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G2 Intent Dashboard
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This was one of the coolest features that we’ve worked on recently. Imagine being able to see when your prospects are looking into competitors on G2, when they are interested in your category, or checking out your G2 profile. 

Now imagine tracking these natively like any other action through HockeyStack and using it in filters, in views, in reports, basically anywhere. 

Now imagine no more, this template will show you some of the capabilities of this integration. 

What does this dashboard include?

This dashboard measures G2 impact on key actions for marketing, sales, and revenue teams:

  • G2’s incremental impact on form submissions by intent levels (Lift reports)
  • G2’s incremental impact on pipeline by intent levels (Lift reports)
  • G2’s Impact on MQLs, SQLs, conversion rates, and deal sizes across different G2 Intent Levels
  • G2 Intent levels on the company level
  • Funnel journey from when they searched on G2 until closed won
  • Funnel journey from when they viewed your profile on G2 until closed won
  • ABM report showing target companies with their G2 data
  • Outbound deals with G2 influence
  • Number of companies showing G2 intent
  • % of companies that showed G2 Intent and are targeted by Marketing Campaigns
  • % of companies that showed G2 Intent and are reached out by SDRs
  • Pipeline and Revenue influenced by G2 intent
  • Look-back pipeline funnel showing the impact of G2 alongside other marketing activities. 

What insights can I surface with this dashboard?

Marketers and revenue leaders can use this dashboard to see the impact of G2’s different intent categories and levels on prospect’s, account’s, and deal’s key actions (book a demo, pipeline created, closed won).

Additionally, sales and marketing teams can identify accounts with their Intent levels, target them directly with HockeyStack, and optimize their outbound strategy in real-time.

G2 Intent dashboard breakdown

G2 Lift Reports

Whether you are responsible for marketing activities or generating revenue, when you think about G2, the first thing that comes to mind is: How is G2 impacting our high-intent form fill (think contact sales or demo requests) and how does it impact your pipeline?

Lift Reports are a measure of an action's or a property's incremental impact on a conversion rate. Example: the incremental impact of an ad click on a demo conversion.

This dashboard starts with answering that question by showing the Lift report of G2 Competitor Page View, Profile View, or Category View on MQLs and Deals created.

HockeyStack allows you to create a lift report, where you can see the incremental impact of G2 actions (or any action you choose) on the conversion rate - and by incremental, we mean conversions that wouldn't happen without that action you've chosen to analyze in the report.

G2 Impact Report

The next report shows the impact of G2 actions on MQLs, SQLs, ACV, and Conversion Rates.

Additionally, with the "No G2 Exposure" property data, you can see not only the performance of each G2 property but also companies without any G2 intent data, allowing you to compare their data together.

HockeyStack allows you to create customizable reports where you can define goals that you want to see. In this case, we wanted to look into G2's impact on MQLs, SQLs, ACV, and the conversion rate, but you could create your own report showing the data that you want to see.

G2 Funnel Impact

Have you ever wondered how G2 impacts the customer journey?

This funnel report shows you data for the steps that you defined. In our case, we want to see the steps for a journey that involved searching on G2, followed by a page visit, which became an MQL, then pipeline, then a closed-won deal.

This gives you insight into the customer journey (which you can see by accounts or segments depending on your need), this helps you to better understand the G2 impact, and on which step of the funnel you could make improvements that affect your bottom line.

The second funnel report shows the impact of G2 Profile Views on Website Visits, High Intent Page Visits, Pipeline Creation, and ultimately - revenue.

ABM Companies with G2 Intent

With this report, you can blend your ABM strategy with the G2 intent data easily.

If you have a target account list, you can upload this list and filter by the G2 data so that you can see which of your target accounts show intent on G2 with different intent levels, what's their intent score in general, how many times they visited your website, how many times they met your intent goal criteria.

G2 Account Penetration by Inbound and Outbound

This part contains four reports.

The first report shows you how many of your outbound deals were influenced by G2, so you can see if your sales team targets the accounts that show intent; and if they do, if these accounts really convert.

The next report is showing the number of companies that meet your intent criteria.

The third one shows what percentage of the companies showing intent were targeted by the marketing campaigns; and the fourth one shows what percentage of them were reached out by SDRs.

If your percentage for marketing is low, you could directly create an account list on HockeyStack of G2 Accounts with Intent, and send these audiences to LinkedIn or display network.

Pipeline and Revenue by G2 Intent

HockeyStack gives you the freedom to create different reports based on the properties you choose.

This part of the dashboard shows you how much pipeline and revenue are influenced by the companies that have shown intent on G2, with a breakdown by which type of intent they have shown. This allows you to understand which intent levels work best for your company.

For example, if you're seeing a huge pipeline from one intent level but no revenue, it means that that intent category doesn't translate into revenue, and maybe you should stop allocating resources to that category.

Look-Back Window of Closed Won Deals with G2 Influence

Our final report in this dashboard shows what activities influenced your closed-won deals; here, you may choose to look at all closed-won deals, or all closed-lost deals if you want to understand what's preventing revenue generation; or you can look at enterprise deals, or deals from a specific region - it's all up to you. The look-back window will show you which ads, touchpoints, or channels impacted the last behavior; and with this new G2 integration, you can see how each of your G2 properties has been influencing your pipeline. In this example, we're seeing that in the last three months, G2 intent influenced my deals more than content syndication but less than paid social. However, in the long run, I see that its influence was higher 6 months ago. This is especially important if you have long sales cycles.

Here's the full dashboard:

Learn more about how HockeyStack helps marketing, revenue, and sales teams surface and action insights like the ones in this template by exploring the interactive demo or booking a virtual demo.

Kris Wojcik
Growth Manager @ HockeyStack
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