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Salesforce integration

Let your sales data do the talking

Automate user and deal data extraction from Salesforce to make better decisions in real time

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See every touchpoint of each stakeholder

Collect all actions on the website and product automatically. Visualize each account's pre-conversion and post-conversion journey with all touchpoints, including demo calls, website visits, CRM properties, and more.CONTACT SALES

Build funnels using Salesforce properties and data from other sources

Visualize how many leads move to each stage of the customer journey to minimize frictions in conversionCONTACT SALES

Identify your most profitable marketing channels

Go beyond attributing MQLs and understand which channels truly drive revenueCONTACT SALES

Justify your ad spend with key advertising insights

Find out how effective your advertising campaigns are by identifying how many leads each ad campaign brings in


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