LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Ads

Overview of LinkedIn Ads integration with HockeyStack.


About LinkedIn

Founded in 2003, LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 1 billion members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network (but you probably already knew that).

About the integration

HockeyStack’s LinkedIn Ads integration pulls account-based ad impression and engagement data from LinkedIn Ads. You can use this data in your attribution reporting, account-level customer journeys, or segmentation.

Benefits of integration

1. See LinkedIn ad impressions and engagements in the account-level journey

HockeyStack pulls LinkedIn ad impression and engagement data into the account-level customer journey and places them in chronological order next to every other trackable action the company took with your marketing or sales.


LinkedIn ad impression data within the company’s account-level journey

2. Measure the true impact of LinkedIn demand generation ads

Measure the true impact of your in-feed education by tracking LinkedIn ad impressions that don’t get clicks but that do convert through branded or direct traffic later. Yes, seriously.


Measure the true impact of LinkedIn ads by tracking impressions to closed/won. Not everyone clicks!

3. Use LinkedIn impressions and engagement as metrics for reporting

Build custom reports in HockeyStack using LinkedIn ad impressions or engagements as a filter.


Use impressions or engagements as metrics for reporting

4. Build custom segments using impressions or engagements as filters

Use LinkedIn ad impressions or engagements as filters for custom segments. For example, want to segment all enterprise brands who’ve seen LinkedIn ads but might not have clicked? Simple, create a custom account-level journey segment using LinkedIn ads impressions as the criteria like Canberk Beker of Cognism does below with his Enterprise Growth Journey segment.


Create segments of buyers who have seen LinkedIn ads or engaged with them

5. Send offline conversion data back to LinkedIn

HockeyStack tracks clicks to closed/won, and every step in between, and sends conversion data from any step back to LinkedIn. Now you can optimize campaigns and creatives for downstream results rather than just clicks and form fills.

How it works

HockeyStack pulls impression data daily by company & campaign to capture changes in impressions and engagement over time.


  • HockeyStack paying customer- any plan
  • LinkedIn ads account- any spend


Connect ad campaign performance and ad spend to conversions to the rest of your data.

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