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$399/mobilled annuallyCONTACT SALES
  •   10K tracked users /mo
  •   1-year data history
  •   3 team members
  •   User identification
  •   Cross-domain tracking


Custom Pricingbilled annuallyCONTACT SALES
  •   Custom tracked users /mo
  •   Custom data history
  •   Custom team members
  •   User identification
  •   Cross-domain tracking
  •   SAML/SSO
  •   Advanced access controls
  •   Audit log
  •   Full setup/migration by our team
  •   Team training sessions
  •   Dedicated Slack channel

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Do you have a Free Trial?

Yes! You can test HockeyStack for 14 days, with no payment info required. We believe in love at first sight, but take your time to see how we can help you πŸ˜‰

Do I need to be a developer to use HockeyStack?

Absolutely not! HockeyStack is completely no-code. After you integrate, you won’t need to deal with pesky methods for sending pre-defined actions every time you want to track something. Yikes!

How does HockeyStack comply with GDPR?

HockeyStack is compliant with the GDPR. You can read the details of our GDPR compliance, the kinds of data we collect, and the procedures for handling GDPR-related requests on our Privacy Policy.

What does HockeyStack track on my website?

HockeyStack automatically tracks every click, pageview, scroll and search information of your visitors along with where they came from and their device information. To see HockeyStack in action, check out our Live Demo!

What happens if I go over the tracked user limit for my plan?

Our tracked users are calculated monthly. So if you exceed your limit, we will stop tracking your data for the rest of the month. This does not mean that any of your current data will be deleted. But you are always welcomed to upgrade your plan :)

What's up with the name?

HockeyStack is the easiest way for your website to reach hockey-stick growth. Hockey-stick growth refers to a sharp increase in your metrics that HockeyStack provides as you track your visitors and understand their needs.