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Collect and view marketing, sales, and product touchpoints across channels. Create reports to understand what drives the highest quality leads. 5-minute, no-code setup.

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The setup takes 2 minutes. Literally.

2 simple steps to an enterprise-grade data setup. Plus, our team pledges to fully onboard you before you start using HockeyStack.


Copy & paste our tracking script to your website and your product


Connect your CRM, your billing system, and any other tool in your stack with one click

Understand what drives the highest quality leads

Attribute revenue, engagement, and intent signals to growth initiatives


Track every stakeholder from first touch to retention

Visualize every touchpoint from each account and stakeholder, pre-close and post-close, on a single timeline.


Stop looking at hundreds of tools and spreadsheets

Collect, connect, and visualize all your GTM data on a single dashboard.


Create any report without coding or using a BI tool

Allow all team members to create & access the reports they need using an easy UI & no code, with templates or from scratch


Track the dark funnel with self-reported attribution

Create surveys, get feedback, and use responses in attribution alongside quantitative data.

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100% accurate attribution is a pipe dream.

Good thing we aren't selling a dream. What we are selling is:

canberk beker from deepcrawl's hockeystack testimonial
Canberk BekerHead of Growth @ DeepCrawl

Amazing end-to-end attribution tool!

The amount of insights you can get is unmatched. It basically shows your funnels in another perspective.

william ballance from lavender's hockeystack testimonial
William M. BallanceCEO @ Lavender

Big fan of the platform and the team!

We're big fans of HockeyStack and use it at Lavender! Outside of the platform itself, love the team!


Only HockeyStack could unify our data!

Our data was split between countless spreadsheets, our CRM, our marketing automation tool, Google Analytics, and Stripe. HockeyStack was the only tool that was able to unify all of it and give us clarity on what growth strategies we should invest more in.

yiğit konur from seo.do's hockeystack testimonial
Yiğit KonurFounder @ Seo.do

The only SaaS analytics tool I need.

Not even Segment is able to unify your data and uncover insights that HockeyStack does. I was able to connect dots easily and understand what drives revenue for our SaaS business in a matter of minutes.

Use Our Free Survey Tool To Get Feedback From Your Customers

Integrates with Your Entire Stack

Connect HockeyStack with your favorite tools and enrich your data.

Turn your marketing, sales, revenue, and product data into a unified picture.


Stuff SaaS People Ask Us

Segment already unifies my data. How will HockeyStack help me?

Quick nod to the Segment team: Segment is awesome as a CDP! But not as a SaaS analytics platform since the tools you are using don't send critical metrics to each other.

Let's say you are using Stripe, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics: Stripe doesn't send LTV data to Mixpanel or GA, Mixpanel doesn't track referrers automatically, so you are not able to uncover whether your content brings high-quality customers, which features customers coming from a particular piece of content use, which features bring expansion revenue, and more.

How long does the setup take?

Setup takes a couple of minutes & we offer help at every stage for free.

Where do you store the data? How privacy-friendly is HockeyStack?

We store your data on AWS servers in Frankfurt, Germany. We don't collect any personal information, including IP addresses. Read our privacy policy to learn more.

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