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Goals, funnels, automatic goal suggestions, engagement analytics, surveys, automatic insights, segments, and more. All on the same dashboard. No code.

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gareth hayter from formuladesk's hockeystack testimonial
Gareth HayterFounder @ FormulaDesk

It shows me exactly what I need to see.

Since installing HockeyStack, I'm using it more and more and using Google Analytics less and less. Why? Because it shows me exactly what I need to see. It discovers powerful insights that I didn't even know about. It concentrates on highlighting the insigths and information that I neeed to run my business and website, rather than presenting me with lots of raw data that I need to then process to arrive at the core information I need.

periklis papanikolaou from admariner's hockeystack testimonial
Periklis PapanikolaouMarketing Technology Consultant @ AdMariner

HockeyStack offers the best of the both worlds!

HockeyStack allows me to get a better understanding of my data without making it complicated. You can get insights with one click, setup surveys, create funnels, and much more! I recommend HockeyStack and its really supportive team for every founder who wants to increase their conversion rate.

vance wong from heroes of digital's hockeystack testimonial
Vance WongClient Success Manager @ Heroes of Digital

It's super simple to integrate the code and start analyzing.

It takes 30 seconds to start getting actionable insights. Other than that, the script has no effect on the site speed. Setting up goals and funnels, analyzing user sessions, and understanding the UX is really easy. It saves you time and your visitors at the same time.

duy nguyen from nightingale's hockeystack testimonial
Duy NguyenFounder @ Nightingale

Simple to set up. Smart insights.

Heatmaps tell you where people go on your page. Hockeystack focuses on what they click on, without having to watch the entire journey of each person or wasting time with session replays. Because of that you can create filters of people who take certain actions and pick out trends quickly.


Automated Insights

Understand who converts better with a single click. All automatic, no-code.

  • Know "who" is likely to complete your goals with one click.
  • Click on "see in users" to automatically filter your users by the goal.
  • Change a single filter to analyze the visitors who didn't complete this goal.
  • Understand visitors' pain points and optimize your pages.
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Step-by-Step User Journey

Get a step-by-step visitor journey of the exact visitors you are looking for with filters. No need to tag any action, zero learning curve.

  • Each scroll, click, search is automatically collected and analyzed to create a user journey for your visitors
  • Filter your visitors by session properties, user properties, pageviews, and goal completions.
  • Find the exact visitors you are looking for, analyze their session to see which paths they choose, and create more funnels.
  • Get page-based analytics much faster than session replays.
  • Click on a session to see its details, such as enter/exit page, duration, referrer, and more.
  • Click on an action to automatically define it as a goal.
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Conversion Goals

Create goals with pageviews and clicks with no-code. Compare your goal performance over time, analyze top referrers, user properties, and the pages they viewed.

  • You didn't create a goal, but now want to see how well it performed? Unlike other tools, you can define your goals at any time to see the whole history with HockeyStack.
  • Get automatic goal suggestions. Define them as goals with one click and analyze them in the goals report.
  • Filter your dashboard based on your goals to see which pages converting visitors viewed, which devices, OS, etc. they use and their session details.
  • Check how well your business and distribution strategy is performing with performance graphs and top referrer report.
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Visual Funnels

Analyze your conversion funnels, know where your visitors drop off, and optimize the user experience.

  • Create a funnel in under 30 seconds with clicks or pageviews.
  • Use the most popular journeys from user journeys to see where others drop off.
  • Use "contains" or "regex" options to choose multiple pages of your website, such as your blog, features pages, etc.
  • Quickly duplicate your funnels to change steps, add UTM tags, or create multiple funnels with the same first steps & different end goals.
  • Fix UX issues by analyzing drop-off rates and improve your conversion rate with funnels.
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Send your own goals, revenues and identifiers for a more flexible analytics experience.

  • Identify your opted in users with their emails, names, and any other identifier that you use. Analyze their actions on your website & product.
  • Send all your JS actions to HockeyStack, connect your existing goals, and get the best out of retroactive & cookieless tracking.
  • Know which pages & campaigns bring you the highest quality leads, highest LTV, and the most active users. Analyze all of their sessions, measure marketing attribution, and win.
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Qualitative Data

Numbers are good to analyze. But qualitative analysis can tell you a whole new story.

  • Track all queries users search on your website. Get product recommendations from your visitors, add products that they want
  • Setup beautiful surveys that your users will want to answer, including NPS and exit-intent, . Analyze drop offs, their actions on the site, and more.
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Find the best visitors to approach, analyze and retain.

  • Segment your visitors using their actions on the website, user properties, session properties, revenue attribution, and more.
  • Analyze their sessions with one click in 10x less time than any other session replay tool.
  • Filter your funnels, goals, and surveys with your segments.
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Marketing Attribution

Understand which channels and campaigns bring the highest quality leads without spending $38K+ on Hubspot.

  • Use custom goals to track your revenue from different marketing campaigns.
  • Choose an attribution model to know which campaign, referrer, blog post, etc. brings the highest quality leads in terms of revenue.
  • Connect your marketing data with product engagement metrics to truly understand if your acquired customers engage with your product.
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