Identify trends and patterns in your buyer journey

Use cohort analysis to filter buyer behaviours for different segments, visualize trends over time, compare buyer personas, understand sales cycles, and measure ROI for activities with significant time lag between clicks and conversions.

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Pinpoint your ideal customers 

Filter your contacts by product, region, segment, or any other criteria to quickly identify your most valuable conversions or customers. For example, which customers have the highest ACV? The fastest sales cycles? The best ROAS? Cohort analysis will provide these insights.

Analyze journeys independently

Segment visitors, accounts, and customers into groups and analyze their journeys independently. For example, segment newsletter subscribers, buyers from LinkedIn ads, , or if someone submits the demo form but becomes an opportunity next quarter.

Measure ROI, even with time lags

Measure paid campaign ROI over extended periods of time, no matter how much time passes between spend and conversions. For example, if someone clicks on an ad but converts two months later, tie the conversion to the spend from two months ago, not the spend from today. 

Add segment filters to any data 

Want to analyze performance, but only for a specific segment of buyers? Add a custom filter or pre-made segment to any report and immediately splice the data by segment. For example, want to measure ad performance, but for people who book demos only? Add a segment filter. 

What’s possible?

Pair self-attribution with software-attribution. Make better decisions.

Multi-level attribution

We can track more than most, but we can’t track everything. Use self-attribution to find untrackable touch points that matter. We’ll take care of the rest.

Multi-level attribution

We can track more than most, but we can’t track everything. Use self-attribution to find untrackable touch points that matter. We’ll take care of the rest.

What’s possible?

Six ways our customers use cohort analysis:

Franchise cohorts

Newsletter, podcast, or series subscribers? Compare subscribers vs. non-subscribers to see which franchises produce the best leads and buyers. 

Blog visit cohorts 

Track organic blog visits in their own cohort to see which blog posts generate buyers in the future- even if that future is years away. 

High-intent cohorts

Create a cohort of high-intent prospects (using our predictive intent) that you can share with sales and compare to low-intent buyers. 

Ad impression cohorts

Create a cohort for accounts with LinkedIn ad impressions so you can measure conversions from people who saw ads but came to you directly to convert. 

Customer cohorts

Analyze different ICPs in their own segments so you can spot trends in unit economics that were disguised at the aggregate level. 

Pipeline source cohorts

Measure the quality of different marketing tactics and channels by tracking performance by pipeline source. 

What’s possible?
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Maximizing the Pipeline ROI with HockeyStack

Find out how Cognism's marketing team leverages HockeyStack to pinpoint effective strategies and optimize their inbound pipeline towards efficient growth.

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Return on ad spend in paid social


Increase in spend:pipeline ROI

3 days

saved every month from manual reporting

“HockeyStack's integration with my entire tech stack has been a game-changer. The amount of insights you get is unmatched. It basically shows your funnel in another perspective.”
Canberk Beker
Ex-Group Head of Paid at Cognism
Oneflow Doubles Visitor to MQL Rate Using HockeyStack

How OneFlow used cohort reports, incremental lift, and multi-touch attribution to gain visibility into what channels, campaigns, and creatives influenced purchases so they could optimize ad campaigns for pipeline and revenue, not just platform metrics

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Paid ROI in the pipeline


form submission in a quarter


visitor to MQL increase with LinkedIn ads

“We use HockeyStack as a web analytics + revenue attribution platform with complete view into the customer lifecycle. Most of our quarterly OKRs and target metrics are measured directly from HockeyStack.”
Anand Nambiar
Head of Demand Gen, Marketing & MarkOps
How Whatfix Optimizes Their Content With HockeyStack

Discover how the content team at Whatfix uses HockeyStack to understand how content influences their pipeline and to showcase content’s impact across opportunities where they previously had no data.

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increase in content-influenced opportunities


increase in opportunities


increase in won deals

“Now we can nail down attribution to identify both contacts and companies that have engaged with any of our content at any time in their buying journey.”
Levi Olmstead
Associate Director, Content Marketing
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