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Building RevGenius, Biggest Challenges Running a Slack Community, and More with Jared Robin

We talked about how Jared built RevGenius, the biggest challenges of running a community and measuring its success, demand gen attribution, and more. 

First Marketing Hire, Common B2B Marketing Mistakes, Selling To Developers, and More

We talked about what the first marketing hire should be, common B2B marketing mistakes, selling to developers, Metadata's recent campaign on LinkedIn, and more. 

Creating GetAccept's Demand Gen Team, Building a Community, and more with Adam Holmgren

We talked about creating GetAccept's demand gen team, how Adam is building the Driving Demand Community, and more.

Being the first CMO of Airmeet, Community-led Growth, and more with Mark Kilens

We talked about the hardest things about being the company's first CMO, category creation, community-led growth, and more. 

Creating a Demand Gen Function with Anand Nambiar

We talked about how Anand set up the demand gen function at Freshworks and now setting it up at Oneflow, what are the changes he is expecting in marketing next year, and more. 

Growing a Company Page on LI, Cognism's Demand Gen Team Structure, and more with Liam Bartholomew

In this episode, we talked about creating a growing a company page on LinkedIn, Cognism's demand gen team structure, how they attribute revenue to marketing, and more.

Creating the Demand Gen Team From Scratch, UBM, and more with Canberk Beker

In this episode, we talked about creating a demand gen function from scratch, Canberk's UBM tactic, head of growth's role in a SaaS company, and more.

TikTok for B2B, Ideal Buying Journey, Personal Branding and more with Tim Davidson

We talked about Tim's personal branding strategy, how he started posting TikTok videos on LinkedIn, what were the first effects of transitioning from text to video, and more.

Acquiring SaaS Companies, Paddle's Future, Implementing PLG, and more with Andrew Davies

In this episode, we talked about Paddle's recent acquisition, PLG, our free trial failure, Paddle's future, We Sign Tomorrow, and more. 

SaaS Branding Essentials & Transitioning From A CMO To CBO With Ling Koay

In the first episode of SaaS Marketing & Growth chats, I'm chatting with Ling, the CBO at Oneflow, about SaaS branding essentials, when a company should start investing in their brand, and how Oneflow approaches branding to make it a differentiator, and more. 

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Emir AtlıCo-founder & CRO @ HockeyStack

4 reports that marketers need to take a look at every week:

- customer journeys of closed-won/closed-lost accounts (including all touchpoints, such as calls, website visits, customer support messages, CRM property changes, and more)
- new MRR by source

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Buğra GündüzChief Entropy Officer @ HockeyStack

Last quarter, in our growth planning, we set just one goal:

Make HockeyStack appear EVERYWHERE.

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Afnan RehanHead of Content at HockeyStack

Being a writer/content person is weird

I once wrote an essay in high school without using the word 'which' because I didn't like how it sounded 😂

Just the other day, I couldn't remember the idiom 'set alarm bells ringing' and ended up Googling 'alarming concerning idiom.' ☠️

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Arda BulutMarketing Geek CTO @ HockeyStack 🏒

Being a B2B SaaS company is not just about a product anymore.

It is about a culture, a vision, a brand.

What Apple did with their brand image is now starting to transform the B2B industry as well.

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Emir AtlıCo-founder & CRO @ HockeyStack

I cannot think of a more over-used term in the SaaS world than "marketing and sales alignment"

(after PLG and dark funnel 😋)

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Afnan RehanHead of Content at HockeyStack

I'll be honest, keeping track of optimizations isn't the easiest thing to do - especially when you're optimizing dozens of articles and adding tens of new ones each month.

To make things easier, we started keeping track of each minor and major update when optimizing our articles.

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Tales of a SaaS CEO

Tales of a SaaS CEO

HockeyStack's Co-Founder & CEO, Buğra Gündüz, shares exclusive stories from the trenches.