Account-level Journeys

Analyze every touchpoint from marketing to product on a timeline

Visualize each account's journey, use CRM properties to filter, and connect their pre-signup journeys with product usage data after the deal is closed.

See every touchpoint of each stakeholder

Collect all actions on the website and product automatically. Visualize each account's pre-conversion and post-conversion journey with all touchpoints, including demo calls, website visits, CRM properties, and more.BOOK A DEMO

Find the exact users you are looking for

Filter by funnel/goal completions, accounts, CRM properties, any other properties we get from your integrated tools, and more.BOOK A DEMO

Align all teams around your primary goal: Revenue

Alignment across teams starts by having a source of truth. HockeyStack brings all your data in one place and allows you to connect them in ways not possible before. Every single member of your team can create the reports they need and get the answers they are looking for without technical knowledge or getting help from the data team.BOOK A DEMO

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