Business Impact Framework

Through an analysis of thirty B2B SaaS customers, this framework showcases how HockeyStack had an impact on:

Improving the qualified pipeline ROI
Increasing the efficiency of sales and marketing activities
Detecting and cutting wasted spend across the entire GTM motion.
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Qualified pipeline
Conversion rate
Frequently Asked Questions
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How long does the setup and onboarding take?

The technical implementation takes just a few minutes. The onboarding process, which includes building initial dashboards, user training, and setting goals, takes four weeks on average. Most customers see the value within the first 45 days.

Can I see a list of your integrations?

HockeyStack integrates with most CRM, ABM, marketing automation, customer support, and advertising platforms. Click here to view the complete list of integrations.

What is cookieless tracking and how does it work?

Analytics platforms usually use cookies to track users. Use of cookies has recently come under scrutiny by privacy legislators, and have been severely restricted.

Everything you see here works without cookies by default. You still have the option to switch to cookie-based tracking. Read our article on our cookieless tracking technology to learn more.

Do I need technical knowledge to implement HockeyStack?

Absolutely not. HockeyStack is entirely no-code and requires no technical knowledge. It's designed for easy implementation by anyone.

What makes HockeyStack different?

HockeyStack is not just an attribution tool; it's specifically designed to show the holistic funnel instead of department-level analytics. It is fully customizable, and it's the only product that allows you to build literally any report you need without any code. Click here to see more about what makes us different.

Where do you store the data? How privacy-friendly is HockeyStack?

We store your data on AWS servers in Frankfurt, Germany. We don't collect any personal information by default, including IP addresses. We follow GDPR and CCPA regulations. Read our privacy policy to learn more.