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Gaetano DiNardi's Blog Vitals Dashboard
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What does this dashboard measure?

  • What blog posts contribute to revenue
  • Blog entrances that book a demo in the future
  • Self-reported attribution that mentions “blog”
  • Blog posts that resonate most, by company

How can I use this dashboard?

This dashboard will help you:

  • Measure blog content’s contribution to revenue
  • Give content a seat at the revenue table
  • Automatically organize self-attribution that mentions blog

Blog vitals dashboard breakdown

First things first: this report doesn’t measure content consumption metrics for your blog; it measures your blog's influence on pipeline so content can secure a seat at the revenue table.

It’s not that content consumption metrics don’t matter. They do.

But let’s face it, since content has the hardest time proving contribution to revenue due to difficulty tracking, when an opportunity presents itself to tie blog content to revenue, you can’t pass it up.

And that’s exactly why Gaetano put together this dashboard: to give content teams data to prove contribution, optimize distribution with content they know drives revenue, and secure buy-in to scale programs.

Let’s break it down.

Key metrics at a glance

First, Gaetano tracks key metrics at a glance:

  • Meetings booked with blog touchpoints: how many meetings were booked over the last quarter from people who explored the blog at some point?
  • Newsletters subscribers with blog touchpoints: how many new subscribers did you get in the last quarter from people who explored the blog first?
  • Sales win rates with blog views vs. no blog views: does the blog build affinity that translates into higher win rates? In this example, yes- by 14%.

Here’s how it looks in HockeyStack:

Blog post performance (linear attribution)

Next, using HockeyStacks multi-touch attribution, Gaetano uses a linear attribution model (each touchpoint gets equal credit) to see which blog posts were visited by buyers in pipeline.

From there, he can track deal value, leads, annual contract value, and total deals created at the blog post level, making it easy to gut check blog contribution to revenue and identify high performers.

Does that mean a specific blog post is the single reason someone converted? No.

Attribution isn’t casual; it’s directional.

While this report shows that X-amount of dollars were generated by buyers who visited a blog post at some point in their journey, it can’t tell us how much impact a post had on a decision. Useful nonetheless to see which blog posts appear most on closed/won journeys.

Note: In HockeyStack, you can toggle between attribution models too. So while this table shows linear attribution out of the box, you can toggle it to first touch or last touch or predictive modeling as well.

Blog entrances that book later

What if someone searches for a query on Google, clicks on your blog post, then enters your site organically but converts into a customer six months later? Not only did your blog generate awareness with a target buyer, but it also motivated a future purchase. These customers likely wouldn't have discovered you, let alone purchased from you, if they didn’t find you through search first. Without proper attribution, content teams would have no way of knowing this information.

Enter: HockeyStack.

Using the report below, Gaetano tracks website entrances that started with a blog post and ended with a closed/won deal some time in the future.

Self-reported attribution with "blog" mentions

In HockeyStack, we collect and organize self-reported attribution responses for you, automatically.

Using filters, you can group similar self-reported answers into categories. For example, if 10 different people mention they discovered you through your blog, you can group all of those responses into a “blog” category, even if they answer with different words. Then you can pull those categories into a table to measure impact on pipeline and revenue.

In the report below, Gaetano pulls all self-reported attribution responses that mention the blog into a table. Then he tracks which companies they represent, how much deal value they create, how much intent they have to buy (using HockeyStack's predictive intent scoring), how many blog posts they’ve read, and how much new monthly recurring revenue they contribute.

Gaetano can share this report with his CMO and prove that the blog played a significant role in closing $45,400 in monthly recurring revenue over the last quarter.

Blogs that resonate

Last, blog pages that resonate. This report catalogs accounts (either populated by your CRM or populated by reverse IP lookup) and the blog posts and pages they engage with most. Even better: not only can you search this report by company name (in this example, we're searching for "ebay"), but it will tell you which posts triggered a click to a demo page or a form submission directly from the page.

Now Gaetano can easily see which blog posts get the most engagement and by who, while also seeing which articles lead to immediate demo bookings.

He can use these insights to tailor demo conversations around topics he knows prospects are interested in, to put paid media promotion behind content he knows resonates, and to gut check which blog posts motivate action and which don't.

Learn more about how HockeyStack helps marketing, revenue, and sales teams surface and action insights like the ones in this template by exploring the interactive demo or booking a virtual demo.

About the Marketer:

About: Gaetano DiNardi is a music producer and songwriter turned growth marketer. Over the last 8 years, Gaetano has become one of the most prominent voices in B2B marketing, advising companies like Gong, Cognism, Alyce, Kustomer, and more on SEO, PPC, content marketing, website optimization, and copywriting.

Website: Official Gaetano

Connect on Linkedin: Gaetano DiNardi

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