Attribution 2.0

The next phase of attribution that helps businesses achieve more efficient revenue growth by considering efforts across all departments and the technological capabilities that help them visualize how those efforts collectively impact pipeline, revenue, and their customer's journeys.

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Chapter I: The Attribution Problem

A breakdown of the current, flawed state of attribution, the ability to collect customer data from multiple sources to visualize our customer's journeys, and the need for more customer journey data to better determine the efficiency of our efforts.Read Article

Chapter II: The Isolation Problem

A breakdown of how misaligned goals lead to departmental silos, potential solutions built on basing team goals on company objectives, and how easier access to customer journey data can help achieve better go-to market alignment.Read Article

Chapter III: The Marketing Problem

A breakdown of the never-ending debate between leadership and marketers, how refining strategies based on customer journey data helps marketers get more leadership buy-in, and how owning a content platform feeds your customer journey data.Read Article

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