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Jessica Amaral's Marketing and Channel Overview Dashboard
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What does this dashboard measure?

This dashboard provides insight into:

- Key marketing metrics and their change over time

- The influence of different digital channels on leads, pipeline, and revenue

- The efficiency of marketing channels and campaigns

- The impact of marketing activities across different regions and industries

This dashboard helps you:

- Track the performance of marketing and paid activities

- Reveal trends in your KPIs over time

- Understand the impact of campaigns and channels on business objectives

- Tie digital channel activities to revenue

Marketing Overview Dashboard

Month-to-Date performance

We start this dashboard by displaying month-to-date top-level performance of key metrics, such as ad spend, SQLs, pipeline, and revenue.

By having the data with progress against monthly goals, you can see pacing and determine whether you are on track to deliver on your KPIs with your current ad spend. For example, in this case, we can see that we have spent 58% of the ad budget while delivering 60% of the pipeline and 63% of revenue this month - meaning that we probably won't need more ad budget to meet our goal.

On the other hand, if you were at 80% of your ad spend, while being at 66% of your SQLs, pipeline, and revenue, that would mean that you probably need more ad budget to deliver on your objectives.

You can easily change the date frame for this report to Year To Date or a Quarterly timeline if needed, for example if the success of your department is measured within those timeframes.

Month-on-Month performance

The next report displays KPIs broken down by month, enabling you to set and monitor KPIs over time.

By displaying data in a month-on-month format, you can easily identify if there are any issues along the stages of the funnel or how it performs this month compared to previous periods. 

Additionally, you can see visits from Target Accounts, which serves as a leading indicator of Digital Channel activities, and can help you gain an understanding of your ABM efforts.

  SQLs and Opportunities over time

This report displays two main KPIs: SQLs and Opportunities over time.

As HockeyStack is customizable, you can select the data points you want to display in all your reports, and you can customize how you define them.

Additionally, you can specify the timeframe in which you want to view the data – in this case, we are examining this month's performance, broken down by weeks, to observe an increase and monitor the trend.

Month-on-Month Paid performance

The next report examines paid performance over time, showcasing your investment in paid channels, as well as leading indicators such as SQLs, Cost per Demo, and lagging indicators, such as Qualified Pipeline, Pipeline to Spend Ratio, Opportunities, Average Opportunity Size, Cost per Opportunity, and ROAS.

The following report focuses on lagging indicators, specifically pipeline and revenue over time. This is how Jess defines success in her department, and the line chart helps identify patterns easily. For example, we can see that a significant increase in pipeline in February led to a significant increase in revenue in March.

You can filter the data by segments, regions, sources, etc. to obtain figures at a more granular level.

Having data broken down over time helps with reporting and identifying patterns, ultimately leading to making better data-driven decisions.

Target Account Data

Visits from Target Accounts is one of Jessica's leading indicators of success.

By utilizing the funnel report, you can track how Target Accounts progress through the funnel, from the moment they see the ad until winning the opportunity.

This data helps evaluate the quality of leads and easily identify opportunities for improvement along the funnel, ultimately helping you to enhance conversion rates.

Performance by Channel

Setting and monitoring KPIs is essential when managing Digital Channels.

Having a consolidated overview, broken down by channel and showcasing key metrics, facilitates effective paid media management and enables increasing effectiveness over time.

Lift of Campaigns

Lift Reports measure the incremental impact (wouldn’t happen otherwise) of an action or property on conversion rates, such as how a specific campaign affects your goals. 

These two Lift Reports provide a detailed analysis of how different campaigns impact lead generation and winning opportunities. That’s the 

In this example, we can see that the campaign "NAM - TOFU - Brand Awareness - ICP" has the best uplift (6.37x) on generating leads and a 6.52x lift on winning opportunities.

This data provides actionable insights, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your digital channels and campaigns to achieve better results.

Influence of Campaigns

The next report presents ad spend and the impact of marketing campaigns on KPIs. By adopting Position-Based attribution instead of first-touch or last-touch attribution, you can gain a more accurate understanding of how each channel has influenced your leads, opportunities, pipeline, and revenue.

Performance of Assets

This report enables you to measure the impact of marketing assets and assess how they influence KPIs. It provides a straightforward way to identify which assets are driving desired results and which ones are underperforming, allowing you to optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

Performance by Region and Industry

The final two reports provide valuable insights when running multi-channel campaigns across multiple regions. The Performance by Region and Industry report offers an overview of key metrics, facilitating reporting, evaluating effectiveness across different regions and industries, and identifying areas for improvement.

The Regional breakdown report enables you to visualize key results when running campaigns across different regions, while the Industry breakdown report helps you evaluate the quality of leads generated.

The full dashboard:

About the author:

Jessica Amaral is a seasoned Paid Media Leader, with over 10 years of experience in managing performance marketing campaigns. Currently, she works at RELEX Solutions as a Head of Digital Channels.


Jessica Amaral
Head of Digital Channels at RELEX Solutions
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