Understand the incremental lift of marketing activities.

See the causal impact of a certain touchpoint or activity without running an experiment. For example, you can measure how likely people who have seen your specific campaign are to become an opportunity vs. those who haven't.

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Measure influence without user data

Lift measures the influence of a specific marketing activity on a specified variable like demos, subscribers, sales, or revenue by comparing people who experienced the activity (exposed) vs. those who didn’t (control), then measuring the difference.

Create control groups retroactively, without experimentation

Lift uses historical data to create retroactive control groups: holdout groups who haven’t experienced a certain marketing activity. Now you can measure the influence of new channels, campaigns, or touchpoints fast, without a data science team or without running an actual experiment.

Validate attribution with incrementality

Do LinkedIn ad impressions drive demos, even if they don’t get clicked? What keywords drive qualified pipeline and revenue? What pre and post demo touchpoints do paid buyers engage with most?

What’s possible?

Pair self-attribution with software-attribution. Make better decisions.

Multi-level attribution

We can track more than most, but we can’t track everything. Use self-attribution to find untrackable touch points that matter. We’ll take care of the rest.

Multi-level attribution

We can track more than most, but we can’t track everything. Use self-attribution to find untrackable touch points that matter. We’ll take care of the rest.

What’s possible?

Measure contribution, without turning anything off.

Campaign lift

Would you lose any sales if you paused branded search campaigns? Do LinkedIn ad impressions drive leads, even if people don’t click? Does a certain channel influence deals more than another? Lift will tell you.

Content lift

What impact does website live demo views have on demos booked? Does your in-feed education drive leads later? Does a specific product page influence sales more than others? Lift will tell you.

Program lift

How much influence does your newsletter have on leads? Do viewers of your video series convert higher than non-viewers? If you stopped blogging, would it matter? Lift will tell you.

Messaging lift

Does your messaging motivate action? Does your new ad creative drive more meetings than your old? Does your updated homepage influence SQLs more than before? Lift will tell you.

What’s possible?
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Maximizing the Pipeline ROI with HockeyStack

Find out how Cognism's marketing team leverages HockeyStack to pinpoint effective strategies and optimize their inbound pipeline towards efficient growth.

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Return on ad spend in paid social


Increase in spend:pipeline ROI

3 days

saved every month from manual reporting

“HockeyStack's integration with my entire tech stack has been a game-changer. The amount of insights you get is unmatched. It basically shows your funnel in another perspective.”
Canberk Beker
Ex-Group Head of Paid at Cognism
Oneflow Doubles Visitor to MQL Rate Using HockeyStack

How OneFlow used cohort reports, incremental lift, and multi-touch attribution to gain visibility into what channels, campaigns, and creatives influenced purchases so they could optimize ad campaigns for pipeline and revenue, not just platform metrics

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Paid ROI in the pipeline


form submission in a quarter


visitor to MQL increase with LinkedIn ads

“We use HockeyStack as a web analytics + revenue attribution platform with complete view into the customer lifecycle. Most of our quarterly OKRs and target metrics are measured directly from HockeyStack.”
Anand Nambiar
Head of Demand Gen, Marketing & MarkOps
How Whatfix Optimizes Their Content With HockeyStack

Discover how the content team at Whatfix uses HockeyStack to understand how content influences their pipeline and to showcase content’s impact across opportunities where they previously had no data.

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increase in content-influenced opportunities


increase in opportunities


increase in won deals

“Now we can nail down attribution to identify both contacts and companies that have engaged with any of our content at any time in their buying journey.”
Levi Olmstead
Associate Director, Content Marketing

I don't often highlight tools I use in SaaS sales, but HockeyStack is an exception.

HockeyStack combines warm intent data and strong buying signals for your target accounts into a simple, user-friendly platform. Sure, you could manually gather raw data from Zoominfo, Hubspot, G2, Google, and LinkedIn, but that’s the old way of doing things.

As part of my morning coffee routine, I log into my dashboards while managing sequences on LinkedIn. These custom dashboards and filters highlight my top target accounts, helping me close deals faster.

Marty Goldman, Regional Sales Manager
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