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Andrei Zinkevich's ABM Reporting Board
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What does this ABM dashboard report?

This ABM dashboard measures and reports on:

  • New new revenue from ABM campaigns
  • Expansion revenue from ABM campaigns
  • Renewal revenue from ABM campaigns
  • Funnel metrics from current deals in pipeline

Plus ABM intelligence:

  • ABM penetration by stage
  • High-intent leads without deals
  • Account engagement by company
  • Website “high intent” account journeys

How can I use this ABM dashboard?

This ABM dashboard will help you:

  • Analyze performance of ABM campaigns
  • Report ABM’s influence on revenue
  • Track progress toward annual revenue targets
  • Track revenue by ABM account tier
  • Arm sals with account intelligence for outbound

ABM dashboard breakdown

How does Andrei Zinkevich measure performance for his ABM campaigns and align marketing and sales with account intelligence?

Let’s explore.

Revenue pacing at a glance

At the top of this dashboard sits Andrei’s annual revenue targets for each of his ABM programs: net new, renewal, and expansion.

At a glance, Andrei can monitor total revenue this year from each respective program, as well as goal pacing (yellow and orange circle bars). Whether he’s on pace or off pace, Andrei doesn’t need to search for answers; it’s front and center for everyone to see.

ABM: Net new revenue

The first report in this dashboard analyzes Andrei’s net new revenue program focused on attracting new enterprise logos through account-based marketing.

In a single report, Andrei can measure and report on the following metrics, month over month:

  • SQLs
  • Marketing sourced SQLs
  • Marketing sourced pipeline
  • SQOs
  • Closed/won
  • Lost SQOs
  • Win rate
  • Sales cycle duration
  • Ad CAC
  • New new revenue (total)
  • New new ACV (annual contract value)

In HockeyStack, you can customize report columns and rows using metrics of your choosing. You can even create your own metrics for analysis. For example, in columns three and four below, “marketing sourced” is a combination of factors you can define on your own using metrics like page views, marketing touchpoints, campaign impressions, and more.

The second report below tracks revenue by account tier.

Account tiering is different for every company. Some companies tier their accounts by company size, others tier them by segment. Andrei tiers his target accounts based on annual contract value, which is typically a function of company size and need. Account tiering helps Andrei prioritize his ABM campaigns and manage budget.

Like with custom metrics, you can also build custom segments with their own criteria inside HockeyStack, making it easy to report on account tiers.

To manage limited spend, Andrei has chosen to target Tier 2 accounts only. Based on the estimated annual contract value of these accounts, he knows exactly how many closed/won deals he needs to hit his revenue target. Using this report, Andrei monitors Tier 2 sales cycle durations, sales-qualified opportunities (SQOs), win rate, and total revenue.

ABM renewal and expansion

Next up is a report showcasing both renewal revenue and expansion revenue from ABM campaigns, month over month.

For renewal, Andrei tracks

  • Total accounts
  • Renewed contracts
  • Renewal rate
  • ABM source renewal pipeline
  • Renewal ACV
  • Total renewed revenue

For expansion, Andrei tracks:

  • Expanded accounts
  • ABM sourced expansion pipeline
  • Expansion ACV
  • Total expanded revenue

In one dashboard, Andrei can monitor all three of his core ABM programs: net new, renewal, and expansion.

Deals in pipeline

The next report tracks current deals in pipeline.

Unlike the previous reports, this report puts active deals front and center.

Not only can Andrei see who's currently engaging with sales, but he can alsodrill down into the independent account-level journeys of each of those prospects by clicking on their name.

ABM account intelligence

And last, a series of reports that provide both marketing and sales with account intelligence.

ABM penetration by stage

First up, ABM penetration by stage.

Using custom criteria that Andrei chooses, he defines three different stages an account can progress through: awareness, consideration, and high-intent. Then he pulls those stages into columns using the report above so he can monitor account list penetration by stage, month over month.

High intent accounts without deals

Next up, high-intent accounts without deals.

In HockeyStack, you can create your own “high-intent” criteria, or you can use our predictive analytics to automatically score intent based on an account’s overlap with historical closed/won journeys (like in the example above).

Not only can you drill down into the account-level journeys of each company in this report so you can arm sales with outreach intelligence, but you can also automate alerts to sales through Slack or email when an account hits a certain high-intent score. Andrei uses intent scoring to keep sales fed with high-intent leads his ABM campaigns have attracted.

Account engagement table

Next, account engagement by company.

Using the report below, Andrei can filter by any company within his account list and analyze their engagement with his marketing.

In this example, "engagement" is 100% customizable in HockeyStack. You can build columns based on any touchpoint or trackable marketing action.

Andrei uses this table to see which accounts have engaged the most with the core activities of his ABM programs.

Website "high intent" account journeys

And last, an account-level customer journey segment made up of all the accounts that have expressed high-intent based on website behavior criteria Andrei defined on his own.

Andrei uses this segment to drill down into accounts who are exploring high-intent pages like live demos, pricing, product pages, and contact sales. All in real-time.

Learn more about how HockeyStack helps marketing, revenue, and sales teams surface and action insights like the ones in this template by exploring the interactive demo or booking a virtual demo.

About the marketer:

About: Andrei Zinkevich is the co-founder of, a B2B marketing consultancy focused on ABM and demand generation. Andrei has spent nearly 20 years in the trenches helping B2B brands sell complex solutions over long sales cycles.


Connect on Linkedin: Andrei Zinkevich

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