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Celebrity templates

See the dashboards created by your favorite marketers and use them as templates.

Nicolai Stampfer's Overview for Regions and Campaigns Dashboard
How does Nicolai Stampfer, Digital Marketing Manager at Cognism, keeps track of performance across different regions?
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Andrei Zinkevich's ABM Reporting Board
How does Andrei Zinkevich measure ABM performance and align marketing and sales with account intelligence?
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Gaetano DiNardi's Blog Vitals Dashboard
How does Gaetano DiNardi, B2B growth advisor, give content a seat at the revenue table?
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Ashley Lewin's Inbound Reporting Dashboard
How does Refine Labs's Ashley Lewin measure and report on marketing performance MoM/QoQ?
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Dave Gerhardt's CMO Dashboard
How does former CMO and current Exit Five founder, Dave Gerhardt, report on marketing's performance to the exec team?
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Justin Rowe's Linkedin Ads Dashboard
How does LinkedIn ads specialist, Justin Rowe, measure LinkedIn ad campaign performance?
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Jason Widup's Goal Pacing Tracker
How does B2B marketing advisor, Jason Widup, track goal pacing for revenue vitals?
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Emir Atli's Growth Dashboard
This is the dashboard that HockeyStack's growth team uses daily.
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Canberk Beker's Funnel Overview Dashboard
This is the dashboard that Canberk Beker - Head of Growth - is using daily to understand trends and have visibility on key information.
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Podcast Pipeline Report
How does Cognism measure the effectiveness of the podcasts they appear on?
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Canberk's Enterprise Deal Flow Segment
How does Canberk Beker visualize enterprise deals and their progression through the funnel?
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Silvio Perez's Paid Ads Dashboard
How does Silvio Perez of AdConversion measure the performance of his paid ads programs?
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ActiveCampaign's Newsletter Vitals Dashboard
With over 1M subscribers, how does ActiveCampaign measure their newsletter’s contribution to revenue?
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