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Google PPC Revenue Report
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What does this report measure?

This report measures Google search campaigns:

  • Cost
  • MQLs
  • cpMQL
  • SQLs
  • cpSQL
  • Opportunities
  • cpOPP
  • MQL to Opp rate
  • Closed/won deals
  • Opp to closed/won rate
  • Revenue
  • ROAS

How can I use this report?

This report will help you:

  • Measure Google conversions more accurately
  • Report on campaigns that drive revenue, not just clicks
  • Feed Google with reliable conversion data to optimize their AI (Smart Bidding)

Google Revenue Report Overview

In theory, using Google click IDs (GCLIDs) to track clicks to conversions is a great way to feed conversion data back into Google from your CRM so you can optimize campaigns for keywords you know drive revenue.

But due to platform attribution restraints (last touch), short attribution windows, complicated configuration, and long B2B sales cycles, Google conversion data rarely reflects the real world. The result? Google starts optimizing your campaigns with inaccurate conversion data.

In HockeyStack, we track Google clicks all the way to revenue with more accuracy so you can do two things with confidence:

  1. Optimize campaigns for keywords that drive revenue, not just clicks
  2. Track clicks to revenue with more accuracy so you can train Google’s AI

HockeyStack isn’t limited by short attribution windows or last touch attribution models. Now you can track conversions over longer, complicated B2B sales cycles with more accuracy and ensure Google campaigns don’t get credit for conversion that started somewhere else.

Using the report below, you can see at a glance which campaigns drive revenue and which don’t, while sending this data back to Google for better optimization. You can create the same report for individual keywords, too.

Learn more about how HockeyStack helps marketing, revenue, and sales teams surface and action insights like the ones in this template by exploring the interactive demo or booking a virtual demo.

An Introduction to HockeyStack

What exactly is HockeyStack? How do we help marketers drive revenue more efficiently?

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