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Track every single action, convert more users, and grow your business with us. All automatic. No code.

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I've been using Google Analytics for 10 years, and it became frustrating to use. I needed an easy to set up dashboard with all the important data to help grow my business. Under 5 minutes, I integrated the code, defined my goals, and moved on.

Tim Tavender, Founder @ The Marketing HQ

Powerful Filtering

Filter your visitors with actions, session details and and/or statements to find the exact users you're looking for.


See where people drop off. Improve your website’s flow from start to cart. Implement changes with certainty.

Custom Goals

Create and measure the goals you care about, filter your users by the goal, and improve the user experience.

Periklis PapanikolaouMarketing Technology Consultant @ AdMariner

I see HockeyStack as an investment for life!

HockeyStack offers the best of the both worlds with its easy-to-use dashboard and detailed analysis. You can also define goals! I recommend HockeyStack and its really supportive team for every founder who wants to increase their conversion rate!

Tim TavenderFounder @ The Marketing HQ

In under 5 minutes, I had the code added to my site and data I could understand coming in!

I have been using HockeyStack for my business and my clients' business for a while now. I love the fact that you get basic metrics as well as advanced analytics, such as funnels, goals, user action details, etc. in an easy-to-understand way. Highly recommended!


Detailed action analysis

Automatically collect every single action, understand the user journey, and find pain points in the user experience. HockeyStack makes it straightforward to track your users’ data so you can get the insights you need.

Own and control your data

Privacy is a human right. Therefore we believe it shouldn't be the core feature of a product — every product must be privacy-friendly.

Analyze your marketing campaigns

Compare marketing campaigns by any parameter, prioritize your best campaigns and get a better bang for your buck.

Unlimited websites

Add all of your domains and track them easily on a single dashboard. (Perfect if you are an agency or have multiple domains)

Full support to help grow your business

Meet with the support team regularly to tailor the HockeyStack experience for your business's needs.

One line integration

Add one line to your script and you are done.

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