HubSpot Integration

Turbocharge your marketing efforts with HubSpot data

Increase visibility into each marketing campaign and channel with customizable dashboards

See every touchpoint of each stakeholder

Collect all actions on the website and product automatically. Visualize each account's pre-conversion and post-conversion journey with all touchpoints, including demo calls, website visits, CRM properties, and more.BOOK A DEMO

Segment your users based on metrics that matter

Understand your ICP better by analyzing critical data including MRR, ACV, and CLV by segment.BOOK A DEMO

Dive into your content activation rate to maximize retention

Find out how your content infuences signups and activationsBOOK A DEMO

Measure your SEO efforts

Track which pages bring you the most engaged users, ICP customers, and the highest activation rate. BOOK A DEMO

Connect marketing and product data to understand your user behavior

Connect pre-signup activities with post-signup product engagement.


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