collect LinkedIn ad impressions and more accurately measure LinkedIn Ads’ influence on revenue.

Content Marketing Analysis

Understand what type of content drives the most pipeline.

Self-Reported Attribution

Track self-reported attribution alongside quantitative attribution to get the full picture.

Paid AttributionAccount-Based JourneysHigh-Intent AccountsCustom ReportsLinkedIn InfluenceContent Marketing AnalysisSelf-Reported Attribution

Attribution 2.0

Attribution used to be a never-ending debate between marketing, sales, and finance about who gets credit for which deals.

HockeyStack is ending the debate with a powerful tool that tracks the entire customer journey and allows you to visualize it with no code, content to teach you how to make sense of your data, a free expert support Slack channel, and a community that helps us shape the product.

B2B marketing teams can now put 100% of their focus on doing great marketing, tracking its impact on revenue, and improving their strategy.

Attribution 1.0
Attribution 2.0
Trying to figure out which teams get the credit for a conversion
Understanding that every conversion is a team effort
Only tying the last touchpoint to revenue
Tracking all possible touchpoints including social, podcasts, gifts, etc.
Looking for the perfect attribution model
Focusing on better understanding the customer journey
Heavily relying on self-reported attribution
Using software-based and self-reported attribution together
justin rowe from impactable's hockeystack testimonial
Justin RoweFounder @ Impactable

No one else came close!

HockeyStack changed the game when it comes to LinkedIn ads attribution.

cameron dejong from raintree's hockeystack testimonial
Cameron DeJongDirector of Digital Marketing @ Raintree

34% increase in MQLs & 15% decrease in CAC

I can quickly see which marketing campaigns bring us the highest quality leads, pipeline influence, and ROI in a couple minutes.

william ballance from lavender's hockeystack testimonial
William M. BallanceCEO @ Lavender

Big fan of the platform and the team!

We're big fans of HockeyStack and use it at Lavender! Outside of the platform itself, love the team!

levi olmstead from whatfix's hockeystack testimonial
Levi OlmsteadAssociate Director, Content Marketing @ Whatfix

Now we can nail down attribution!

HockeyStack identifies both contacts and companies that have engaged with any of our content at any time in their buying journey.

Use Our Free Survey Tool To Get Feedback From Your Customers

Integrates with Your Entire Stack

Connect HockeyStack with your favorite tools and enrich your data.

Turn your marketing, sales, revenue, and product data into a unified picture.


Built for the Enterprise

  • Audit logs and rich access controls
  • Modern security standards. SOC2 certified.
  • Data storage in EU. Policies up to GDPR and CCPA requirements
  • 99.9% uptime
Enterprise-grade security and data privacy

Stuff B2B GTM People Ask Us

One of your competitors said that fingerprinting is against GDPR. Is that true?

No, fingerprinting is GDPR-friendly, as with all our tracking practices. The argument competitors have for this is that you cannot delete a fingerprint out of a device, because it's not stored anywhere. However, GDPR's requirement is that you delete data about a certain individual on their request, and there is nothing that prevents users from requesting an opt-out and data erasure.

Do you have SOC2?

Yes! HockeyStack is SOC2 Type I certified. We are set to receive our SOC2 Type II certification in July. Email us at to receive the audit report and the engagement letter.

How long does the setup and onboarding take?

Setup takes a couple of minutes & we offer help at every stage for free.

What options does HockeyStack offer for dashboard customization?

Every column, metric, calculation, definition... basically, everything on HockeyStack is 100% customizable right through our easy-to-use UI.

What is cookieless tracking and how does it work?

Analytics platforms usually use cookies to track users. Use of cookies has recently come under scrutiny by privacy legislators, and have been severely restricted.

Everything you see here works without cookies by default. You still have the option to switch to cookie-based tracking. Read our article on our cookieless tracking technology to learn more.

Segment already unifies my data. How will HockeyStack help me?

Quick nod to the Segment team: Segment is awesome as a CDP, but not as a B2B analytics platform, since the tools you are using don't send critical metrics to each other.

Let's say you are using Stripe, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics: Stripe doesn't send LTV data to Mixpanel or GA, Mixpanel doesn't track referrers automatically, so you are not able to uncover whether your content brings high-quality customers, which features customers coming from a particular piece of content use, which features bring expansion revenue, and more.

HubSpot already unifies my data. How will HockeyStack help me?

There is a lot that HubSpot requires custom setup and maintenance to track, that HockeyStack tracks automatically out-of-the-box. Reporting on HockeyStack is much more easier and flexible; you can create any custom report you can think of in seconds.

The tracking is also more accurate since HockeyStack is cookieless and is optimized for B2B analytics.

How does HockeyStack identify and match contacts and companies across platforms?

Website activity is identified using form fills and existing identities from your backend. This is then matched to identities on all your other data sources using a matching key, most commonly their email address.

You don't have an integration with a tool I'm using.

Contact us through email ( with your request and we will build it for you!

Where do you store the data? How privacy-friendly is HockeyStack?

We store your data on AWS servers in Frankfurt, Germany. We don't collect any personal information by default, including IP addresses. We follow GDPR and CCPA regulations. Read our privacy policy to learn more.

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