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Silvio Perez's Paid Ads Dashboard
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What does this dashboard measure?

This dashboard measures:

  • Paid ads performance
  • Paid ads vs organic performance
  • Funnel metrics (leads/MQL/SQL/Opp/Won) by paid platform
  • Spend vs. pipeline vs. revenue
  • Account-level journeys with paid touchpoints

How can I use it?

This dashboard will help you:

  • Measure paid ad performance at the channel level
  • See which platforms drive revenue, pipeline, and ROI

Paid media dashboard breakdown

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to paid media reporting and dashboards. But Silvio Perez likes to keep his simple: which channels product pipeline and revenue, which don’t? Let’s break it down.

Performance Overview: Paid & Organic

At the top of his dashboard, Silvio measures the total performance of his paid ads by channel, then compares those results with organic results.

  • Funnel metrics: leads, sales qualified opportunities (SQO), sales accepted opportunities (SAO), Won. Now: you can customize terminology, e.g. meetings, demos, opportunities, or closed/won
  • Cost at each stage: cost per lead (CPL), cost per qualified opportunity (cpSQO), and cost per sales accepted opp (cpSAO)
  • Pipeline and revenue generated
  • Pipe:Spend ratio: this shows how much pipeline you create for every dollar spent on advertising
  • $1:ARR ratio: for every dollar you spend, how much annual recurring revenue do you get back?
  • ROI: how much return on investment each channel delivers

By looking at both paid and organic, he can see how paid measures up to organic, but he can also account for any paid traffic that comes through organic later.

Bonus: In HockeyStack, you can toggle between attribution models, from first touch to last touch to linear to preditive, without needing to build separate tables. This makes it easy to see which channels produce leads (first touch), which channels close leads (last touch), and which role each channel plays in the entire customer journey (linear).

Spend vs. Pipeline vs. Revenue

Using line charts, Silvio breaks out spend, pipeline, and revenue by platform so he can visualize which channels cost the most (or least), which channels produce the most (or least), and which channels drive the most (or least) revenue.

This isn’t new data. It’s a different way to visualize the data. Colored line charts and pie charts make it easy to see imbalances between spend, pipeline, and revenue at a glance, whereas a table makes it more difficult to analyze. For example, just by looking at the different colors in the pie charts, you can easily see that Reddit spends the second most on ads, but it produces the least amount of leads and the second least amount of revenue.

Account-level journeys with paid touchpoints

Last, using HockeyStack’s multi-touch attribution, Silvo can create a segment of visitors who have engaged with paid ads, then drill down by company and individual to see their unique customer journeys.

When you create a journey segment, now you can filter any reports you create using that segment. For example, say Silvio builds a custom report in HockeyStack that looks at average sales cycle duration. He can now filter that data to look at sales cycle durations exclusively for people with paid touchpoints, making it easier to extract meaningful insights.

Learn more about how HockeyStack helps marketing, revenue, and sales teams surface and action insights like the ones in this template by exploring the interactive demo or booking a virtual demo.

About the Marketer

About: Silvio Perez is the founder of AdConversion, a digital advertising academy that teaches B2B marketers how to scale paid ads for free, regardless of their skill level.


Connect on Linkedin: Silvio Perez

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