HockeyStack Implementation Process
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Before you get started...
Most HockeyStack customers designate HockeyStack Admins to build out reports for the Marketing team, present insights, and manage the data dictionary.

If your organization doesn’t have a dedicated Admin Team, not to worry! The product doesn’t require any technical knowledge, and your CSM will always be available to guide you.
Day 0
Fresh start! Your Account Executive introduces you to your CSM, and provides your CSM with relevant context from the sales process to kickstart your onboarding.
In this step, your CSM will:
Provide you with a list of questions that will inform our initial dashboard setup
Create a dedicated Slack channel for faster communication
Before moving to the next step:
Create your HockeyStack account and invite relevant stakeholders as team members
Connect your CRM, marketing automation, ad platforms, and any other integration with one click
Place the HockeyStack script into your website
Answer the onboarding questions
Technical implementation is now completed!
Week 1
A 30 minute call to introduce the onboarding plan and discuss key objectives.
In this step, your CSM will:
Propose a timeline for onboarding and training
Complete the technical intake needed for the initial dashboard setup
Align on expectations from HockeyStack within 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.
After the call, your CSM will:
Send resources to help you get a self-serve head start on the platform
Start building the initial dashboards on your account
Check accuracy of the data to make sure everything matches with your internal reporting
Week 2
Technical Workshop
A 1 hour workshop on using the HockeyStack platform to build dashboards that your marketing stakeholders need, while your CSM is working on the initial dashboard setup.
In this step, your CSM will:
Introduce you to key concepts on the HockeyStack platform: Goals, Filters, Reports, and Dashboards.
Discuss the different ways of measuring influence, and how they are reflected on reporting.
Before moving to the next step:
Start using your knowledge from the training to play around with reports and get comfortable using HockeyStack
Start validating the data inside HockeyStack to gain confidence in the platform
Initial dashboards are now built!
Week 3
Initial Dashboard Review
A 30 minute call to review the initial dashboards and preliminary insights that can be found in the data before a presentation to the larger team.
In this step, your CSM will:
Present the dashboards that are set up on your account
Discuss the thought process and specific configuration decisions behind the reports
Talk through some insights that can be derived from the dashboards
Before moving to the next step:
What’s great on the dashboards? What’s not so helpful? What’s missing? Create a specific list of revisions needed, or take inspiration from the dashboards we’ve built to draft a design for your own dashboards.
Week 4
Gap Analysis
A 30 minute call to talk through gaps in the HockeyStack dashboards, and create an action plan to get to a complete setup.
In this step, your CSM will:
Talk through the gap analysis and/or dashboard design you’ve prepared and provide suggestions on reports to be built
Draw next steps for your CSM to revise the dashboards
Week 5
Gap Analysis Followup
A 30 minute call to close the loop on gap analysis.
In this step, your CSM will:
Present revised dashboards that they have built and get feedback
Week 6
Strategic Followup
A 30 minute call to track the marketing team’s adoption of the platform for marketing insights.
In this step, your CSM will:
Discuss successes or roadblocks on the way to getting insights from the platform and applying them to their marketing.
Set up monthly recurring calls with the Marketing Team for ongoing strategic support
Set up monthly recurring calls with the Admin Team for ongoing technical support
Day 45, if we’ve executed on all steps above, you will have:
  • A complete set of dashboards that help marketing stakeholders gain a better understanding of the customer journey
  • Confidence in the accuracy of the data inside HockeyStack
  • A good understanding of how the platform works and how to build dashboards in the Admin team
  • At least one decision the marketing team made using HockeyStack data and/or one new insight presented to the leadership team about the customer journey.
customers win

Measure and forecast brand and performance, paid and organic, online and offline, by combining attribution, lift, and modeling into one, unified stack without blind spots.

Increase in qualified pipeline
Increase in
conversion rate
Trusted by GTM teams around the world
Trusted by B2B leaders around the world

Their words, not ours.

“Our executives got more value from HockeyStack in one session than they got from Looker all year.”
Chris Wood, Director of Demand Generation
“We evaluated several vendors but chose HockeyStack for its reporting flexibility and customization and because we could get value out of it immediately. We were right. If I have a question, HockeyStack has the answer.”
Justin Brock, VP of Demand Generation
“Tying pipeline and revenue to marketing efforts has never been easier than with HockeyStack. This is a huge improvement from all attribution tools I’ve used.”
Elsa Giraudineau, Director of Demand Generation
“HockeyStack has put together a killer tool that pushes the limits of attribution for LInkedin ads better than any tool I’ve tried.”
Justin Rowe, Founder
“In HockeyStack, I’ve been able to identify over 2x more content-attributed opportunities that were previously missed.”
Levi Olmstead, Director of Content Marketing
“Incredible tool on my radar in this new role: HockeyStack and team have built an incredible analytics platform!”
Talar Malakian, VP of Marketing
"HockeyStack has shed a light on the dark funnel and given us freedom from GA, HubSpot Reports, and Manual Spreadsheets!”
Chris Spellman, Sr. Demand Generation Manager
“It's the best analytical tool I have ever used, bringing our analytic game to another level.”
Gabriel Barboza, Marketing Director
“Thanks to HockeyStack, i now have visibility that over the last month my LinkedIn organic posts impacted $27K in ARR.”
Casey Hill, Sr. Growth Manager
"Would you lose any sales if you paused branded search campaigns?If you stopped podcasting, would it matter? Only lift reports will tell you. It only takes minutes to do in HockeyStack."
Jason Widup, Founder
“We can connect all our data, attribute revenue to specific campaigns, and know where to invest more."
Cameron DeJong, Director of Marketing
“Dark social is getting lighter. Gotta give it up to HockeyStack for launching a partnership with Gong to track podcast mentions. Blows my mind that none of the other tools have done this.”
Tim Davidson, Director of Marketing
“Before HockeyStack, we didn’t have visibility into what was driving revenue. We now know which campaigns are actually working, how our blog or content is influencing and all that.”
Anand Nambiar, Head of Demand Generation
“I can understand how people felt when they first started using the internet. Apparently, we were flying blind up until HockeyStack; the amount of insights we get, both on the platform level and on the revenue level, is unmatched.”
Canberk Beker, Ex-Group Head of Paid at Cognism
“In HockeyStack, you can draw the connection between content marketing and conversion activity to find out which URLs drive customer acquisition.”
Gaetano DiNardi, Growth Advisor, Gong & Nextiva
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